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  1. Hi I am the mom of a 17 year old who diagnosed herself about a month ago after talking to a teacher at her school who had the same problems. My daughter is a competive irish dancer (about 8- 10 hrs practice a week) and has had exercise induced asthma about 10 years and stomach problems all her life. She was told two years ago she definitely had irritable bowel syndrome and to change her diet. Add more fibre they said. She felt somewhat better but couldn't get her exercise induced asthma under control changing from one puffer to another. A top child respirologist had no solution. She would dance in a competition coming off stage doubled over, gasping for air and wanting to throw up. FIVE DAYS without gluten she went in a competition came off stage short of breath because she had worked hard but besides that she was fine. Unbelievable!! She has increased her stamina and doesn't require her puffer nearly as much!