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  1. Skin Care Line Eminence Organic

    Oops- posted twice.
  2. Skin Care Line Eminence Organic

    LOVE Eminence! I got the same list and wrote them back to ask about under eye cream. At first she told me none of their under eye creams were gluten free. I told her their bearberry eye cream is listed (somewhere) online as gluten free. She double checked and indeed it is gluten free. Hello We double checked the ingredient list and yes, the bearberry eye cream is indeed gluten free. Best regards, Vicki Chan Customer Development Representative Toll Free: 1.888.747.6342 Tel: 604.602.4787 x 2245 Fax: 604.602.4731 www.eminenceorganics.com
  3. Chebe Without Eggs Or Dairy?

    I will put xanthan gum on my shopping list. Thanks for the feedback. I'll post here if and when I figure this out.
  4. Chebe Without Eggs Or Dairy?

    Thanks for the link- I'll let you know if I figure this out.
  5. Chebe Without Eggs Or Dairy?

    Ooops- meant to write Original Almond Milk in my first post. So- I see from the responses that other folks have made it with almond milk. I knew it was the eggs. There isn't any xanthan gum in the Ener G egg replacer- nor is there any in the Chebe. Perhaps I'll try adding xanthan. Had an interesting conversation with a baker today. They offer gluten free cupcakes and she said they found it better to add the potato starch last and mix it in gently- taking care not to over mix. Don't know what this means for the Chebe-but I'll keep that in mind. Any other ideas? Thanks everyone for your help!
  6. Anyone ever successfully made Chebe bread without eggs or dairy? I read so many good things here and elsewhere that I really wanted to like it. I made it with Ener G Egg Replacer and Original Milk. It was AWFUL! Any luck anyone? Any suggestions? Thanks folks.
  7. Thank you so much! I'll check it out. I think getting my thyroid balanced out will be key to finding my optimal health- it's been lost for so long- I was wondering if I would ever find it again.
  8. Hope you are finding some relief and the answers you need. I have been having problems getting my dose at the correct level. I have read many people's posts on how great they feel when they find the correct dosage. Stay strong. We're all pulling for you.
  9. My Nightmare Came True Tonight

    I am so sorry this happened to you. Hope this glutening passes quickly. Me thinks you get to pick another day for a birthday do-over! Feel better...... happy birthday(?)
  10. Chest Pain When Swallowing

    Thanks for the feedback, Miss Lynneelise. I get so ditzy when the brain fog hits- it is nice to hear from someone who is feeling sane. I am eating plain- simple food and will pick up some coconut water tomorrow at Trader Joe's. I got turned on to coconut water at Bikram Yoga- everyone there is addicted to it. Going to the doctor's office Monday for my blood tests and I'll check in with the nurse about my chest pains. Love the fruit carving. Do you do other carvings/artwork? Thanks again.
  11. First- let me begin with- I am fairly certain I am getting CC'ed as I have all the other symptoms: depression, brain fog, really bad D, sleep disturbances, body aches and pains, etc. I am working on this situation at home. This latest bout has gone on for two plus weeks. It is a tough situation with my 82 year old mother. I do not have anywhere else for her to go. For the past month or so- I have horrible chest pains when I try to swallow food. It is in the solar plexus area and radiates out through my breasts. My acid reflux is worse too. I just started Naturethroid for hypothyroid in September. I am due for a blood test to check my levels. Should I be checking anything else? I am on supplements for low vitamin D, low ferritin, probiotics, digestive enzymes, Isocort, etc.... I also started asthma medicine- Dulera 100 mg. 2X per day and Proventil for "emergencies" and before exercise this past September. I called the Dulera manufacturer and they said they are gluten free. Proventil is on the gluten free Rx list. This week I went to the allergist and he doubled my Dulera to 200 mg. twice per day. Do asthma medicines or inhalers cause GERD/acid reflux in anyone on the forum? Before I went gluten free- I had the same chest pains. I am thinking it is from the last month or so of accidental glutenings. I don't want to write everything off to glutening. As my friend SandSurfGirl learned- sometimes we have other medical issues. Should I request another endoscopy? Are there other conditions I should be looking for? Any home remedies- besides the obvious gluten free diet? Thanks for all your help.
  12. I am thankful for all of the help and advice I have received from the good folks on this forum. From the answers I receive using the search function to the people who respond directly to my inquiries- you have all made my life so much easier. A special thanks to the folks who have taken the time to create and maintain this community. You are helping so many people each and every day. I know how much everyone appreciates having a safe and reliable place to come for support and information. Thank you one and all. Happy Thanksgiving Silly Yaks and Those Who Love Them!
  13. Scared: Anemia And Very Low Vit. D

    I take mine with a time release Vitamin C because ( I thought) somebody somewhere told me it would absorb better in an acidic environment. I also take B12 - but later in the day.