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  1. Very Strange/scary Sleep 'tremors'

    Chele8198, I signed up just so I could reply to this! I have had the exact same thing occur to me on many occasions, it was scary the first time, not so much anymore because I can overcome the paralysis if I focus my mind enough. Basically, what you just described is part of what is referred to as "out-of-body" experiences by new age types. Some of us like to just "pop out" of our bodies while sleeping and wander the universe in spirit form (seeing, feeling or hearing other beings while in this state is also common), usually not aware of doing so or remembering what we do. Some people do remember where they go, and can do this consciously, whenever they want to. What you felt is what happens afterwards, as your soul is coming back into your body--I call it "settling back in" and it is a strong vibrating sensation in chest/abdomen area mostly accompanied by inability to move or speak. Once you are "back in" fully you can move and speak normally again. This is a very typical sensation amongst out-of-body travelers. I am not at all certain it has anything to do with gluten nor that it is a disorder of any sort, although it certainly can be scary at first. It may be indirectly related, due to heightened sensitivity of nervous system from glutening... or even insomnia, as I suspect most people sleep through this without any recall. On some occasions I have been able to interact with other beings--notably friendly animal spirits, who were definitely not in this physical plane of reality---while in this state. It is weird, true, but imo not dangerous. I know others who have experienced it also--if they don't like it, usually they can just ask their angels or god to make it stop and it does. Again this makes me doubt that it is gluten, or only gluten, that causes it. So I know that sounds all very woo-woo and all, and I hope everyone out there doesn't go into judgment over this, just thought you might want a different perspective on it. Thanks to everyone for sharing. I have been gluten-free for 4 months with excellent results, self-diagnosed at age 45, your posts are helping me get it all sorted out, diet-wise.
  2. I would like to second Korwyn's suggestion re: kelp... even before I realized I was gluten sensitive, kelp helped a lot with both muscle twitches and foot pain, especially the kind that is worse when you wake up in morning and are just starting to walk around... which I believe is also a hypothyroid symptom, albeit a more obscure one.