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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. A Virus? Cc? Hormonal?

    I use New Roots Acidophilus Ultra. If you do decide to try some, if you can get them from a health food store rather than a drug store, that is better. They should be refridgerated and the drug store ones are not. I think any brand is fine, or just ask the staff to help you--they usually know a lot. Hope you're better soon.
  2. A Virus? Cc? Hormonal?

    That is interesting about exacerbating it. I have wondered that, because I feel like everyone else in my family tends to get over stomach bugs more quickly and easily than me. If you find yourself not fully getting over this episode, try probiotics. WHen I had a stomach bug over Christmas they really helped.
  3. A Virus? Cc? Hormonal?

    It sounds like stomach flu (norovirus) to me. The pain can be in the same place as celiac pain (it isn't always, but it can be). The vomiting you describe sounds more like a virus than gluten. I hope you feel better soon!
  4. Gross Cookies!

    I find the bean flour taste really strong. When I first started baking gluten-free I used Bob's Red Mill all-purpose gluten-free flour and I didn't like the taste of anything. Oddly enough all three of my kids and my DH didn't notice anything bad about the taste at all. I think some people are more sensitive to the bean flour taste. I never thought of myself as having sensitive taste buds. I make my own gluten-free flour mixes now. You can find lots of recipes on the internet. I usually use brown rice flour, tapioca starch, and potato starch for things like cookies.
  5. Celiac And Fertility?

    Oops, my computer is acting up. I meant to say, I believe I have had issues with celiac and fertility. I had 7 miscarriages over 10 years. Many tests were done and no cause was found. I had one successful pregnancy during that time. Oddly enough I was on prednisone during that pregnancy (treatment for unexplained miscarriage). I don't know if it was just a fluke, or if it was the prednisone. Given that celiac is an autoimmune disease it does make me go hmmm. Now my family doctor says maybe the celiac caused the miscarriages But who can say for sure. The other thing that was different with that pregnancy is that I was taking a lot of vitamins. I'd seen a naturopath. Hopefully you are pregnant and everything is good! Have you had trouble getting pregnant? I have heard that celiac can cause infertility as well as miscarriages.
  6. I was diagnosed with celiac last March and some days still feel like such a struggle. Overall things are much better--the first 4 months were the hardest. I also have severe endometriosis which I just had my second surgery for 3 weeks ago. The recovery from my surgery has been difficult and I just find myself getting depressed and finding the thought of dealing with all the various health issues overwhelming. Does anyone have some good tips on how to not let health issues get you down? Part of my problem, I think, is that my husband is really my only support system. I have one friend who is sometimes sympathetic and sometimes not--I never really know what I am going to get with her. Some of my friends do know about my health issues, but I don't think they really get it. I try not to complain too much but as a result I feel like I'm just dealing with everything alone. I have three young kids, a husband who travels a lot, and a part-time job. I have been struggling with extremely low iron for quite a while and it's really hard to have as much energy to devote to my family as I would like. I feel guilty about the effect all of this is having on my kids. I'm sure some of you can relate so how do you all deal with this problem?
  7. I'm sorry to hear she is having so much pain. I'm sure she is frustrated and discouraged. It does take some time, both for the body to heal and to eliminate all sources of cross-contamination. Personally I did start feeling better after about 2 weeks, but it took 4-5 months to really feel all the way better. Once I started to feel better I could tell when something had made me feel bad again--sometimes even things that are supposedly gluten-free, if you investigate more, really could contain traces of gluten. Going to mostly whole foods could help for now because eventually she may find that she is sensitive to some processed foods even if they are supposedly gluten-free. It's a frustrating journey but be reassured, she will feel better in time.
  8. I'm discovering that I don't really like the taste of sorghum. To me it tastes like metallic dishsoap. It's too bad because there are lots of gluten-free recipes out there that use it, and my kids and husband don't seem to mind the taste. Does anyone know a flour that will work well as a substitute for sorghum in recipes that call for it? Would brown rice flour work?
  9. Drawing Blood?

    I have the same problem, except thatn it started about 4 months before going gluten-free. I didn't bleed as badly as you are describing with the blood draws, but I did have blood running down my arm. And my periods are absolutely awful. I don't have any answers yet but my family doctor and my gyn are both trying to figure it out.
  10. Endometriosis/female Issues And Celiac?

