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  1. Olive Garden

    OG is extremely NOT helpful. I called their 800 customer service number and was told the following.. (in so many words)... "if you have allergies of any kind, we cannot guarantee or make any effort to ensure that you will not be contaminated or poisoned. OG is not the restauarnt for you. Sorry." So, that's that! I wouldn't eat ANYTHING at a place that has no regard for those suffering from allergies and the like. Of course, that's their perogative, but they could be nicer about it
  2. Cheesecake Factory?

    There are several CFactories in 60 miles or so from our place and I've been able to eat at both, successfully! When I go in, before we sit down, I tell the host(ess) that I need to speak to the mgr. I have a celiac card made up ahead of time with what I can NOT eat, and when the Mgr comes to the table, I explain that I can't eat anything on this card. The 4 or 5 times we've been there, he goes back to consult with the chef and then comes back and tells me what they can do for me, going through the menu one item at a time. The past 3 times, I've ordered the Baja Chicken Tacos. The chef prepares it gluten-free and I've been symptom free each time I've eaten. I'm not sure if this is gluten-free already or if he does something in particular but, wow, it's SO YUMMY!! lol. Basically, if you're going to a nicer place, like CF, just speaking to the mgr should get you what you want. In our small town, we're limited to RTuesday, Chili's, and a steakhouse. We eat there so often that I made a point of going in for lunch one time in the later afternoon when it was kind of dead (in each place) and explaining to the Mgr my limitations. In all 3 places they were very understanding and took the time (30 minutes or so!!) to go over all the menu items and even bring out labels when we weren't certain. It never hurts to ask and if you're super nice about it, I can't see that you won't get what you want. You can catch a whole lotta flies w/honey!
  3. Ruby Tuesdays

    I agree! I really lucked out here as the Mgr just started and was more than willing to help. Now, we also have a Chili's here. They have a corn tortilla appetizer with chicken and such. I asked the Mgr, the cook, and the waiter (him 4 times) about the ingredients. Was given the all-clear. So, like a boob, I ordered and ate it. We went to WMart right after and about 10 minutes after we hit the store, I was violently ill. I didn't think I would make it to the bathroom. I have to admit, it must have looked pretty funny to see a grown woman running flat-out through the store. lol. Anyway, when we got home I called the restaurant and got that idiot mgr on the phone. I told him about my reaction and asked him how that could be since he *assured* me it was safe. He went through the ingredient listing and said it was clean. It contained soy sauce so I asked him if it said anything next to the soy sauce in parantheses. Oh...it does. WHEAT. I really went off on him...I'll not be eating there ever again. In the end it's my fault for not being absolutely certain myself. I did tell him he needs to read ALL the ingredients when a customer has allergies or issues. But back to topic at hand...don't go by my list. Check it for yourself to be certain :-)
  4. Desperate For Pancakes

    Hi :-) Ener-G Foods make a great egg replacer, I think it's potato based rather than corn. You could make pancakes with a rice/potato/tapioca flour mix (3 parts white rice flour, 1 part potato starch - NOT flour - 1 part tapico starch, 1 part brown rice flour) and use the egg replacer and rice milk. I don't have my cookbook right by me offhand, but I'll look up my pancake/waffle recipe after I get back from Easter service. I know how you feel....when I was first diagnosed, I was also shocked to find out I was allergic to: shellfish, crustaceans (these two I knew about..I get incredibly sick...nearly hospital sick), garlic, onions, all peppers, tomatoes, yeast, rice (this was a bugger....nearly ALL gluten-free baking contains rice!), beans, peas, bananas, grapes, buckwheat, and a few others. After almost 18 months of being gluten-free, the only ones that remain are the peas/beans, onions, garlics, peppers, shellfish and yeast. I can now eat rice and the others...yay! :-) Anyway, you should be able to revise most gluten-free recipes to work with the fava bean flour mix or rice flour mix like I mentioned above. You can also experiment with flours...I've found the *best* mixture for me to be white rice, potato and tapoica starch and amaranth flour. That provides a nice "bite" to the mix and is nearly like a normal wheat flour blend. Good luck and let me know if you'd like my recipe :-)
  5. Gf In Washington Dc

    hi Murda :-) If you don't mind driving outside DC, Fairfax (off 66) has 2 restaurants right next to each other...PFChangs and Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. PFC has a gluten-free menu and RCSH, as they are more upscale, are VERY willing to work with you to get a dish for you that is gluten-free. There are a few Outback Steak Houses sprinkled in the area...they also have a gluten-free menu. Famous Daves BBq place has some gluten free items. Just ask to speak to the Mgr. I've found for eating out..I order a meat dish of some kind (steak, chicken, fish) and then just a plain baked spud with butter or some steamed veggies on the side. I'm able to eat most anywhere...I ask for NO seasoning on my meat and so far, I've yet to end up poisoned somewhere. There is also a new place in the Manassas area (off 66 west)...BoneFish. They are a subsidiary of the same company that owns OutBack and they offer a gluten-free menu as well. Of course, if you want to drive 90 miles west of DC....you can come to my house and I'll make you a gluten free meal <g> My entire house is 95% gluten-free...my family gets bread and chips/crackers/snacks like that. Other than that...my cupboards are safe :-) Good luck and feel free to email me (chars at webgyrl dot net) if you would like more specific info on directions or such. i'll be happy to help :-)
  6. Ruby Tuesdays

