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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello everyone and thanks for your feedback. I have made sure that nothing I was eating contained soy, although I did notice the tostitos bag says soybean oil. I know soybeans themselves don't contain gluten, so I would have thought that the oil wouldn't either, so I thought it was safe. However, I am being tested for soy, egg, yeast and dairy as well. So, I'll know better once that tests come back. Thanks for clarifying about dextrose. It's definitely a learning experience and you all have been very helpful! THANKS! I have not introduced anything to my system that I felt was unsafe for the past 3 days and yet last night I had cramping and gurgling in my stomach and this morning I had the awful soft stool with oil again. Meaning that something I was ingesting wasn't agreeing with me still. So I thought about it this morning and the last 2 days I've eaten raw vegetables which included red, yellow and orange peppers and cherry tomatoes. I remembered that night shades(peppers, tomatoes and eggplant)are not always good for people, so I checked out the night shade allergy symptoms on line and figured that I needed to stay away from those as well. I'll keep trying to figure this out, and with the help of all of you kind folks I'm sure it will all come together eventually. Thanks again to all who have replied! Not2sure
  2. Wow Wheatchef, it sounds like you know what you're talking about. I guess the confusion for me is how do you know I have two genes that are the same? Is it the word homozygous? Not2sure
  3. Thanks for your comments Ravenwoodglass and Skylark. I appreciate your input. Skylark, what do you mean I have not one but two genes? Not2sure
  4. Hello All, I'm 'not2sure' and I am posting because I wanted to know what you all think. I have read lots and lots about Celiac and I think that my symptoms correlate, but on the other hand I'm beginning to think I might be wanting to test positive for Celiac as I don't want any other diagnosis, such as pancreatic cancer or something more severe. I had no previous symptoms before having my colonoscopy, but since 3-26-10....I've had irregular bowels, diarrhea, orange oil droplets in toilet, movements several times a day and at some point needing to be very close to a bathroom at all times. I finally gave in and called the colon Doctor after getting concerned. Loosing weight was the big factor as I only weighed 100 lbs anyway. They got me in pretty quick and ordered a fecal sample to run test on and we set another appointment about a month away. Meanwhile, I googled orange oily stool and found so many different reasons for that symptom. I ruled out the others mostly because I didn't want to have those diseases, and I was kinda hoping it might be Celiac, because Celiac might be easier than anything else more severe. Sounds crazy huh? I decided to remove wheat AND dairy from my diet and when I did, things improved. When the Doctor's office called to tell me my stool sample was normal I asked them to test me for celiac and asked that it be done before my next appointment to save time. I'd been off of gluten for 2 weeks at the time and they told me that it wouldn't matter. After all I'd read, I questioned that but did the blood test anyway. By the way the day before I had my blood drawn I decided that if I must ad gluten back in then I would. Oh my goodness.....I had severe cramping and couldn't get away from the bathroom all day and night. I could clearly see that I was having a reaction, but I didn't know if it was from wheat or dairy or both, because I didn't think about the dairy and pizza with cheese and a bagel with cream cheese. All I know is that I didn't continue to eat either at that point and I went and had the blood test done the next day and decided not to eat any more gluten or dairy if I could help it. They called today to let me know the results were back and that it did not show celiac. I expected that it might be negative because of all that I'd read and since my symptoms hadn't been around too long, but I also expected that I might have a gene, since I'm a type 1 Diabetic AND having these symptoms. So when I asked about the Gene she told me that it didn't show a Gene for celiac either. I was puzzled, so I went and picked up a copy of the results and will paste it below. Now What? I did go ahead and order the Enterolab kit and have sent off my sample. Just waiting for those tests results as well. It appears to me that I do have a gene for celiac, or am I misinterpreting this info? Being Type 1 Diabetic with this gene and also having the symptoms, I'd like to know what you all think? Homozygous DQ2.5 (DQA1*05:DQB1*0201) Thank you all so very much for taking the time to read this lengthy introduction!!!! Not2sure
  5. New to the gluten free arena. Been off gluten for 3 weeks now and have seen tremendous improvement with my symptoms, but this past weekend I had several things that I hadn't been eating that might have caused the symptoms to reappear. I had the baked Tostitos scoops and was wondering if they might be the culprit. The ingredients don't mention any wheat, but the bag also doesn't say gluten free. What do you think? I am a type 1 diabetic and also had to treat a low blood sugar reaction with some sugar tabs. I later looked at the ingredients and it said that they contain dextrose, so is that the same as dextrin that's mentioned on the forbidden foods list? Then if that wasn't enough I just read where sunscreen's might be the culprit as we were out on the boat on Sunday and I applied sunscreen to my body. So which is it? Can anyone help with these questions? Thanks a bunch! Not2sure
  6. I'm a newbie trying to figure out what to do. I've experienced diarrhea for a few months now along with greasy/oily stool, and have lost weight, which I didn't need to do. I've had fecal fat, bacteria and parasite testing done on my stool and they all came back normal. So the Doctor's PA and I spoke about the possibility of Celiac Disease and she's ordered blood work to test for it. The doctor's assistant and I spoke today as I wanted to know what type of test would be ordered and she said that it's a test for Celiac and that they draw blood, freeze and send to a lab in South Florida to be tested. I asked her if it would matter that I'd been off of gluten for about 2 weeks and she said no, it wouldn't matter. So I'm confused as I've read on the forum that a person should be on gluten when getting tested. I want to know what others think. She said that they test for antibodies and if I have them they would show up whether I've eaten gluten or not. Let me know what you think, so that I have a clear understanding of what to do before I get tested. I also wanted to say that my bowels have cleared up tremendously since getting off gluten with no diarrhea and no obvious oil in my stool.
