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  1. A year ago I ate gluten regularly without incident. I had some anger rages on occasion, but no other "symptoms". No stomach pain, no pain at all - and I was a carb-a-holic. Last year we became a gluten-free/CF household for my son because of his autism (and he's thriving on that diet) - after adopting the diet myself to support him, I noticed I felt better - calmer, not more out-of-nowhere anger bursts. Then I noticed that when I did have gluten out of the house I felt awful. Not so much stomach sick, but so, so very achey - hit by a truck achey. Some intestinal discomfort - crampy mostly, but mostly it's just an all-over body ache that makes me pretty much useless. Here's the thing... why would I have been able to eat gluten all that time without problems and suddenly now have this reaction? My husband thinks it's in my head - he believes that the pain is real, but kind of like a placebo effect. That kind of makes sense, except the pain is So.Very.Real. And it seems that the longer I go without gluten, the worse I feel when I do have it... wouldn't my symptoms be more static if they were "real"? Is this even what a gluten sensitivity or celiac would look like? Am I just crazy? lol