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  1. I had the same problem with my daughter. I personally put her on a elimination diet. I also put her on probiotics and that seemed to work great. She has always had soft and runny stool, the gluten free diet only made it a little bit better and now we are realizing that all along there was something else causing inflamation but we are not sure yet what it is all alergy tests came up negative. Hence the elimination diet. Also one thing I recently learned is to give her a lactaid pill before consuming dairy just to help with digestion. It can't hurt anyways. It is very common after going gluten free for that person to end up with other food intollerances.
  2. I can symathyze with you completely and to the last poster you bring something to my mind about the dairy and now it kinda makes sense to me. My daughter was born 7 lbs 12 oz. By 3 months she was 18-19 lbs. NO JOKE. The Dr. we saw only one time as an emergency told me to put her on a diet, which I didn't. I just put less formula in her bottles. My daughter only gained 1 lb from 3 months to 12 months. She was over 100% up til 3 years old. I looked at her medical records at 3.5 she was 42 lbs. Now at 5.5 years she is 41 lbs. The gluten free diet stopped her from gaining weight at all. The highest her weight got was 44 lbs in march of this year. In July of this year I put her on a elimination diet and she lost 3 lbs in a month and all of her bloating! she is now at about 75% (she is short). I just started giving her lactaid pills yesterday for the small amount of dairy she is getting right now. So try that on top of the diet and one more thing, less sugar. I do not give my daughter fruit right now. She gets it through yogurt and I don't give her cakes or cookies for the time being until we can find out what is causing her bloating and imflamation. I hope this helps. I feel like i'm starving my daughter but she feels a lot better.
  3. I am having a hard time finding anybody who has kids with symptoms/reactions are constand and incocsistant potty accidents. My daughter is 5 and started kindergarted 2 weeks ago. I have been a mess. All I think about is her making it through the day without an accident. My daughter as a toddler had runny and incosistant BMs and sometimes explosive. I didn't know it was not normal. She was diagnosed as celiac in November 2008 by endoscopy. Negative blood tests for any allergy but damage to her intestines. The gluten free diet worked like magic and it seemed like everything was great UNTIL a month later when slowly it all came back. So after a year of not knowing what to do or where to go I heard about probiotics and the same again. No more digestion problems for about a month. The gluten free diet did make a diffrence as well as the probiotics so I got completely into trying to find something to help her. I can not afford to take her to her GI to run test after test and I am a single parent. Dad is involved but knows nothing about our daughters "issues" he just does what I tell him and I pray he doesn't mess it up. Well dad is moving to another state in a week so that solves that. In June I did a lot of research on elimination diet and prebiotics and this and that. I took my 5 year old daughter off of EVERY SINGLE FOOD except chicken, rice, zucchini, sea salt, almond milk and artichokes. YES I really did it and she felt great with the combination of vitamins, prebiotic, probiotic, oxybutinin (prescribed by her urologist)and strict diet. WELL I can't starve my kid forever. It lasted about a month and here I am. Things are better but not great or perfect and my daughter needs to eat real food. I have figured out there are other foods causing some of her issues like bloating and inflamation so the "strict" diet was and is very helpful but now I am scared to give her more options thinking it will be the wrong choice. I have determined that it is not dairy. I have given her some in moderation the last few weeks like parmesean cheese on a salad or beef or small amounts of sugar or small amounts of potato starch. Her bloating has gone away completely. She dropped a whole pant size just from bloating. I think the "problem food" is either corn, tomato or potato if not more foods. Since most gluten free food has one or all of the three I am stuck. The doctors keep putting her on miralax for her constipation and it seems to do absolutely nothing so any help there is greatly appreciated. I just want to feel that my daughter can make it through 1 week of school with out a "accident" or "leackage". Her school and teacher have all been great. Once she is on a normal gluten free diet they do have a gluten free school lunch menu that includes kinikinik products (yes very amazing) but I can't even get that far. The gluten free meals have no extra cost and I probably qualify for free lunches so that is even something to look forward to. So are there any other parents going through this also???
  4. I can completely relate. My daughter is 5. She had a positive biopsy almost 2 years ago but doctor will not completely diagnose her as celian without a second biopsy in which I can not afford. Her sysptoms at the time was constant constipation and diarhea. What I didn't realize at the time was her on again off again constant urine accidents. last October I took her to a urologist (I would recomed doing this)thinking it was a seperate issue and he put her on oxybutinin. It is for over active bladder. A side effect was constipation so I was really hesitant and gave her half of the recomended dose with miralax also and it helped but was not amazing or anything SO when I finally took her off the miralax and gave her the full dose the Dr. said to give her it actually helped with her urine issues AND her BM issues. My daughter can have accidents almost every day for a month if she has a Gluten encounter. So I do feel like they can go hand in hand with her gluten. The poster who said people think you just put your kids on a gluten free diet just to do it...... I FELL YOUR PAIN. I am a single parent. Her father doesn't even know how or what to feed her. People thought for a long time that my daughter just felt like peeing in her pants OR that I was lazy. NOW we have her on probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, flax seed, oxybutinin and fish oil and a restricted diet, eliminating all soy, corn, potato, tomato, most dairy and processed foods and limited sugar. She is doing great. Accidents went away. I can asure you that my daughter wasn't just peeing on herself for the hell of it.
  5. Thank you guys for all the ideas. The balogna with corn tortilla was a good one. I am not sure why I didn't think about it myself. My daughter recently came up with a new idea. A tostada sandwich. Shes 5, I thought it was creative My daughter loves celary so I will definately try the ants on a log with her. Thank you guys once again.
  6. My daughter is starting kindergarten in 2 months. I am so excited and looking forward to it BUT I am use to making her meals and not food that I can just send with her to school. I do buy her bread but I can not afford to buy a loaf every week and I know she will get tired of it. I need practicle ideas. I am a single parent and do not make much. In my head I am affraid it is going to cost me a lot of money to buy her school lunch friendly foods. She loves fruits and veggies so the "snack" part wont be an issue. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I think I can help here. My daughter is 5 and had runny BMs. I even had to take her out of day care because it wouldnt go away. My daughter was diagnosed at 3 years and 9 months and at first there were major improvements with her BMs BUT after the first couple of months it came back. Now it wasn't as "explosive" as before but still an issue. She couldn't control it at all. I was so frustrated and I didn't know what to do knowing she would be starting kindergarten I had to do something. I noticed that it was better with some vitamins so I made a good effort to give them to her everymorning I use the gummy vites from costco. Things got better but not great so I put her on probiotics (this can be expensive but well worth it)I do not make a lot of money but whatever works I will do. I saw a dramatic improvement, it was like day and night. I was so happy. I started doing some more research and realized that dairy is kinda tough to digest so I went to costco and got her a calcium suppliment which is just next to the gummy vites. I am happy to say that 2 months before starting kindergarted that I feel very possitive that she will be fine. So here is her daily routine Wake up - gummy vite, calcium gummy (shes also on ditropan for over active bladder which somehow is helping with her BMs) Night time - Yum Yum dophilus raspberry flavored chewables(probiotic) we have also tried culralete porpbiotics but she had to drink it in water which didnt go to well with her over active bladder. I hope this is helpful. When you have celiac you need some suppliments to make up for the loss of vitamins and minerals during and after a glutening.