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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Any Celiac(s) From Canada

    We had brownies from www.turtledovesbakery.ca bakery and my celiac son who is 10 said they were the best brownies he has ever had....gluten free or not!
  2. Ottawa Options?

    We'll be travelling with out 10 year old celiac son in December...any recommendations for eating out in Ottawa?
  3. We are travelling to Ottawa in December for our son's hockey team - anyone have any good for kid friendly gluten free options in Ottawa?
  4. My 10 year old son has reacted to Mc Donald fries terrible - I believe that there is some form of Gluten in them.
  5. Spot The Gluten

    Be careful with products from South Africa. We are from South Africa , now living in Canada and I went to a South African store to buy some cereal. The packaging said Gluten Free but when we read the ingredients it says that there is barley malt - I contacted the company and they told me that the level of Gluten is low enough that they can state that it is Gluten Free.. "This is what they said Several countries have implemented strict regulations for products carrying gluten free claims, and South Africa is no different. The CODEX Alimentarius Standard and the Draft South African labelling legislation require that the level of gluten in the final product 20 parts per million (20 ppm) of gluten in a product to be eligible to carry a gluten free claim. It has been reported that patients with celiac disease can consume these levels of gluten without any adverse effects. We have our products tested annually by FACTSSA (Food & Allergy Consulting & Testing Services), who could confirm that the following Kellogg products qualify for a gluten free claim, as they contain exceptionally low levels of gluten " Hope this helps. Kerri
  6. Hello, I was just wondering if there are any Canadians that have been successful in finding a good chocolate tasting protein shake. Thanks
  7. Our 10year old son tested positive with blood work - we took him off Gluten that minute - I noticed an improvement within a week - now he has been Gluten Free for 2 months and he is a completely different child. We elected to not have the biopsy since his blood results were so high ( over 200 ) and when we saw the GI he said that he would refer us to the celiac clinic even if we decided not to do the biopsy. My son knows that he is feeling better and so he is prepared to eliminate the Gluten even without the "gold standard" diagnosis. I cannot believe the difference in my son - his taste buds seemed to have opened up too and he is now eager to try new foods where before he would not stray for his very limited diet - I realize now that this was probably because he associated food with not feeling well but was doing that without even been aware that he was! You should see a difference in the behaviour / energy level quite away but I would say that the bowel takes longer to heal and that would be about 3 weeks before there was a consistent improvement.
  8. My Son is 10 and has just been diagnosed - based on the high readings from his blood test, we decided to not have the biopsy - I have not heard of any results where the blood tests are so high and the biopsy comes back negative. We did see the peadiatric GI who has said that the blood tests are so good now and that even if we did not have the biopsy - he would enrol us in the celiac patient program.
  9. I am headed to the dietitian / nutritionist today with my 10 year old son for weight idea gains too. He was diagonsed with celiac about 6 weeks ago...I'll share them with you this weekend.
  10. You need to give it at least 3 - 4 weeks before he physically starts to feel better. Our 10 year old son was diagnosed on June 16th and up to about 2 weeks ago he still had some pain and bloating. We saw the pediatric GI on July 6th and he felt his tummy and said that he was still distended and this was after 3 weeks of no gluten - so give it time and see what happens. Only this past week have we seen an increase in his appetite although his bowel movements improved after about a week and so did the tummy pain. We were away last week in Chicago ( we are from Toronto) and he reacted terrible to McDonald's fries - and had the same tummy pains and urgency to use the washroom - just shows that his is only now starting to clear out his system. If the doctor's office is going to do more tests then you should keep him on a gluten containing diet as this is needed for further blood tests or if you decide to do the biopsy. We opted out of this since the levels that came back from the blood tests were SO high.
  11. Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes both have barley as far as i know - Kellogs does not have any gluten-free products.
  12. Our 10 year old son was diagnosed with celiac about 3 weeks ago. His readings were so high that the doctos said they have never seen reading so high in a person - e.g.mornal range for Giadin IgA and IgG are about 12 - his were over 100. His Transglutamidase IgA AB was over 200 where normal levels are around 10! We have decided not have the biopsy given the high positives of the blood. Just wondering what time frame people really saw a difference when having their blood retested. We have seen complete changes in our son - and know 100 % that the diet is working for him.
  13. My 10 year old son was diagnosed with celiac 2 weeks ago. I was wondering from other parents out there what they noticed with regards to growth spurts - was it sudden and did most parents really see a change in weight / height? Kerri