    Hi! I wanted to let everyone know about Ruby Tuesdays. In our town, we don't have too many restaurants to choose from. I refuse to never eat out again...although I love to cook/bake, it's nice to be able to go out to eat. I realized that with the small offering of places to eat here, I would have to take action to make sure I could A. eat out again, and B. do so safely. With that in mind, I paid a visit to our local RTuesdays nearly a year ago and asked to speak to the Mgr. I explained about my condition and allergies (I have other food allergies as well) and told him that I would grace their doorstep several times a month if he could help me determine which foods were gluten-free and safe for me to eat. He was *VERY* helpful and spent a good long time bringing actual labels from products so I could see for myself what I could/could not eat. Based on what he showed me, I found the following items safe and I've not had any reaction from eating them... (note: at our local restaurant, the chicken breasts come unmarinated..yours may be different) Crispy Chicken Club sandwich w/bacon, swiss cheese, and mayo -- order this with the GRILLED chicken breast. I HATE mayo so I checked and their honey mustard sauce is AOK! Buffalo & Blue w/buffalo sauce, Mont Jack cheese, mayo -- again, order this with GRILLED breast. Very tasty! Burgers -- just hold the bun, watch the dressings..I've not checked ALL of them, not sure on BBQ Grilled chicken dishes.....plain w/no sauce and no seasoning veggies - hold the seasoning (not sure about it) mashed spuds are ok DO NOT eat any dipping anything from appetizer menu. ALL contain gluten. This includes the con queso dip, spinach dip and other dips. Total bummer! Anyway, I normally just get the chicken club and bring in my own bun. With the bacon and cheese and honey mustard, it's quite good! HTH :-)
  7. Oatmeal

    I do so miss oatmeal. With raisins. And white sugar. And butter. Sigh. Before I was ever diagnosed with celiac disease, I knew I had issues with oatmeal. It made me sick to my stomach w/in 20 minutes of the first bite, and I would end up sick, bloated, drowsy and with what I called "big head." Basically feeling like my head was blown up, inflated...hard to hold up, difficult to think...ick. Oddly enough rice gave me the same problem. And cream of wheat. Shwew. Sicker than a dog. Of course, now I know why the c.o.w made me so ill. I still can't eat oats. Tried a gluten-free brand a few months back and was sick again almost immediately. Fortuntely, I can eat rice now. Took a year of being gluten-free before my allergy to that went away. Even so, I can only eat so much at one time or I start feeling ill again. Hopefully that will go away completely over time. But boy, do I ever miss oatmeal!
  8. Woo hoo! Hives! lol. I too get hives from everything under the sun, all over my body. I'll be on allegra for the remainder of my life. I went to the allergist and found out I have something called "dermatographism." (The name of this rare condition literally means to "write on the skin." When pressure is applied to the skin or the skin is scratched, raised lines appear on those areas due to allergy-based angioedema that leads to swelling beneath the skin.) If I go more than 24 hours w/out a dose of Allegra my palms start to itch as well as the soles of my feet...and here I thought I was the only one to suffer from itchy, swollen feet! I've had dermatographism for over 10 years and was told that in most cases, it clears up w/in 6 months - 1 year. Since I've gone well past that, I'm stuck with it now...forever. I cannot go into a perfume shop or a store that sells highly scented candles or toiletries or my entire body breaks out immediately into tiny hives and I have a hard time breathing. If I get my hand stamped at a show or something that requires stamping for re-entry, I end up with a huge hive/welt in the exact shape of the stamp. The list goes on and on... Thank God for Allegra. That keeps the itching and swelling under control although I do still welt up when scratched. I had hoped that being gluten-free would help with this condition but I'm just as bad now as when I went gluten-free last February. I wanted to post to let you know you're not alone. The hives I get are only stopped by zyrtec and the allergist could find no rhyme or reason for them. Just said I had hyper sensitive skin and a slightly odd body. lol. Funny story...about 8 years ago I was in a store and saw a face mask for diving. Decided to try it on. To make sure the seal is good, you're supposed to put it on and suck in, see if it sticks to the face. After a few seconds of good suction, I pulled it off and continued to wander about the store. My mom was with me and about 4 minutes later, she comes up and says "what did you DO to your face?!" I went a mirror and hahahahaha. Every place that mask had made contact with me had welted up HUGE. I had a perfect outline of the mask welted onto my face. lol. It took about 20 minutes to calm down. At the time, I was mortified with embarassment...now it's just a funny story about me and my wacko skin :-) Hive sufferers...unite! lol.
  9. Another 100 pounder here! lol. I developed celiac disease when I was pregnant with my son 12 years ago. Gained 90 pounds in the last 90 days...whew. And that was with hardly eating anything! I never suffered from constipation...it was only ever diarrhea. From what I gather, I was severly malnourished at the time of my diagnosis and my body reacted by shutting metabolism completely down. It's very surreal when you're so overweight to hear that you're suffering from malnutrition. I've been gluten-free for 13 months now and have only lost 10 pounds, but that's 10 pounds I was unable to lose before. I'm hopeful after reading the post by the gal who said she was told it would take 2-3 years. Whee! :-)
  10. I use a lot of corn starch and potato starch for my baking, cooking, etc. P.starch is $$$$ in any store so I did some searching and found a company that sells it by 55 lb sacks for MUCH cheaper. Shipping is only $10-15 via UPS. I purchased mine from National Starch and Chemical Company, foodstarch.com. My distributor is Tracy Wisner in Baltimore, MD. 410-256-5055. If you check on the site, you can find the number to call for their headquarters and they'll give you a distributor in your area as well as sending you a 5# sample if you request. SUPER nice people! Potato starch is 55 lbs, $80.00 Corn starch is 50 lbs, $30.00 It sound like a lot but if you're doing baking and such, it goes pretty quick. I purchased a 25 gallon garbage can, lined it with some extra large garbage bags, and dumped it in there. Seals shut and will keep for several years. If several people in one area band together, you can split a bag...just a thought. HTH!
  11. Celiac W/ Trouble Working

