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  1. Mcdonald's?

    I'm sure those of you who have been on this board forever, are sick of this question, but I just don't get it and need some answers. McDonald's was under fire a couple years ago when it was discovered that their fries which had been labeled as Gluten Free and Vegetarian, were found to contain both wheat and beef derivitives. I thought it was all worked out and that they changed the oil which was the culprit. Meanwhile...I've been getting their fries every now and then. Now however, I went to the Mcdonalds.com site and it states that they will not longer have a gluten free list, that they want us to check their ingredient list as it may change. The ingredients for their fries states that the oil contains wheat. Does anyone know the definitive answer....are they Gluten free or not? Thanks, Wendy
  2. Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions for a good gluten-free waterproof mascara? Thanks, Wendy
  3. Newcomer

    Wow Sally, What a great doctor! What I wouldn't have done to have a doctor like that...you're very lucky!! When I had my colonoscopy and biopsy I was not put under. They gave me a shot that made me go to sleep but was awake again in less that half an hour. felt completely fine in a few hours after that. Maybe that is what your doctor will do. That way you don't have to be completely awake. Good luck with the tests, looking forward to seeing what happens when you do the diet, keep us up to date. Wendy
  4. Newcomer

    Remember....there is a very high falst negative in celiac testing. Even if your tests come out negative or inconclusive you should still try the diet. You may indeed be a celiac or maybe not a celiac but still gluten intollerant. Good luck on your tests. Wendy
  5. Newcomer

    O boy! You sound very much like me!! I was kind of a sickly child, always getting every cold, flu, tonsilitis, strep throat, and virus that came my way. By Jr. high school I started having chronic lower back pain. High school started with chronic headaches, and aches in general. My first what I call "attack" happened when I was 17. Sudden horrible stomach pain, nausea, and liquid diareah. A couple years later the itchy rash started on my cheeks and neck. Not very noticible but stingy and itchy. Then small patches of exzema. Around 25 years old started extreme, crippling pain in my ankles. Then the wrists. About 8 years ago things got very bad physically for me. I was diagnosed Hypothyroid and weighed about 165 (size 12) had periferal nueropothy (numbness and tingling in the hands and feet), terrible fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, I'd wake up with charlie horses in my calves and covered in sweat, chronic bone and joint pain (to the point where certain joints felt like the bone was broken) sleeplessness (as little as 1 hour a night) chronic fatigue, depression, you name it. I was also living on antidiareah (as many as 4 or more a day) (probably one of the causes of the hypothyroid) I was also having stomach attacks 3 to 7 times a week lasting for several hours each time. The pain was so severe I would beg God to let me die! I went to specialist after specialist and none of them could figure it out!!!! I was tested for chrones, M.S., rheumatoid arthritis, exrays for regular arthritis, Lupus, Colon cancer, chronic lymes and was finally diagnosed with IBS, being told that they don't even know what that is, or the cause!! Just a name to put on unexplained digestive problems. I basically gave up and figured I would just be this way until I died. UNTIL......I read an article saying that people with IBS seem to do better if they give up bread. I thought ....okay...I'll try anything. In one day it was remarkable, in 1 week it was like a miralce. I didn't know what it was, I thought that maybe I was allergic to yeast. I stopped taking antidiareahls because I no longer needed them. My thyroid levels came back up on thier own, I lost 40 pounds in 9 months, eating more, and of course not throwing it up. I weighed 120 pounds and wear a size 4 without trying!! I had only 6 attacks in those 9 months. the physical problems like achyness, PN, fibro, sleeplessness ect. hadn't changed because I didn't know about gluten, I only had given up bread. Then when talking to someone about my symptoms they told me about celiacs disease!! I looked it up on line and balled my eyes out. There in front of me was all my symptoms. WOW!! I saw my doctor (AGAIN) told him what was going on, he sent me to a gastro doctor who did the blood test and the biopsy and sure enough...CELIACS!! That was 3 1/2 years ago. I still have mild symptoms of aches and fatigue, but pretty much everything is gone. I started running 3 years ago, and go 5 miles 3 times a week, something I never could have done before becasue of the pain. Everything you said sounds like celiacs. Read some of the articles on this site about related diseases, you will be amazed at all of it. If you give up gluten your blood tests and biopsy my be negative or inconclusive. You need to be eating gluten to make sure the tests are as acurate as possible. But I always say....who cares what the doctors say...look what they did to me all those years! If you go gluten free and feel better thats the only answer you need. Wendy
  6. Rice Krispies?

    I actually sent them an email because I saw that too. The problem is the whole Malt issue.....is it made from barley or corn. Supposedly if its made in USA then it should be corn. ( ? ) I don't know. If it's not one thing it's always another. Wendy
  7. Low Bone Density

    I have 3 pound weights that I strap to my ankles. It makes anything you do, walking, jogging, even sitting in a chair watching T.V. doing some leg lifts, all weight bearing. I do the eliptical 3X a week for about 1/2 hour with these weights on my ankles and using a high resistance. It is absolutely weight bearing. To start you could get 1 pound weights for your ankles and when you walk or jog you could carry or strap 1 pound weights also to your wrists. After you get used to these you can gradually go up to the 3 pounds. I am 5'5 and weigh about 120, the 3 pound wieghts are perfect for me, maybe because you are smaller I would stick with 1 or 2 pound. Wendy
  8. Rice Krispies?

