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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I made this recipe tonight and added a couple of things. I used dried cranberries for the fruit and added crispy brown rice cereal to the corn flakes. These are really good and my celiac daughter loves them! Thank you for the recipe. Kenda
  2. Hi Donna, Are your injectable injections a doctor's presription? The reason I ask is that I was getting weekly B-12/complex/C injections when I felt run down, actually I was coming down with a virus. My doctor told me that I could only take them weekly for a month because they change your blood cells. You might want to check into this if you have been taking them for longer than a month. In your particular case it might be fine, just thought I'd pass it on. Kenda
  3. Nausea

    If the cause of your distension and bloating is a sluggish digestive system they will help. Kenda
  4. Hi Joanna, I had the celiac blood test today so I should get my results in about a week. My husband will get tested as well. I'm surprised he's willing, he's afraid of needles. I started my daughter on a gluten-free diet a week ago and she improved within 2 days. Her stomach is still upset a bit but nothing like it had been for weeks preceeding the diet change. I ate gluten-free with her but started eating wheat and gluten again a few days ago, wanting to eat it to get an accurate blood test. My doctor assured me that being gluten-free for just a few days wouldn't change the test results since I started eating it again up until the time I did the test. Her appointment with the gastro isn't until April so we have a ways to go. I'm leaning against the biopsy but will listen to what the gastro has to say. I already have a gastro becuase of my pancreatitis and will see him if my test is positive. I'm anxious to see if he'll attribute the pancreatitis attack to celiac disease if my celiac disease test is positive. If that's the case, simply eating gluten-free, which I plan to do anyway, will prevent any further attacks, which would be a huge relief. I ordered several gluten-free foods on line for Morgan to try, we also have a Wild Oats here so shopping gluten-free has been extremely easy. I have been pleasantly suprrised at everything we have tried. The cookies and brownies have been excellent, better than most so this has really helped her desire to be gluten-free. I have always prepared meals with very little wheat or gluten so the change for me in cooking is very slight, it's sweets and eating out that are the most challenging. So far, so good! Kenda
  5. This is amazing, I also have chronic fatigue and thyroid problems as well. I am really excited to get the celiac disease test. I plan on eating gluten-free, along with my daughter, anyway but I'd love to know if this could be part of the reason I am the way I am. How about messed up female hormones, are they a symptom? I might as well pin everything on celiac disease> Kenda Those are a few good examples--a lot of people, also, don't have excessive flatulence and loose stools, but instead are shorter than others, are very low or very high in weight, are constantly fatigued, and have other related disorders. Your difficulty in gaining weight is a classic celiac symptom that I also have. Anemia is very common in celiacs (since nutrients aren't being absorbed while you're on gluten and your villi are destroyed).
  6. Thank you "Bush", Kati and celiac3270! I'm anxious to get tested. I've had Interstitial Cystitis for over 20 years. Since I started eating healthier in the past 5 years, it has improved tremendously. I'm wondering now if it's because I stopped eating the typical America diet and less gluten. My immune system is very weak and I have trouble gaining weight. I have weighed 95 pounds most of my adult life, I'm 5'4". I finally have been able to gain up to 100 pounds, eating 6 times per day. I weight train 3 times per week, do yoga twice weekly but don't build muscle. I am also anemeic, even when I take iron supplements. Celiac definitely makes sense. I have been eating gluten-free for close to a week now because I have started cooking this way for my celiac daughter. How much gluten do I need to eat before having the celiac blood test. I sure don't want to mess up the test by being gluten-free. Thanks again for the kind help. Kenda
  7. Nausea

    Hi Mel, I just read that you took Actonel!! Oh my God!! I took it once and only once, it made me sick as a dog with all of the symptoms you describe, stomach upset, muscle aches and pains, it was horrible and took darn near a week to go away. Anyone with gut problems should not take Actonel, at least according to my doc. I make my own ginger tea using ginger root. At least if you use the root, you don't have to worry about something being in the tea that can upset your stomach. Just cut off about a 1" piece of the root and steep it in hot water for about 5 minutes, or until it tastes the way you want it. You can add lemon to it if you like but I never do I like the taste of ginger just the way it is. If you want a supplement especially for inflammation of the gut, ask someone at a health food store or see a naturopath in your area. Nearly all of the medical care I receive is herbal and I have had more luck with it than allopathic medicine. A warning about probiotics, if you are really low they can upset your stomach so you may want to wait until you feel a bit better to start on them. Best of luck, Kenda
  8. Hi all, I wrote last week about my newly diagnosed 12-year old Celiac daughter. I spoke today with my Naturopath about her being positive and whether I should be tested. Interestingly, he told me that the Interstitial Cystitis I have had for 20 plus years and the pancreatitis attack I had 18 months ago could be caused by Celiac disease, even though I don't have gut symptoms. He told me to go ahead and have the test so we would know for sure. The thought that Celiac could be the cause of these things is amazing to me. I have been eating the gluten-free diet, along with my daughter and the rest of our family. Do I need to start eating gluten again for the blood test? I emailed my primary care doctor today to get the test ordered. My ND also explained that her low positive blood counts could be explained by the fact that she never did eat a lot of gluten, just enough to register a positive Celiac. Has anyone here tested positive for celiac disease, had no gut symptoms but other diseases that could have been caused by celiac disease? Kenda
  9. Thank you, Boojca! I'll have to ask the doc what the numbers really mean. Since our pediatrician sent her to a gastro and told me that she does have celiac, I figured it was like pregnancy. I'll keep your chicken nuggets recipe. I'm sure Morgan will want "normal" food at some point. Right now, she is really enjoying the gluten-free brownies and cookies. Where do I find the Delphi list you mention? Thank you for your kind help! Kenda
  10. Nausea

