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  1. My husband has been sick for about 20 years...15 of which have been in Mobile. We have had several doctors try to prescribe antidepressants because they think he is not sick, I guess. It is cruel and ignorant for them to treat him this way. We need help in finding a doctor who will respect his needs. He has yet to get tested for the Celiac Sprue, but I am almost positive he has it. Who is the doctor in Birmingham who specializes in Celiac? We are in a crisis right now and need help. My husband feels like he is dying. He is only 41 years old and we have 2 children. This has been very difficult on all of us because we don't get to enjoy family meals much together and I have so much stress dealing with what he can eat and what hurts him....nearly everything hurts him. I am afraid the damage to his body is irreversible. What about brain nutrients being "sucked" out? Is that why he feels the brain fogginess? Any advice is helpful and much appreciated.