    I just saw in Safeway the other day that Kellogs has made an Organic Rice Krispies! Anyone know if these are gluten free? Wendy
  9. I believe that maltodextrin used in 'food' products in the U.S. is usually made from corn. However it is common for it to be made from barley and usually is in foods from other countries. You MUST ALWAYS check with the manufacturer. Even brands that you know, if produced in a facility outside the U.S. can have different ingredients. Cosmetics and meds are totally different. Ingredients come from all over the world. Wendy
  10. Hi, I don't know if anyone has mentioned this brand yet or not, but for a really cheap alternative, wet & wild is Gluten free. YOu can get it at Walmart, Target, and most drug stores. It's about 1 or 2 bucks. Wendy
  11. Hi, I'm not a big drinker but I do love a chocolate martini! I have never had any reaction to stoli vokka and godiva chocolate liquer so I assume they are fine. I had one recently that they also added a mint liquer and cream. It was wonderful...tasted like mint chocolate ice cream. yummm!!!
  12. Hi jsdawson, unfortunatley the blood tests for celiac disease are not perfectly accurate, as a matter of fact there is a very high false negative response especially in children. Because of this is why doctors sometimes recommend the biopsy saying it is the only definitive answer. I would say for sure that since your sons blood test showed positive(even a little) that would be enough for me. I have always felt that the true answer is going gluten free is if you feel better then there is your answer. Some people want to know for sure because there is also gluten intollerance and wheat allergies. These are NOT the autoimmune disease-Celiacs. Once you have 1 autoimmune disease you have a higher probablility of getting more. Plus people like to know because Celiacs is hereditary and runs in families, so with a positive response, other people in your family should be tested. You have a big dilema.... do you put him back on gluten and do the biopsy to find out for sure, or is the fact that he feels better being gluten-free, enough? For me it would be enough. I would absolutley make sure any medication or vitamins you give him are also gluten-free. Many Many meds are not. It could be the reason for him having the reaction. It also sounds to me like you are a Celiac as well. Forget the test, if you feel better then that's your answer! Wendy
  13. Are You Clever?

    Hi Jenvan, My daughter recently went to 6 flags. They as well have a strict "no outside food or drink" policy. She brought a ton of gluten-free food with a note from her doctor and her restaurant card with her. She had no problem getting throught the gate at all! But somthing I have done before is....I put a candy bar in my sock...I brought some trail mix in a plastic baggy and put it in the zippered cosmetics part of my purse....I or my husband have worn cargo style shorts and stuck some things in the pockets. Hope you get something through, good luck, Wendy
  14. Hi guys, I'm the one that started the thread back in September about the House show doing an episode on Celiacs. I saw a piece on our local Fox news talking about Celiac disease...what it was... and that 'House" woud have an upcoming show spotlighting the disease. They never said when it would be on so I just religiously watched the show week after week. Although the character House is way too contrived and extremely caustic to the point of being unbelievable, I still became a huge fan of the show. It's soooo cool the way they go through so much to figure out a diagnosis. Maybe that's why I love the show. I have heard so many on this thread today sying that they wish they had a doctor that had spent some time with them and figured out all of their maladies. It's the same for me. The fantasy that I would not have had to have spent 25 years getting more and more ill until I was to the point of knowing that I would not live much longer. That if just one of the many doctors I saw could have figured out something. I guess the pull of the show for me is the fantasy that I could be the paitient. Maybe that's why so many people are upset. WE ARE THE CELIACS, We are the ones that suffer from this disease, we see ourselves in the role of the patient, and to see yeat another wrong diagnosis or wrong informatin just kills us. I was dissapointed at first that they didn't say more about the disease. I told my husband that if I had watched this show 3 years ago before I was diagnosed as a celiac, that I would have never have connected it to myself. I would never have said "hey, I wonder if this is what I have" Nothing in the show reminded me of myself and my own symptoms. After going gluten free, I now realize that I did have depression and was also able to then explain my daughters panic attacks. But before I was diagnosed, I didn't know the brain problems were connected to my stomach problems. Anyway....I realize the show is not there to educate, it's just supposed to be a fun drama. I'm really happy that it got out at all, and maybe the public education comes from people talking about the show around the water cooler. I have had so many people today ask me about it, it's crazy! Anything to put out the word for awarenes!!
  15. Nice Eyelashes!

    Fingernail problems are absolutely a symptom of celiacs. Or maybe I should say a sign of malnutrition. In third world countries, the nails are one of the first places they look when trying to find malnutrition. All of the above mentioned problems, the white specks, the ridges, soft, peeling, ect. Wendy