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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Glutened By Fritos Corn Chips?

    Ok I'm confused and REALLY frustrated! I called frito-lay and they sent me a list and cheetos and fritos were on there as gluten-free. I could sware I saw honey BBQ fritos too, because I thought iI had a sigh of relief when I saw it. I have eaten both cheetos and honey BBQ fritos. Now I did get a little nauseous after the cheetos but I thought it was because of the grease factor.( I tend to get nauseous when I eat high fat or greasy stuff. ) I have been having symptoms of being glutened and couldn't figure out where it came from but maybe it's from one of the above. I'm going to have to go find that list again. Cheree' Florida
  2. Grieving For Food

    Let me ask one more thing, is there anywhere where some of the tasty gluten-free foods are posted that I could print out and take with me to the store? I am winging it and have heard a few things mentioned here and there in posts but it would be handy to be able to print it out from one place. I am the penny pincher in the family too and it just freaks me out to buy a loaf of gluten-free bread or something and get it home and it's awful. It's so expensive and then just goes in the garbage. Thanks for any advice, Cheree'
  3. Grieving For Food

    Okay I have to ask a question. How is it that everyone is seeming to be able to fit the added expense of the specialty gluten-free foods into their budget? I have found some things mainstream that are gluten-free, but not enough for everyday. I used to like going to the grocery store and liked to cook and loved to bake. And my family LOVED for me to do so. Now I get very frustrated and crabby when I'm at the grocery store I can't think of enough things to buy for meals for a family of five(when only one is diag. celiac). There is a place across town to get some gluten-free stuff but it is expensive and I can't afford much of the added expense. And let me tell you if we run out of gluten-free pancake mix my family sees no problem in using mine! When I make gluten-free brownies they eat them as fast as they are done then there is no more gluten-free, just regular. I can't keep up and can't seem to afford this. HOW is EVERYONE else out there doing it? Cheree'
  4. Grrrr....

    Ohhhh yesss, I can get into this conversation. How about my in laws that never remember that I can't eat any of this stuff so not much IS gluten-free and then the stuff that may be depending on the brands used when I ask questions like can you tell me what kind of BBQ sauce you used, or what kind of baked beans these are they just act like you are such a bother. Cheree'
  5. Help - Are These Ichy Bumps Dh?

    I also read somewhere that if it is DH that it can take up to 2 years to totally clear up. The skin takes longer to get things out of it's system and replenish. Plus, the occasional accidental exposure. Good luck! Cheree'
  6. Dh Ever Feel Hot?

    Does anyone ever feel a heat sensation with their Dh? I occasionally was getting it on my upper arms, and today for the first time my ear got really hot all of the sudden in one spot. I tried to look at it to see if I was getting a blister there later and it got really warm again from me touching it. These are the only locations so far that have done that. Normally I just get the ITCHY, rashy, bumpy little blisters. Cheree' Florida
  7. Back On Gluten

    I can feel the bonding over the airwaves . I too am SOOO tired and foggy minded, and let me tell the symptoms are getting worse!!!! I am on the gluten for the tests too but my Dr. doesn't know much about celiac disease and is learning as we go. She thinks I need to be on the gluten at least 4-6 weeks before doing any tests. I am very discouraged at this point and debating on just going gluten-free without the diagnosis. I understand your point for doing the test though it makes sense. I too was thinking that if I go ahead and try to push through the diagnosis that I might be able to use the Flexable spending account ( like insurance) option we have here to help with the expensive costs of the diet. Well Good luck whatever you do and getting through it ..... And to Jenny I think you sounded like you have given up the gluten challenge and let me say I DON'T BLAME YOU !!!
  8. You know, I was coming into the message board just to ask this question. I have put the gluten back into my diet for 18 days and I'm feeling SOOOO sick from it. My Dr. admits to not knowing much about this and is learning as we go. She doesn't think the blood test should be done till maybe 4-6 weeks after adding the gluten back in, but don't you think that if it's making me feel so sick that it would show up in the blood tests. I'm getting discouraged and about ready to give up and skip the tests altogether and go gluten-free without the diagnosis!!
  9. Back On Gluten

