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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Jen, I just want to make a suggestion. I always ask for a copy of the test results anytime anyone in my family has a test done. This way, you see what is going on and you have the tests results to take to specialist etc. The doctors are always happy to mail you a copy when they get the results. Also, if there is a problem I can look up details on the web and find that many times if is much more informative than the doctors explanation. Good Luck finding help with your child.
  2. I will pray for your child not to have CF. We had to have the sweat test also when my daughter was two after her 3rd bout of pneumonia. I was worried sick and waiting for the results was terrible. They don't think my child has celiac disease and the sweat test was negative. I posted here because of pale stools but the past week she hasn't had them after having them for 8 months. Let us know how the sweat test goes and know that you will be in our thoughts.
  3. I posted under pale stools earlier. Today we saw the GI doc with my 5 yr old daughter. She had white stool after vomiting 15 months ago and again after vomiting 2 weeks ago. In between she had pale (sand color) stools. Her stools have been brown the last 6 times she had gone. Her bloodwork basically neg with one 1 point above neg. and still not positive. She was on tons of antibiotics and I have been giving her probiotic for 2 1/2 weeks. The GI wants to do an ultrasound on her gallbladder to look for blockage. I am glad her stools have been normal lately but the GI doc didn't seem like he had heard of anyone with the vomiting and than white stools.
  4. Hi Christine. Thanks for all of your answers. I decided this weekend to collect my daughters stool to take to the GI doc on Wed so I could show him the color instead of trying to explain it. Well, both times I went to collect, her stools have been brown. I haven't seen them this dark in 6 months. She has been eating alot of wheat. I am wondering if the probiotic I started to give her is two weeks ago is making a difference. She has been on tons of antibiotics her whole life so I know her flora is way off. I hope that her stools don't go back to pale. It has only been twice in a row that they looked normal and she does seem a little constipated. Also her Tissue Tansglutaminade IGA was slightly elevated at 5. I am nervous about getting good answers at the GI doc because from all I've read here, alot of docs aren't very helpful of knowledgable for that matter on celiac disease. I'm glad you girls are improving. I will keep them in my prayers.
  5. Thank you both for your info. I was wondering if you noticed if the pale stools floated or not. My daughters do not. Also, what test did you have done? My daughter was on tons of antibiotics for 2 yrs but got the pale stools during the next year when she wasn't on any antibiotics for a year so I am wondering about that along with celiac. Did either of you have the stool test. Were blood test positive, etc? I love having kids but nothing makes you worry more than when something is wrong with your children. I am so glad your kids are doing much better. How hard it the gluton free diet to follow? Do you go out to eat?
  6. My 5 year old daughter has been growing and acting fine but Sept of 2003 she got a virus and vomited for 3 days. After that her stool was pure white one or twice. This last month she vomited and had white stools again for 4 days. THese are the only two times she has vomited in this time frame of 15 months. I have noticed that her stools are too light day to day. I took her to pediatirician and her liver and pancreas are fine. They did a celiac blood test and the gliadin was negative (under 11 is neg and she was 3) and her tissue transglutaminase IGG was 3 (under 7 is negative) but her Tissue Transglutaminase IGA was 5 and under 5 is negative, 5-8 is equivocal and over 8 is positive. So she is a little over neg but not positive either. Has anyone here had experience with pale stool with their children. She does complain about stomach aches sometimes. Her stools were normal as a baby. I really have just noticed the color the past year. She is thin but I believe that is just her build and she is slightly small compared to the kids in her class but she is 50% for weight and 80% for height. She has tons of energy. I am going to a ped GI on the 26th but I was just wondering about celiac and pale stools or any other info you may have encountered on pale stool in children.