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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So I had a biopsy today for DH....they odd part is I have been gluten free for 5+ years! About 2 months ago I broke out in a terribly itchy rash that has spread to both my the elbows, my lower back, knees and one hip. i don't understand the only thing I can think of is I share a toaster with my kids and I was eating nuts that were packaged in a facility with wheat and eggs/sausage from cafeteria I had relaxed a little ....but I also take communion on Sundays...but I have for years. i went gluten free because of a rash on my hands that my derm said was excema. (I had to be very strict no communion host even for about 6 months for it to clear) This time he is convinced it's DH. Is there any possibility I will test positive if it is DH? This is so frustrating, I don't know what I am going to do I have already cracked down on no contamination and cleaner foods...but it's still spreading getting new spots.
  2. Thank you! This is basically what I was wondering if you could NOT have any of the "anti" self antibody blood tests just hvae the "anti" gluten antibodies and still test positive in a scope!
  3. I am gluten-free - because I had a rash I couldn't get rid of. I am 5 years gluten-free now. My son has had skin issues that are only getting worse. We have been told that they are simply excema....which is what I was told my rash was. He has had 2 sets of blood panels done now, several months apart. His panel is completely normal (and he makes a normal amount of IgA)...except his antigliadin antibodies IgA are High. IgA serum - 180 (range was 33-258) Tissue Transglutaminase Ab IgA - 0.3 (range less than 7 neg, 7-10 weak positive) Tissue Transglutaminase Ab IgG - less than 0.6 (range less than 7 neg, 7-10 weak positive) Anti-Gliadin Antibodies IgA- 22 (range 0-10) Anti-Gliadin Antibodies IgG- less than 0.4 (range 0-10) Endoymsial Antibodies, Serum - Negative. We are being refered to a Pediatric GI doctor, but I am unsure if doing a scope is even going to be worth it since he only has the one value being high.
  4. I had stomach cramps!!! But then I read you are supposed to avoid even gluten-free oats for the first 3-6 months of being gluten-free then reintroduce them. I reintroduced them 4 months after being gluten-free and I have not had a problem with gluten-free oats since.
  5. Well I have been gluten-free for a year....and it's awesome!! Except I am still having random right side pain (feels like a hernia or my ovary!)...I have been to my family doctor repeatedly for it. I went to anew Gyn for it...and she said based on my symptoms, bowel patterns she thinks I have a GI related issue. I have not been able to have regular milk for about 3-4 months now without planning on being near a bathroom all the next day! ( I have extreme urgency!). I noticed with ice cream it's becoming worse too. So...I think I should go get lactose tested. Where do you go to get the testing? Lab? Family Doctors office? Do you think it sounds like I might have it?
  6. I did not test positive for celiac, but i have a rash and it's obvious I can't have gluten. In the year I have been gluten-free my family has been 80% or more gluten free. I still buy them some non-gluten-free packaged snacks or an occasional loaf of bread. During this time my 5 year old managed to gain 7lbs between 4-5 years old! This is a kid who barely gains 2-3lbs a year, it finally pushed him up to a more matching percentile! (75th height/50th for weight!). He also has excema, his skin feels like sandpaper! I would like to get him tested I think. But I don't have a positive test to back me up. And he doesn't have a lot of symptoms.
  7. I am just curious! If anyone's doctor has diagnosed them on symptoms alOne? It's been a year since I went gluten-free! I am quit good at it now! I went 4 months without a glutening! My last glutening was a Tostito Mulitgrain chip the size of a silver dollar....it was enough that within 2 hours my pinky got itchy, by 5 hours I had broken out into the rash on my pinky! It only lasted a week....but I realized how much it confirmed that I cannot have gluten! It was actually a nice reminder (besides how painfully itchy the rash is...and annoying!) I could quite literally go to the doctor show him my clear pinky skin...go home and eat a cracker and the next day get rechecked with my rash! Lol! I just don't think any doctor would do it.
  8. Lol! Tostitos Multigrain was my last glutening! I went to a party the chips were gluten-free then someone refilled the bowl with multigrain! I luckily grabbed just a small piece of one, and noticed it!! Luckily it was a small amount so my rash only lasted a week!
