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  1. Hi all, I experimented today after watching an espisode of "DC Cupcakes" this week, where the bakers made a cupcake pan version of mini biscuit pizzas. This recipe is a sweet twist on pizza; shaped like a traditional cupcake it calls for Gluten Free Bisquick's shortcake recipe as its base. Here's how I made them: Heat oven to 400 degrees. Use a non-stick baking spray on a dozen-sized cupcake pan. In lg bowl, mix 2 cups of Gluten Free Bisquick dry mix with 1/4 cup sugar. Fold in 1/3 cup softened butter, using a fork to break it up. Add in 3/4 cup milk or fat free half/half Stir in 3 beaten eggs Add 1/2 tsp vanilla Mix well. Fill a dozen cupcake wells up 3/4 way with batter. Bake 10 mins. Remove from oven. Top each cupcake biscuit with 2 TBSP pf your favorite gluten-free pizza sauce. (I used Classico's Three Cheese tomato sauce). Sprinkle generously with shredded mozarella and cheddar. Return to oven for 5-6 minutes. Cool 5 mins. Each "pizza cupcake" slides out easily with a lg. spoon. My kids ate 'em and loved 'em, even those who don't need to eat gluten free thought they were delicious. Enjoy!! - Emily
  2. Us too! Looks like our pantries are the same. It gets so much easier after several months on the diet; we've been on it since June for my six yr old...definitely I've had some surprises, exhausted moments and frustrations, but its sort of leveling out now that we have our "staples" down. She loves Udi's bread products and I keep a lot of their frozen pizza crusts in the freezer so I can quickly make my own mini pizzas for her which she loves. She also loves Bell and Evans gluten free chicken, and we also discovered grilled chicken is a new favorite for her...so that opened up a ton of options, even for eating out at restaurants that offer a Gluten-Free menu. She enjoys veggies too...so glad your little one does, it makes it so much easier. I would recommend the book that the Celiac Sprue Association puts out, it has a list of every gluten free product in America and some stores around the country that sell gluten-free things too. Takes a little while to find foods, so its nice to have this "bible" of gluten free options. You can get it by going online to their website...which of course I don't have on me, but you can google the Assoc. and order the book if you see their phone no. For 30 dollars it made a HUGE difference in how to shop, where to shop, what to buy and even includes body/health products. Best of luck mom. Emily
  3. Thank you both...it makes sense to me, and I was surprised that her doctor looked at me funny when I made that observation. Makes perfect sense; I'll keep paying attn. to these "episodes" to consider the possibility of accidental glutening. Em
  4. Hi all, I've shared before that my 6 yo daughter Grace was asymptomatic of celiac right through the positive biopsy. She did have thyroid disease as a result of undiagnosed celiac, but no stomachaches or headaches, etc. I mentioned to the GI this summer that about 8 wks into the gluten free diet, if Grace had accidentally ingested gluten (which in the beginning she definitely did) she would complain of a stomach ache. I asked the doctor if this were common and she said no. I'm confused. I know for a fact that one time, Grace ate a grilled chicken patty that I'd mistakenly assumed was wheat free. After she complained of terrible stomach pains after eating it, I went back and was horrified to find that the seasoning on the chicken DID contain wheat. Beyond that, I posted Labor Day wkend that we believe she was accidentally glutened in oral surgery w/some of the medication she was given, despite our best efforts to inform the surgeon of her condition. Again, vomited for over 24 hrs. I am still trying to compile the list of meds to bring to her next GI appt and upoming physical. This past week in school, I was concerned becz she was complaining of mild stomach aches. As it turned out, she picked up a virus w/a fever so I could rule out glutening. My question is: the GI seemed to think she would not show signs of glutening NOW if she hadn't THEN. I'm perplexed, because it seems obvious to me that once she went gluten free, when her body receives it now she's sensitive to the glutening. Any one have any thoughts on this? I don't want to continue wondering if she's been glutened if it is truly physically impossible for her to now experience physical side effects, and all of the above have been wild coiincidences. Thank you, Emily
  5. Taryn's mom I just saw your post this morning, and felt bad you didn't have any responses..my guess is that is becz there is no clear answer here. Yes, a child should be eating gluten for at least a cpl mos. to get an accurate biopsy. I don't know if heavily glutening her prior to one would give you an optimum result. My advice would be to consult with the GI and nurse, and see what they say. Secondly, I waited until the day before my child's biopsy and just told her they were checking her tummy out at the hospital the next day and that she'd be with me and her dad, and it would all be ok. I kept it very simple, knowing she'd be going to sleep w/the mask even before an IV was inserted. She did really well, the hospital had toys/games and stickers, etc beforehand in the pre op area to distract her. I think today may be your surgery date so this may be too late. Good luck with everything and let us know how you make out. Emily
  6. Hi Mizzo, I just read your post...I am trying to think of mainstream,less expensive gluten-free snacks that are prepackaged. I'm coming up with: Pirate Booty Fruit by the Foot Envirokids chocolate "krispy" bars (there is a coupon out everywhere for buy 2 boxes get 1.50 off) Glutino pretzels Annie's gluten-free bunny fruit snack packs I can think of several more gluten-free ones but they are not cheap..Ian's cookie buttons, and then you have the less healthy but cheaper Frito Lay products like cheese puffs/curls/etc that come in the big bags w/snack pack sizes. Good luck.... Em
