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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does Anyone Crave Gluten After Being Glutened?

    Thats a tough time you are having there! Gluten makes my stomach so raw on the inside that all I can taste in my mouth is blood as it takes the lining off my stomach, so I never crave it, in fact it scares me to death. Have you tried just whole foods for a couple of days to detox? fresh fruit, fresh veggies, fresh meat? That really kills cravings for sweets that I get (I have lost 75lbs since I figured out I was gluten intolerant and have another 75 that I could afford to lose so I try to not eat sugar). It takes about 3 days but it works for me. I sure hope you get it under control because if you are like me and it makes your stomach lining raw you are risking cancer of the stomach if you eat gluten. My GI didnt tell me that but told me I had chronic gastritis and I did research on that and know that it leads to cancer. Please be well and give the fresh fresh a try. Keep in touch.
  2. Imodium

    Drs are funny. I was told NOT to take immodium, to get the gluten out of my system, my dr also told me that it could make the diaherra worse, sooooooo...... My question is, why are you still having a problem? My problems stopped when I went gluten free. I also cant have cheese (milk and ice cream are okay but not cheese). Cant have regular beef either, have to eat organic if any. No peanut butter in just peanut butter form either. If you are gluten free and still having symptoms my opinion is you havent "hit" what is causing the problems and immodium everyday in my opinion is never a good idea. It is covering up a symptom of something bigger going on. Good luck, think fresh fruit, fresh veggies and fresh meat. :-)
  3. Does Anyone Crave Gluten After Being Glutened?

    Never Never. I never put anything in my mouth that remotely might have gluten in it. And if I get "glutened" I am so sick I cant think about eating anything that will make it worse. Thou before I knew what the problem was when I would be sick from eating something I would go right to bagels and crackers because I only wanted dry things and of course it was the worst thing I could do and it would make me go into full blown celiac sickness. Now when I get into something that is hidden and it doesnt happen often, I make sure my next meals have LOTs of protein in them and that turns the sickness around. Wish I had known this the three out of four years that I was deathly ill on my vacations because of getting "wheated".
  4. That is a hard one. Do you have the other symptoms you normally have when you get glutened? I just came back from Maine, second day at a Ruby Tuesdays off the gluten free list, also had the salad bar, stayed away from anything bad, used their light ranch and WHAM, was sick sick sick with all the gluten things except the big D. It took me two years to go back to Maine because of having the big D for three years in a row, before I knew I was gluten intolerant. Still got sick. I am suppose to go to 99 for my grandsons graduation celebration and if I dont feel any better than I do right now, it is NOT happening. I agree, sometimes I really hate having this disease.
  5. New To Gluten Free

    I agree with the other poster. Try going all fresh foods and seeing if that helps. I have lost 73lbs since going gluten free and watching what I eat. Your symptoms sound a lot like mine. You have nothing to lose if you stop eating gluten and if your stomach clears up, great! As for the pain, I had the exact same thing, they thought it was my gall bladder and thou the tests showed nothing, a surgeon removed it, came in the next day and said "I just removed the most perfect and healthy gall bladder I have ever seen, there was nothing wrong with it". And since going gluten free I have NO pain in that area at all. Gluten free is not that hard to do and if it makes you feel better, it is a wonderful thing!
  6. It depends on what I get glutened with, one time it was wheat in a chicken broth and that took only 10 minutes before I had indigestion and acid reflux and it just got worse from there. I get really nauseous and if it is a bad case and I keep eating whatever it is that causes the problem I have the big D in a huge way. The last vacation before this one we went home a day early because I had the big D so bad I was dehydrating and so viciously sick I couldnt get out of bed. I was in a bad way that time, but it was before I knew I was gluten intolerant. Now when I get glutened I drop back to fresh only foods and it clears up within 48 hours. It is horrible and you know it when it happens.
  7. My partner of 18 year doesnt eat gluten free but she is pretty careful what she does eat because tomato sauce and spices give her gas. She eats whatever I cook and adds pasta to it. I dont mind as long as I dont have to eat it. :-) I also dont begrudge her eating whatever she wants because I have had so much "adverse therapy" from eating gluten that you could put anything with gluten in it in front of me and I dont want it and wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole. I am on vacation for the last three days and last night got "wheated/glutened" somewhere and I am a sick cookie today. I will be fine in about 48 more hours but cant wait to get home, have had enough of taking "chances" with something being gluten free. At home I am very sure of what I am putting in my mouth and that works out great.
  8. I found when I tried to add in some non gluten grains that quinoa acts just like gluten for me, so anything that uses quinoa flour is a big no no for me. I also found that I have a problem with peanut butter in spread form. Yesterday I ate a lot of pineapple that is sugar coated and had a wicked reaction. The good news is once I react to it, I never want to see it again so that is out of my diet and I can afford to lose the weight right now (have lost 73lbs so far). So if you are sick still, I agree with the poster who said, eat fresh only for a while. Fresh fruit, veggies and meat and eggs and see how that works for you, if all your symptoms disappear on that diet, start adding things back slowly and keep track of what makes you sick. Once you get the hang of it, you will know what it is that does it because you wont want to eat it again. Good luck
  9. Im Not Crazy