    Hi Sadies Mom :-) I've been gluten-free since Feb last year...it does get better! :-) I too suffered from sever anxiety as well as bipolar disorder. I was on medication for the anxiety and thought I'd end up having a stroke or a seizure from the worrying, anxiousness, stress, etc. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I also found out I was allergic to TONS of other stuff. Rice, yeast, garlic, peppers (all), onions, lemons, limes, tomatoes, grapes, shellfish, some nuts, bananas, beans (most kinds), and potatoes as well as being lactose intolerant. I was told that since I'd been so long suffering from celiac disease (11 years) that my body had developed secondary allergies. The dr said that once I'd been gluten-free for a period of time (varies from person to person) that most if not all of these allergies should go away. Let me tell you...trying to bake ANYTHING w/out rice or beans or potatoes as well as gluten...there's not much left! lol. The Dr was right...the only allergies I have now are shellfish, garlic, onions, peppers. I can eat everything else! In addition, I have not had even one anxiety attack in over 6+ months and my BP behaviour/symptoms are completely gone. This from someone who was manic 90% of the time, and ALWAYS nervous/anxious/stressed/etc. I guess what I'm trying to get to to is...it does get better! Our bodies become so ill from constant gluten exposure it can cause loads of secondary issues. Once a person is diagnosed and starts a gluten-free diet, the body can heal and most of these secondary issues go away. Good luck and happy healing on your road to recovery! :-) - Cherie webgyrl.net
  12. I will attest to their being hormonal issues with celiac sufferers. I developed celiac disease when I was pregnant with my son (12 years old this May) and one of the symptoms/troubles I have had since then has been complete lack of monthly cycles. I thought I had devloped PCOS (runs in my family) or that my weight gain (celiac disease caused me to gain weight) was causing lack of menstruation. Once I was diagnosed (Feb last year) and went gluten-free, my periods returned. It's nothing short of amazing...once I'd been gluten-free for 3 months, I had a period, first one in over a year (I'd have them maybe 1-2 every 2 years or so) and to my amazement, I had one again the following month, just 35 days later! Since then I've had them average 25-40 days apart. I have suffered from infertility since our son was born but I'm wondering now if it's possible I might be able to have more children. I never thought I'd ever experience normal monthly cycles and here I am, having had 12 or so in a row! My life has changed dramatically for the better since my diagnosis. I am convinced that had I gone on much longer w/out knowing the problem, I would have died w/in 5 years. I was terribly ill with everything under the sun and getting out of bed and facing each day was almost impossible. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder just before the celiac disease diagnosis. Although there really isn't any "proof," I *know* that being ill for so long with celiac disease caused me pyschological problems. I was a rapid cycler and everyone who knew me, thought I either only ran on hyper drive or extreme depression. I've not had a manic episode in well over 8 months now...that's a record. I was manic 90% of the time before going gluten-free, depressed the other 10%. My bouts of depression are all but gone and I'm hoping now to get the BP diagnosis removed/reversed. So, in my opinion...celiac disease has everything to do with hormonal issues! I'm living proof :-)