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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Did your doctor say to do "high" gluten? I ask only because a coworkers doctor told her that even just one sandwhich a day would be enough to get good results. Also, what test are you doing? The biopsy? And who is pushing for this? I ask only because DH and I don't want to have the biopsy done and thank God DS's doctor agrees. We KNOW he has celiac and I just can't imagine making him sick for days in order to "prove" it. Maybe when DS is older and he can better understand what's going on, etc, and has a say if he wants it or not. but until then... we don't care about the biopsy. Good luck. Call your doctor, though, and tell him how your DS is reacting, etc.
  2. This actually happened to us very recently. DS is 2 1/2 and got a waffle and ate about 2 bites of it. Almost exactly 3 hours later, he threw up. But that was it- just one time, took a LONG nap, and that was it. While I agree- don't know that it got rid of all the gluten out of his system, but it wasn't days of throwing up. It's hard to deal with though.
  3. I hadn't put any thought to this until my parents recently mentioned they had wanted to get my son an ice cream treat then realized they shouldn't. Are there ice cream brands known for being gluten free, or at least "gluten friendly" where some flavors are fine? And what about things like snowballs, etc? This is something that I know when we're out and about can make for fun treats, but - perhaps not so much.
  4. I was told DS had a "virus" and that we just needed to wait it out before he was finally diagnosed w/ celiac. I would insist on having a celiac panel run, and whatever blood tests they can run to check for allergies and intolerances. Other than having to deal w/ getting the blood drawn, these are simple tests that might be able to give you some indication of what is wrong.
  5. Coming into this late, but I just wanted to say that I htink you need to be really honest w/ the principal. I know the point of your meeting isnt' this teacher, but I think the principal needs to know. Because I agree- I think what she did was truly CRUEL. Good luck.
  6. This hit home for me! DS is only 18 months old, and was diagnosed just 2 1/2 weeks ago. He actually ended up in the hospital due to malnutrition, and between that stay and taking him off gluten - I feel like I have a new child on my hands. Just in the span of a month, the sweet, fun, little boy he was had disappeared. He was lethargic and wanted to do nothing more than sit and watch TV. no longer wanted to walk, didnn't want to play w/ toys, didn't want books read to him, wouldn't smile, etc. In the span of the past 2 weeks - WOW, the transformation is stunning to me and he is so darn happy and fun and full of life, it's amazing. Each day he's making leaps in his development and is getting back to where he was before he got sick. We still have to do the endoscopy for the final confirmation, but there is no question in our mind or our docs mind that he has celiac and is doing SO well now that we are manageing it.
  7. My recent experience - through blood tests, DS was diagnosed w/ celiac by our regular ped. We immediately took DS off of gluten and by the end of the weekend, noticed an improvement. I've heard from a few people (even on these boards) that we have to keep him on gluten so that the ped G/I can effectively test him. We saw the ped G/I the very next week. want to know what he said to me as soon as we walked in? "You've taken him off gluten, right?". We have the blood tests- he dosen't need to run more blood tests! We will do an endoscopy in a couple weeks, but the G/I wanted DS to get healthy first (he was malnourished) and hasn't made any mention of DS needing to be on gluten for the endoscopy to be effective.
  8. On the "there has to be Gluten in her system" front - my DS was diagnosed w/ celiac by his regular pedi almost 2 weeks ago. But this was after they drew blood and ran a celiac panel on it. All of the results were very high for celiac. We immediately took him off gluten and saw a change w/in a day or two. We had an appt the following week (last Friday) w/ a pedi GI. As we already had the blood drawn, he did NOT need for DS to still be on Gluten and he even said "You took him off Gluten last week, right?". We will still eventually have to have an endoscopy done, but not until he is healthy and back up to speed. As for the age thing - I've been told the same thing. 2 years. However, at 17 months, he was VERY SICK for over a month and once we took him off gluten, there was a marked change. He was still malnourished, though, and was in the hospital over the weekend. From that, he is now SO MUCH BETTER than he's been in a month. If you truly think there is an issue, the pursue it and do what you need to do to make sure your child is safe and healthy (I can't imagine what would have happened if we did nothing for him because "oh, he's not 2. We can't really know if he has celiac or not"). BUT- in pursuing it, at least go to your regular pedi and get a celiac panel run. Which, again, they WILL need gluten to be in her system.
  9. My son has recently been diagnosed. In doing research, trying to learn what is and isn't safe, yogurt has a big question mark. Big picture- it seems to be safe, but I'm finding some information that says that all yogurt isn't necessarily safe. Is it a brand issue? From this site, it seems that Stonyfield Farms yogurt is safe. Are there any brands that are NOT safe? I'm obviously checking labels, etc, but being new to this, I don't want to miss anything important! Thanks. Sarah
  10. My DS has just been diagnosed w/ celiac at the age of 17 months. No genetic testing ever done. Based on all other blood work and tests coming back normal, and his vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, lethargy, etc - they finally ran a celiac panel last week. I don't know specifically what they test for, but they drew his blood and there are 4 different things they look for- antibodies, I think. 3 of the 4 have come back and they are all elevated for celiac. This was all w/ our regular pedi. We actually will now be seeing a pedi GI this Friday for further testing. Good luck. Sarah
  11. Thanks Maureen- that's a help!
  12. Hello everyone. I'm new here - just found out my son most likely has celiac disease. We're actually waiting on the final blood results to come back, but starting Friday, we've moved to a gluten free diet and I feel like I've seen some changes in him for the better. He's 17 months old, and has been sick/ out of sorts for the past month. Just in this weekend, his diarrhea has tapered off, and he is starting to get interested in things again. Even though he still has NO desire to walk. Anyhow, a couple things I wanted to ask about. First, how long did it take for your child to bounce back once diagnosed? While it's been only a month, I miss my sweet little boy! He's still very "fragile" and whiny. I'm happy to see the progress I've seen in only 3 days, but I'm just wondering how much longer to expect this to go on. Along this front, was your childs sleep habits messed up? DS was a GREAT sleeper, and now he might sleep for 6 hours straight, then he's up every 2 hours after that. Naps- HA! We're lucky if we get 45 mins from him - and he used to be a solid 2 hour napper kid. Second, and I feel my ignorance coming through on this, but I've been reading a lot about cross-contamination. The information makes me feel like my son will die if I touch a piece of bread before making his food! We, of course, want to be as vigilant about this as we can be, so I'm trying to get a grasp of how pervasive gluten is and how easily it can be transferred. (As we haven't gotten the final results yet, we haven't discussed yet if we will go gluten-free or not in our home. I'm using this time to read up and prepare so that if it is an official "yes", we can move forward w/ a good, base understanding). Any feedback/insight is greatly appreciated! Sarah