    Me too, all of the above, told I had "barnacles" on my butt (cleared up when I went gluten free) told I had chronic gastritis (cleared up when gluten-free) and everytime I have been glutened my mouth tastes just like blood. This started when I was around 6 years old and had horrible flair ups all my life. Right now I am on vacation in Maine and I have gotten glutened, feel like crap, have blood taste, hopefully it will clear up in a couple of days, am grateful I havent had diaherra like I usually do, last time I was here, I almost had to be hospitalized for dehydration. My drs never figured it out, I did all by myself and I am NOT going back on gluten so they can test me, too painful, my stomach feels like it is on fire when I am glutened. Glad to have found this site thou, misery loves company. :-) Glad to be not "crazy" too.
  10. The phrase "chere has not set her status" keeps coming up and there is a place to change it. What is setting my status? Thanks
  11. Since Going Gluten Free....

    Yes, this is me too, I cant eat fatty foods, they make me sick. Also I have to be careful with cheese of all things, can drink milk and eat yogurt but cheese really does me in. I think being a celiac means you need to figure out what makes your tummy happy and what doesnt. :-)
  12. Nightmares About Teeth

    This is very strange, I use to dream about my teeth falling out all the time and it wasnt pretty. Since I have stopped the gluten in my diet, I havent had ONE of those dreams. Wow that is very odd, glad this got posted, makes sense.
  13. Since Going Gluten Free....

    Wow, you and I have a LOT in common, I have lost 73lbs. No more horrible sprints to the bathroom (unless you count that I drink a LOT of tea :-). The horrible itchy mess that was my buttocks has cleared up and so have the other spots that the dr told me was old age "barnicles" grrrrr. I am going to go on vacation for the first time in three years and am going to try and not be sick, even if I get "wheated" (I am guessing that is what you all call CCd). The last 3 out of 4 vacations I was rushed home and the last one I had to have meds called into me in another state because I was violently ill. I leave for Maine in two days and thou I got into something today (it was in green tea of all things) I should be better by than. Thanks for letting me share.
  14. Anyone Here Done The Atkins Diet?

    I found out I was gluten intolerant a year ago when I started Weight Watchers and on the 5th week switched to the simply filling foods plan which had almost no gluten on it and my "IBS" cleared up and so did my "chronic gastritis", both were diagnosed and were WRONG. For years I had horrible symptoms and I didnt know what I was doing so I would be sick to my stomach and eat just bread or crackers (you can imagine how that looked) I had all the symptoms of celiacs but went to many many drs including a dermatologist for the skin problems and a specialist for my stomach and everyone said something different, usually old age. Now I know it is gluten that is the problem. At any rate, I have lost 73lbs, I dont eat any of the gluten free products on a regular basis, I eat fresh/frozen/canned fruit and veggies and fresh meat. I eat out very rarely but when I do, try to do chinese buffet so I can choose what I know is gluten free. Tonight I had a snapple diet metabolism green tea and WOW it tore my stomach up. I cant find anything that says it has gluten in it but it definitely had something that made my stomach angry, it is going to take a couple of days to get it back, grrrrr. That is my story on weight loss and yes, I did Atkins too, lost 30 lbs and kept 26 off before I started WW this time.