  7. I received a phone call from the Doctor's PA and she said that my stool testing came back normal for parasites, bacteria and fecal fat, but when I told her that my symptoms has diminished after avoiding gluten, she said that we should do a test for Celiac. So I'm waiting now for the lab request to come in the mail. I spoke with the nurse assistant today and when I told her that I'd been off gluten for about 2 weeks and would that matter, she said no. She said that she knew that I'd been reading on line about celiac but it didn't matter that I'd gone off gluten before doing the test. She said that if I have an antibody to celiac it would be there, even if I hadn't eaten gluten. SO.....this certainly contradicts all that I've read on this forum and I want to know what you think? Thanks a bunch for all of your input!
  8. Hello and thank you to all who have responded. I am certainly not sure of what is going on, but I have noticed that since I've made an extreme effort not to consume any gluten, that the oily stool has cleared up quite a bit. On Monday, it being a holiday we had folks over for a cook out and I ate a marinated salad (raw tomatoes, onion, olives and a little feta cheese), someone else had prepared and brought it so I don't know the dressing they used. I had some marinated chicken strips(marinated in italian dressing). So I experienced a little oily stool after that day, but have become more strict the rest of the week and it's seems to have improved. I'm still having loose and soft stool with a little bit of undigested food. I am torn about what to do about the testing. What kind of testing are you folks talking about? Is there a certain type of test that should be done?
  9. I posted yesterday and had no one reply, so I'll try this again. I'm experiencing some strange behavior in my bowel, that has only occurred since my recent colonoscopy. Thinking that I was having trouble after taking the laxatives that it might take a while to recover, but it's been over two months now and I've lost some weight, feeling tired and am having lots of diarrhea with only stool. I went back to the colonoscopy doctor and they ordered stool tests which all came back normal. No bacteria, no parasites, and normal fecal fat. So I did some research on line to see what might be causing it, and that's when I thought it might be an allergy to Wheat, so I cut out wheat and it cleared up for 4 days in a row, and then I must have ate something I didn't think had wheat and it came back, so I consciously made an effort again to not eat any wheat and this morning my bowel was normal again. Since I've had no symptoms of pain or discomfort, I was wondering if anyone else had experienced what I have? It's too early in the process to know what is going on, but I have another appointment with the doctor the end of this month. I've read if I should get tested for Celiac that I should be on wheat before testing. Right now, I'm trying to stay off of it to see if my condition clears up. Anyone else having any similar issues?
  10. I am a 50 year old Type 1 diabetic who recently had a colonoscopy done. No previous symptoms, but my aunt died of colon cancer, so when I turned 50 I thought it was time to have one done. Found I had a diverticulum, Doctor said to come back in 10 years. However, ever since the cleaning out I've had irregular bowel movements, including oily stool. No other symptoms except frequent BM's, oily stool and loss of weight. I am only 94lbs now, so I can't afford to loose weight. I went back the colonoscopy doctor after having these symptoms since late March. They asked for testing on my stool, which I haven't heard back on yet. I don't go to a primary till the end of June, so I did a little on line research and have been experimenting with the possibility of celiac disease. No pain, no nausea. When I read a little about it I thought I would try eliminating wheat from my diet and low and behold it cleared up for 4 days. So I immediately thought that's what it is. However, now I'm starting back with the oily stool and diarrhea. So, I'm lost for what it might be. I just think it's strange that I had no symptoms before the colonoscopy and now my bowel is horribly messed up. I think I eat pretty healthy. Any suggestions or similarities?
  11. I can't figure out how to do this?