    I have read that celiac can be related to endo. Definitely both seem to have autoimmune components. I have both. Endo was diagnosed in 2006 by laparascopy (although I already knew I had it, from my symptoms and from an endometrioma visible on ultrasound), and celiac diagnosed March 2010. I've had 7 miscarriages. 6 before a successful pregnancy, and one after. The one pregnancy that worked out, I got pregnant a month after my lap. Also, I had seen a naturopath and was taking lots of vitamins, so maybe if celiac was affecting my miscarriages, that helped. I don't really know why that pregnancy was successful...the doctor claims it wasn't related to the lap. It's really hard to be dealing with multiple issues--it can be hard to sort out everything that is going on, and trying to coordinate between different types of specialists who don't know any other field can be frustrating too. Good luck sorting it all out. Be patient and keep searching for answers. My endo pain seems much better now that I am gluten-free...maybe it was mostly celiac pain all along?
  11. Hey, I'm New!

    Hang in there...the first week of being gluten free can be tough. I felt a lot worse for about 10 days after starting the diet, and then I started to improve. I think you should know if it's helping by 2-4 weeks, although for some people it can take even longer. Have you been tested for other bowel diseases (like Crohn's, or ulcerative colitis)? You could definitely be gluten intolerant/celiac despite the negative bloodwork, but you wouldn't want to overlook some other problem. As far as the constipation is concerned, you could be eating things that would make that worse. Some forms of the gluten-free diet are rather low in fibre (if you eat a lot of packaged gluten-free foods, rice bread, etc). If you are sure you are getting enough fibre then it's probably just your system reacting to the change. Hope you are feeling better soon.
  12. Does anyone else have extremely heavy periods that are a result of celiac disease? I have read that vitamin K deficiency can cause bleeding problems. I've been having ridiculously heavy bleeding with my periods since January, to the point where for a few days after my period I am extremely dizzy, tired, and have fainted a few times. Basically I am soaking through full size pads every 30-60 minutes, for 6 hours or more. I was diagnozed with celiac in March and have been eating gluten-free since then. It seems like the bleeding has inmproved slightly but not that much. My family doctor thought it was a gynecological problem, and told me to see my gyn. I have endometriosis as well. My gyn is doing some tests (including a sonohysterogram, which I'm having today) but she doesn't know much about celiac. When I told her I was diagnosed with celiac disease recently she said, "that's weird, you can't get that as an adult, you must have had it since childhood." If the results of the tests she's doing find something, then that's ok. I am just worried that this is some weird side effect of celiac disease (like the vitamin K thing, or some other thing I don't know about) and that she won't even consider that. I just feel like I can't keep going like this. I had anemia even before this heavy bleeding started in January and I have no idea what my hemoglobin is like now...I'm sure it's even worse, judging by how I feel. I am short of breath, tired, and dizzy all the time, especially for a week or 2 after my period. I'm sick of feeling this way... Has anyone been in a similar situation? Philippa
  13. Whats For Breakfast

    Gluten-free cereals are good, like gluten-free cornflakes or others. There's quite a bit of variety. Hot cereals have lots of options too...I recently bought some quinoa flakes that are very quick to prepare--just add boiling water and stir. It's a bit boring on it's own but with cinnamon and fruit it was good. We have a health food store with good gluten-free bagels nearby, but I've also seen gluten-free bagels in the freezer section of the regular grocery store. We do gluten-free pancakes at least twice a week.
  14. Dried and tinned beans should be fine. I'm not sure about tinned fruit...it should be ok I think, but read the label carefully. Where I live some roasted nuts have wheat starch listed on the ingredients--I got glutened by that before I even thought to check the label of nuts. I think they use it to stop the nuts from clumping together. So be careful with nuts. I think dried fruit could have the same issue. Nut butters are fine. Can you get other grains like quinoa where you live? It would help you with some variety and also has a lot of vitamins, fibre and protein. Same with teff--I make it like porridge in the morning and it's super healthy. I have somewhat the same problem with weight, and I am dairy free as well. I'm trying to make sure I get enough fats through nuts, avocado, fish, and coconut. I saw that you can't eat fish or nuts--how about coconut? I use coconut oil instead of butter in baking, and it works great. Coconut milk is good too--lots of calories and healthy fats. Once you get your kitceh straightened out don't be too intimidated by baking--it's a bit more trial and error than regular baking, but I've had lots of successes. There are lots of vegan recipes online for baking. And for the weight loss issue--make sure you are getting enough carbs. Adding other grains in addition to rice might help with that.
  15. The recipes I've tried all have xanthan gum. The mixes came with it in, and the other recipes had it as an ingredient. Maybe my xanthan gum is "stronger" and that's why the mixes with it already added worked better. I'll experiment with less. I have had loaves that fall after baking and are gummy inside. My latest attempt actually was a good texture as far as not being too soggy etc, and it didn't fall. It just didn't rise very much. So maybe less xanthan gum is the trick.