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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for the additional info, Mushroom. I just wish I could feel more certain about it. With my lactose intolerance problem, it can't be measured with a test. I'm going to have to really think this all over carefully and keep reading.
  2. I'm confused. I was reading the main part of the site, parts written by this site's owner, Scott Adams. Here: http://www.celiac.com/articles/1108/1/Celiac-Disease-Screening/Page1.html He doesn't mention that test coming back negative might be wrong. Does he feel gluten intolerance and celiacs are not always found by the blood tests? Does he write about that somewhere on his site? Would really like to know more about his views.
  3. I think this must be the biopsy result? This might be the last of my test results. ENDOMYSIAL AB,IGA <10 Reference range: <10 (NOTE) TEST PERFORMED AT SPECIALTY LABORATORIES INC 27027 TOURNEY ROAD VALENCIA, CA 91355 Does anyone know if I've interpreted what these results mean correctly? When it says reference range <20 and <10 and I'm well below those, is that a good thing - meaning that according to this test I'm testing negative for celiacs and gluten intolerance?
  4. Just received additional results via email. Component Your Value Standard Range Units Flag IGA UNITS: 12 UNITS Reference range: <20 IGG UNITS: 5 UNITS Reference range: <20 TTG AB,IGA 13 Units Reference range: <20 TTG AB, IGG 4 UNITS Reference range: <20 It looks like my results are all way below the reference range. I assume getting close to, or above 20 would have been a bad sign. Mine are all well below. So this is a good thing, right?
  5. Thanks for helping me feel less unique about this ordeal, RoseTapper. You may be on to something with your theory on dermatologists, sadly. Imagine, I had chosen her because she was educated at Yale. I'd chosen my allergist because he was educated at Harvard. Clearly, that isn't the end-all method for choosing a doctor. When she looked at the problem I was having that extended to my scalp, she said, "oh my gosh, that's acne! Not that you can't have acne on your scalp of course, but I'm surprised." (not verbatim - but close enough). *sigh* Wish she'd have just looked harder, or thought about it. Wish too she'd have asked to see the dang canker sores, as I had a couple that day. She didn't look at the lesions on my legs carefully - she didn't even get a scope, or light - just eyeballed them from her chair. Didn't bother looking at all at the ones on my elbow that are now just little bumps and won't go away. Duly noted about the iodine and gluten. Thanks for letting me know. My family buys iodized salt exclusively ... Thank you again for your support. Mushroom - thanks for the further thoughts on the test. It sounds like since this test came through the way it did - my other tests should be a true indicator of whether I have gluten intolerance then? It is possible that I don't have this disease. I could be all wrong. It just would be nice if the evaluation and tests could be conducted properly to make sure I'm right or wrong.
  6. Thank you. So in this case, it doesn't matter that I was on the high end of normal - but the fact that it is within normal at all is a good thing. Will wait and see on the rest of the tests.
  7. Just received an email notifying me of one test coming back already. What does this mean? IMMUNOGLOBULIN A Printer friendly page Click for general information about IMMUNOGLOBULIN A About this test This result has been released by an automatic process. Your physician may not have had the opportunity to review this result. Component Results Component Your Value Standard Range Units Flag IGA 372 mg/dL Reference range: 68 to 378 If my number is 372 - but 378 is the acceptable high limit - does this mean I am borderline? If borderline, is that intolerant of gluten? Please give me your experienced views.
  8. It saddens me how badly the biopsy was botched by that doctor. From what you've explained (thank you by the way) not only will it not yield proper results, but I now am dealing with furious itchiness after the fact on my neck. I asked her to use one from my ankle but she said the neck heals faster. Even when I told her that I react to band-aids for some reason - she said, "oh that's very common" but didn't bother to replace it with something better. I wish my former doc hadn't retired. Now I have nothing but idiots to choose from. What do they teach these people??? Sorry, but I'm just so angry.
  9. PS: The lesion she scraped off of my neck has itched insanely since she did it. They even looked at it 30 minutes later - and said it looked okay to them. Is this why it is recommended to scrape NEXT TO and not the actual lesion itself??
  10. Thanks for taking the time to let me know someone understands. From here forward, I will only visit a doctor if there is no other alternative. Regardless of what the results show, I'm taking matters into my own hands.
  11. My Doctor

    Wow. You have a relationship with your doc that I think most of us would LOVE to have Congratulations. That's half the battle, right there. Could you clone him, please? And distribute about 100,000 of him evenly around the country? Wishing you the best with your tests and everything else.
  12. Not a great appointment. Brought my list - as you've already seen above. Brought the list of tests to request and request for biopsy NEXT TO the lesions. Nurse seemed sympathetic and on board with my requests. However, heard her talking to the doctor in the hall and it seemed they were displeased with my self diagnosis. Great. Derm treated me like I was a child, talking soothingly. She said, "well, I think we SHOULD run those tests so that you can get the results that you're not gluten intolerant and not have to worry about it anymore" I felt an inch tall, even though she was talking in a friendly quiet way, I knew she thought this was stupid. Then she said, "We don't run those tests though." She looked in the computer a while, then said, "Oh, wait, here's one of them." Took her 10 minutes to find the tests to request for me. She's NOT familiar with this issue. She did scrape directly on one of my older lesions, not next to it. (Froze it first with lidocaine. Hope I'm not allergic to that, too.) She said she didn't think those were really d.h. Great. Thanks, Doc. I wish she could have seen them when they were more active. Looked at the acne, made lame suggestions. Could be your makeup. Could be hormonal. Could be stress. Do you want some antibiotics? Asked specifically about makeup because I've been having a horrible time finding makeup that doesn't make me react in some way - she was sort of uninterested and offered generic response. Asked her about specific ingredients in makeup - she had no thoughts for me. All in all, it was yet another appointment where I go home feeling like some nut case that they've humored, or laughed at when I walk out. I sooooo hate the medical profession as a whole. Wasn't too interested in any of my symptoms. They have no idea how long the test results will take. She said it could be 5-7 days, or it could be several weeks, they weren't familiar with running these tests. Guess they must not believe in gluten problems since they don't seem to run the tests. Even the allergist at this office wouldn't run the tests for me - now I understand. I so hate this.
  13. Just thought of another question. Does being on allergy med ( benadryl / diphenhydramine ) interfere with the results of these tests? I can't really go off of it due to the hives. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes tomorrow.
  14. Hi Saro, I'm brand new, but read your post. Have you let a doctor examine you? When you have sudden pains, it is a very good idea to let them rule out other possibilities. The gluten issue could still be explored, but some other things might be critical and need timely intervention. I'd really suggest getting looked at by a competent doc. Hope you're feeling better very soon. It is not fun to feel that bad.
  15. Thank you, both, Skylark and Mushroom. It is amazing seeing all of you who have these same symptoms (read a lot of your signatures now) - and knowing there is a real and valid reason behind it. I've never been satisfied with my fibromyalgia mystery disease. I mean, yeah, the symptoms are real, but there HAS to be something behind it. If I can nail down this gluten issue, I feel like I may have finally put a tangible cause out there for people to recognize, at least in my specific case. (But I digress) I will DEFINITELY have my mother's doc consider doing celiac's testing for her after I finish with all of my stuff now. She'll have a fit and never follow the diet - because the woman practically lives on bread and cookies that she makes herself - but it would still be good to have it found. There are a lot of symptoms and issues I didn't mention - but these major ones are adequate for now or I'll write a novel here. So glad to have met you all. Thanks.