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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi.. I am on the gluten challenge right now which isnt all its cracked up to be....I have a Dr that dx me with Celiac and I have a specialist that said he isnt sure it is celiac disease??? I am so lost so yes i am drinking beer and that doesnt bother me but I had alsagna tonight and about 1 hour or so later and now I want to curl up and cry..My tummy doesnt like me at all...I am suppose to go to The Mayo in Rochester mn and have more tests but right now I am thinking screw the challenge and forget the Mayo.. Beer tastes great and it doesnt bother me, but doesnt mean I dont have the disease either..
  2. Hi all Well right now I am in the midst of gettting a wrong diagnosis...I had my stuff sent to a specialist at the Mayo in Rochester, Mn and he looked at my biopsy and he isnt sure i have the disease..He ordered some tests I had the gene test and all the blood tests, all the blood came back neg so I am waiting for the gene test now and I had a bone scan so who knows..' VEry frusterated now so I started drinking beer again and i havent had a problemn yet I dont want to attempt eating gluten yet till I know so who knows I shall know soon if I have celiac disease or not.. Crazy!!
  3. Hello!! I will mention that to my Dr..Right now they are retesting me cause an expert at the Mayo in Rochester,Mn isnt too sure I have celiac disease...I just had all the blood work and it was neg which the only test I had originally come back positive was the TTg was 50 and now its 16....They are doing the Gene test too and I had a bone scan so I dont know.. The lingering Question, Do i have celiac Disease or do I not??
  4. I was wondering how a person could be lactose intolerant and still eat cheese? I have elimanted almost all except fot meat and veggies and I have the worlds worst gas and the bloating and stomachache is unreal? I have read here some of you have been gluten-free for ten months? Did you all decontaminate your kitchen too? I am at such a loss with this disease and any help would be great..I was sick for fourteen months with test after test until I went for a second opinion and got the celiac disease dx..Blood test and biopsy were positive..I still sometimes dont believe I have it cause nobody in my family has stomach problems at all? Any other reason I could have gotten it? I have the chills everday and in the first two months of being sick I lost thirty pounds? Any suggestions are helpful... Melanie gluten-free since Dec 04
  5. So now I am really in confusion with beer..I have always been a beer drinker, Busch Light is my choise...I miss my beer very much and am now excited to hear about Amstel light or Heinekken? SO what exactly is the deal? Are they safe are they not..I have only been gluten-free for almost two months and I still never feel good so if I try this beer how am I going to know? I always felt crappy before drinking the busch so what is the difference? I really would like to know if it is safe or if you are better off ordering the stuff that is and choking it down? Melanie
  6. Cant Sleep

    Hi my name is Melanie and after 16 months of being sick I finally got a diagnosis of celiac disease..I have I believe been Gluten free now since dec 04 yet I am still feeling just as poor as I did before..I now am unablt to sleep..I am up usually till about 3 am and then I am up early with my six year old..I have been told about Gluten withdrawls, but how true is that. I have a panic disorder and my Dr, who is suppose to be the specialist is unaware of medication I can take? I read here you can havd Ativan? She also gave me ambien, now is that gluten-free or not? I am at a loss and would just love to calm my nerves and sleep so any help would be great.. Melanie Gluten Free since Dec 04