    Hi Mel, I'm sorry to hear you are having such a rough time of it. My daughter has celiac disease ad I can sympathize with you trying to figure out what is going on. Two things come to my mind. One is that most Chinese restaurants use MSG. MSG affects people differently but is a common allergen. My kids and I all get sick if we eat foods poisoned with MSG. Another thought is that you might be better off eating a more bland diet for now. Sauteeing something in oil is adding additional fat to your diet which may be tough for you to digest. The spiciness in the Chinese food, even if no MSG or gluten was used, could upset an already upset stomach. I'd stick with baked or grilled foods and prepare them very blandly. Even if something is gluten-free, it may not be easy for your already upset system to handle. Ginger is excellent for stomach ailments. You can either purchase ginger capsules at the health food store or make a tea out of ginger root -- this is a secret my doctor shared with me. Another person mentioned probiotics, which is a great recommendation. I use HMF Replete, which is an extremely strong probiotic. The L.acidophilus alone is 75 BILLION, much, much higher than store bought probiotics. I purchase mine online and I can share the name of the company with you, if you want. There are different herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties to them that could help with the inflammation in your gut. Since you are already in a inflamed state, it is going to take time for your system to heal. I hope you start feeling better soon. Kenda
  11. Thank you so much, Molly. You have affirmed what I already thought about the biopsy. I was expecting the gastro to tell me to take her off the diet for a biopsy and that sounded insane to me. Why stir up the symptoms unnecessarily when she is doing so well. She is thrilled that the gluten-free foods are so tasty and is even more thrilled to finally feel better. As far as Morgan being old enough to decide about the biopsy on her own, I don't really agree. Had it been up to her, they would have never taken her blood for the celiac test to begin with. To make matters worse, she fainted in my arms afterward. If she had it her way, she'd ever see the doc again. Thank you for your email address. If Morgan has any questions, I'll have her contact you. Kenda
  12. Thank you for your help!! I made an appointment today with the recommended ped. gastro. Unfortunately they are booking for the end of April! I started her on the gluten-free diet a few days ago and already she feels better. I made some gluten-free brownies yesterday and was shocked at how good they are. Definitely not low fat but very good. I also made her a gluten-free pizza and it was very good as well. I am thrilled that we have a Wild Oats in our town, it makes cooking normally for her so much easier. I ordered three gluten-free cookbooks from Amazon and they should be here today as well. I wanted gluten-free bread recipes and desserts especially. She misses both. As for me, I'll be tested but if I have it, I consider myself asymptomatic. Other than the pancreatitis attack, I don't have any symptoms. My sister and mother, on the other hand, do seem to have symptoms so they may get themselves tested. My husband and son are next, both needlephobic. If I have the genetic test, if it is positive, could that mean that I am simply a carrier and not actually have celiac? As for the biopsy, I know they aren't painful since I had one following my pancreatitis attack, I just don't really see a need to do it, unless I'm missing something here. She is already on the gluten-free diet, feeling better, and the gastro can't see her for 3 months. Since I'd have to reintroduce her to gluten for the biopsy, it doesn't seem worthwhile, at least at this point. She doesn't want to have the biopsy. I promised her that I would have it done only if it was necessary, but that it would be done if the doc said it should be. Do you know what the different levels in the blood indicate? Does a higher level indicate a worse celiac? I sure wish I could see the gastro sooner, I have so many questions. Thanks again for your help! Kenda
  13. Hi, I posted this under the kids' section but didn't receive a reply. I am hopeful maybe someone here can help me out. I am the mother of 12-year old Morgan. Morgan has always been what I have called a stomach achy kind of gal. She is very hard on herself and demands perfection so we assumed, as did her doctor, that she was reacting to stress. Morgan does not have a distended stomach, diarhhea, constipation, funny looking poop or any other common symptoms of celiac disease, except that she does have a lot of stomach aches which have increased in frequency. She also has dark circles under her eyes. She was very colicky as an infant, despite being breast fed for the first 8 months of her life. I was very careful about my diet but it didn't seem to help. I had her at our pediatrician's office last week because of increased stomach aches. She was tested for celiac disease. Her results are as follows: (tTG) Ab, IgG 7 (tTG) Ab, IgA 35 Gliadin Ab IgA 15 IgA, serum 132 Can anyone here please interpret them for me? Our pediatrican is out sick and we have not been able to discuss this with him but an associate of his considers this to be a positive test and has referred us to a pediatric gastro, whom we have not yet seen. My understanding is that the gastro will want to do a biopsy but I question whether it is necessary. My question is why do it? If the treatment for her is the same either way, why put her through the endoscopy? I have had one and know they aren't any fun. Also, her labs don't seem that bad, compared to some I have read here. Are these numbers conclusive for celiac disease? I understand that celiac is herditary. Does this mean that either my husband or I, or both of us, have it? I was diagnosed with pancreatitis over a year ago after a major pancreatic attack which seemingly came out of the blue. I had mildly elevated liver enzymes for a couple of years but no symptoms. I have read that pancreatitis is sometimes caused by celiac disease. I do not drink alcohol, the typical cause of pacreatitis. I was also diagosed several years ago with fibromyalgia but have beaten it with the help of a naturopath and have Interstitial Cystitis. According to my ND, I have a weak immune system and am now wondering if I have celiac disease. This website has been so helpful. I have spent hours here and have learned so much. I appreciate any help. Thank you. Kenda
  14. Ordering Gf Beer

    Thank you, Richard. It's good to know these things. She rarely drinks pop but it's nice to know that I don't have to refuse her on the rare occasions she asks for it. Kenda
  15. Ordering Gf Beer

    Hi, My daughter is 12 and obviously doesn't drink beer but on the list of foods to avoid from our doctor is caramel color which is in coke. Do you tolerate caramel color? Thank you. Kenda