    I'm right with you on the depression mark. I started eating gluten again Feb. 10 so that whatever test my docs decide to do the gluten is in my system. And hopefully to prove to my family that all the symptoms come back when I'm on this diet. I have to say that I am feeling like GARBAGE this food is making me soooo sick and I feel AWFUL!!! I hate eating every bite. I am trying to put an up twist on it and eat all the things that used to be my favorite's saying that it is my "Farewell to French Toast" or whatever else I'm eating. It sounds good and gives me a little more gumpsh to try to eat it. Of course I don't end up happy about eating it in the long run but it temporarily helps. I find myself having some downer moments when I think about putting up with all this and worrying that what if they don't find it even after all this? You know the fear that they won't biopsy a damaged section of intestine or the blood test comes out negative again? I'm sorry if I'm adding to your questions, I actually hesitated writing these questions for days, but you sounded just like me. For a moment I thought someone out there is going through the same thing right now and I had to reach out and say something to let you know that I am thinking some the same things you are. I have to actually ask if anyone has experienced just itching as a symptom, since I have gone back on gluten I have been itching like crazy just here and there almost like I'm breaking out in hives but without the whelts. I think that is something new. Well I hope you hang in there with the diet, I'm trying. Let us now how it's going.
  10. Valentines Day Candies Boy Did I Blow It

    Okay, I have to say something because I'm new at this and still figuring everything out but, a lot of candies don't have gluten. Believe it or not I thought of this as a little comfort when I was feeling soooo overwhelmed at the thought of all the foods I would miss and the complications with restaurants, etc. A LOT of the Nestle candies are gluten-free and Hershey's too. So, tell me because I have been wondering this anyway. Do any of you enjoy those things, or do the factories produce sooo many things that may have gluten that you avoid it for possible cross contamination? I mean I even went to buy a bag of plain puffed rice cereal the other day and because there was a bag of puffed wheat cereal made by the same company right next to it, I passed on it figuring it was probably contaminated anyway. As minimal as the gluten-free diet can be, I could probably still get fat on Baby Ruth's or Hershey bars or something. And since I hadn't heard any of you mention that I thought I'd ask. Thanks
  11. Back On Gluten

    Thank you for your thoughts on this, I've been so frustrated and confused. Since the test results came back negative my husband immediately thought this could NOT be what is wrong with me, even though I told him the Dr. and online said it could come back with a false negative. He keeps trying to push me to try gluten foods. I got soo upset about the fact that he isn't being supportive AND the fact that I worry that what if it isn't celiac disease and I still won't know what is making me feel so sick and I will look like some self diagnosing hypochondriac, that I ate some gluten foods. It had only been about a week or so that I've been very careful not to eat gluten even though I've been eliminating foods that made me feel REALLY sick for quite sometime. I didn't get as sick as I thought I would. I got nauseous on and off then went to bed, no diarrhea yet. Same the next day even though eating very little with gluten, guts were twisting all day on and off but nothing major. I'm still battling nausea on and off 2 days since ate gluten. ( 3 wheaties cookies and about 1/3 cup pasta) Could I have this mild of symptoms and still have celiac disease? Or would it have been worse? The diarrhea still hasn't come back. I know some of you say the worst symptoms come days later for you, could the worst consequences be still to come ? Sorry for details but frustrated.
  12. Back On Gluten

    You mean you have had three tests and only ONE came back positive?! Okay, someone give me some thoughts here on this because I just got my first test result back today for the antibodies and it said they were nondetectible. I'm really frustrated about that because since I have been going gluten-free I have been starting to feel better. I realize this is only one test but I have a real problem thinking I sound like a hypocondriac. (like I won't go to the Dr. til I'm REALLY sick) And I'm not getting much support with this being the idea of what is wrong with me. My family thinks it's very odd to just SUDDENLY have such an extreme food allergy. Even though I've told them that it happens all the time. I keep having to remind them what I can't eat and they seem to just look at me like I'm really taking this a bit far.... you know to not have a Dr. said yes this is what it is.
  13. Thank you soo much for your reply it was very helpful. It is hard trying to work my way through all of this. I haven't been getting much response or cooperation from ANYONE. My family hasn't had much experience with anyone with a gluten allergy and I don't think they know what to make of it.
  14. Back On Gluten

    Hi, also a newby, and just in case you're not a very big peppermint person, I thought I'de let you know the cinnamon Altoid gum was great for me. As soon as something made me nauseous I'd have to have one. I had soooo many containers of it just to not run out it looked like I was an addict or something. And I have to say my mind misses a lot of the "old" foods and if I try to eat them they don't taste good to me either. I think our minds are harder to retrain than our stomachs. Anyway good luck, Whimsygirl
  15. Geographic Location

    Just trying it out to see if my edited signature worked!