  7. PS - I just read your note again, and Grace would also love to meet Isabel, even tho she's 10. Grace will be 7 in two wks. She'll think of Isabel as a big kid and that will be "cool" meeting someone a little older who has this too. So if you did ever want to meet for coffee or a playground thing after school some Friday we'd love it! - E
  8. Hi Cathy, Wow, that would be great! And yes, we'd love to come. Since that posting in June, my daughter did wind up getting introduced to another little girl - same age - and same town, who also has celiac; thanks to Children's Hospital. So that has been a blessing and the mom has been a great help to me w/ my many questions. I don't know if she'll need the group, but she may be interested in participating w/6 yrs experience w/this and for her child to meet other celiac kids too. Her little girl had also never known another child w/celiac! And she's had it for 6 yrs! So I will ask her. Let me know when and where you are thinking of meeting, you can write me an email at emily_jim@msn.com Looking forward to talking to you more. Emily
  9. Hi there, As far as the Purell goes, our school has the kids use antibiotic hand wipes pre snack and lunch, but I asked them to have Grace use her own as I got a gluten free school supply link sent to me a while back and it mentioned Purell was gluten-free. I do want her to handwash after arts and crafts or anything messy like that. Maybe I rushed in my earlier post? Forget. As far as lunch: I have a meeting coming up with the Dir of Food Svcs at the school's cafeteria becz she's in first grade and we would like to know if there are any gluten free options. Beyond that, for now, she is keeping a bottle of handi wipes in the cafeteria labeled with her name. At lunch, she wipes down her spot at the lunch table, then cleans her hands, and eats out of the lunchbox. Sounds like a little thing but I asked the teacher to help make sure that Grace will do those things as her diagnosis is new. So they agreed to walk her through it. She's done a great job and is proud of herself for remembering to wash, use Purell, etc. all day long and reports home to me about it. The funny thing is, I thought other kids in the class would think it all strange, and turns out they're all begging her to use her Purell becz they think it's cool. So funny how first graders are. I don't know if your teacher is familiar w/celiac in particular so maybe bring in some materials to familiarize her as it's definitely more far-reaching than a food allergy. Hope kindergarten goes great for your little one!! Emily
  10. Sorry, trying to follow the part about the Reese's Pieces...are you saying they were glutened? Reese's are on a lot of published gluten free lists and I bake with their peanut butter chips. Let me know what you meant if you don't mind. Thanks.
  11. I had a meeting w/the school last week to go over accomodations that mirrored a 504 plan. Because my child's at a private school, the plan couldn't be "forced" upon the school, but I did put in for accomodations. They were incredibly supportive and receptive. They included: my daughter using her own gluten-free art supplies (most every child in this school needs to supply their own anyhow); notifying me days ahead of time for any activities involving flour (paper mache, science experiments, cooking)or pasta play (I'd provide gluten-free)or so that I can provide the class w/gluten free flour; no fingerpainting; I sent in my own Crayola Model Magic which is similar to play doh; they will have her wash hands thoroughly after all arts and crafts; before snack and before lunch. She has Purell in her desk (gluten-free); the nurse has gluten-free medication on hand for headaches and gluten-free band-aid brand bandages; I asked them to not allow her to lick stamps, envelopes or any stickers (most contain gluten); arranged for an emergency snack box in the class in case she forgot a snack or there was a bday party. It includes both healthy and candy snacks. Lunchroom accomodations had to be made and bathroom accomodations in case they questioned the need to go...I think those were the major things. The guidance counselor also attended and is forming a friendship w/my 6 yr old so that if she's having a bad day or feeling upset over anythign that may go on, she's a familiar face (thinking of bday parties and/or things kids may say that unintentionally hurt feelings). Hope this helps. I don't think "paranoid" is the right word...you're being cautious and w/celiac kids, we need to be. Good luck mom!! Emily
  12. PS - This is a great link; I did use it today and thank you and several others who provided me with it!!!
  13. Welcome, Becky...you'll find a lot of support and good info. here. Hope the kids stay well. Emily
  14. Thank you...for some reason, its just all too much today and I finally had a meltdown seconds ago and cried from the bottom of my heart. I had to be up till about midnight researching and preparing for a massive school meeting today with all of the key players at her elementary school this afternoon; following her surgery. The meeting went fine, but my stress level is through the roof betweeen a sleepless night with little ones coming in the bed all night; Grace hasn't done well post-surgery with so much vomiting; and I'm so darn FRUSTRATED trying to get answers on gluten free meds...went throught he same thing last night when the realization that the Children's Motrin and Tylenol gluten free versions are still recalled and I'm standing there at the pharmacy trying to figure out which generic version is safe...and was supposed to be providing the school nurse with all of that today. Its just harder sometimes than others and today it's very hard. I wish I could just run out and grab some anti nausea med and give it to her so she'd feel better. The good news is, she's finally asleep, with a bucket beside her and I'm going to bed too and will pray she makes it all night and we can all get some needed rest. Sorry for all the venting. I am thankful for such nice friends in all of you who genuinely want to help and care. Hugs, Emily