  9. I 'had' a small 1" diamter spot on my hand, that would blister, peel off, be all puffy and inflammed looking...then repeat that cycle over and over. It hurt too! Hurt like a burn would. My doctor passed it off as stress induced excema, said he had never seem an excema patch that concentrated though. 6 Months later I went gluten free and it dissapeared! Now it returns only when I eat gluten...and its spread it now covers more and more of my pink/side of hand when I eat gluten. (I am only on my 4th or 5th glutening) Now I seem to more sensative though too, bread crumbs were all over my kitchen from the kids...I broke out somehow from that.
  10. Any Low On Vit D?

    I was at 14, the bottom of the range for my test was 12. I was instructed to take D3 at 10,000 per day for 2-3 weeks (so 70,000IU per week)...then after that back down to 5,000 per day (35,000 per week). After doing that for 3 months I got up to 55! Then I backed down to between 5k-2k per day for maintenance. And within 6 months I was back down to 32. =( So I had to up my dose again. During the summer I usually feel pretty good.
  11. 1) The EMA test is over 90% accurate. 2) If you want to go through with the scope, she should continue eating gluten. Scopes are also notorious for false negatives, so even if the scope's biopsy doesn't show damage it doesn't mean she doesn't have celiac. If it were me...based on the blood test alone, with symptoms, if your doctor will diagnose her with celiac..... I would take her off gluten since she would have an official diagnosis already at that point.
  12. Family

    We were fairly gluten free...then I decided to relax about it a little bit. I have 2 young kids, that I am going to try and get tested at their next doctor appointment in a couple of months...so I want them eating gluten. So I decided to let some gluten bread back into the house. it was a mistake. Apparently now I react to cross contamination, because my husband made the boys peanut butter & jelly on gluten bread....and didn't use plates. When I got home there was an explosion of bread crumbs all over our counter. So I carefully cleaned it up like normal, washing my hands 100 times, threw the dishrag immediately in the laundry basket. Well...it got me, somehow I got glutened cleaning up the mess. So....no more gluten bread for us. I am still letting them eat 'packaged' gluten items like granola bars, pretzels (although my kids make a huge mess for some reason with these so, we are not buying them anymore once they are gone). Its definitly a difficult line to draw. As soon as I get the kids tested though, we are going more strict gluten free again (besides beer for him). After the last bread explosion, I realize its more of a problem than I realized. And...your husband will probably lighten up about it. Mine is alright with it now...but I can't use a lot of gluten free replacements or he notices. Sticking to rice, corn pasta (he can't stand the rice pasta) and meats...the normal things that are gluten free he doesn't complain one bit.
  13. I am pretty much grain free, besides occasional brown rice now...and the extremely occasional gluten-free baked goods, which only happens about once every 2 months or less. My suggestion is, if you haven't already start tracking your food intake on something like calorie-count.com. I started doing that and found that I was just too low on fat. I started focusing on increasing my protein consumption along with fat and I feel a lot better! A lot better! I can tell the days I don't eat as well, because I feel like a slug by that night.
  14. Well I am going to eat out today. I have been strictly avoiding eating out for the last 3-4 weeks to get my DH to heal up. Its healed barely..and now I have 2 social lunch/dinner things going on this week. Today is lunch, which I pretty much think I am safe, based on things I found on here. I am starting to fear the DH, its not that its just annoying its only on a tiny part of me and each time it seems to spread out a little more...I am in fear of it now. I have another fancy dinner engagement Saturday, that I pretty much want to not go because the place seems so unsafe to eat at, I checked their menu and called them.. Its several hours long, with food, appetizers, drinks...etc. Well I can't drink and not eat! So I am planning to eat before hand, I don't want to bring in my own food because its a pretty formal dinner...now its just making me not want to go. Our good friends are going anymore either, so that makes it a less social event. Just Blah! But...I am so thankful for this site, at least what I can't find online about food, usually there is some post somewhere on this site about eating out at a particular restaurante...etc! I am thankful I can be informed before I make any food choices!
  15. I believe you need to go see a doctor. Edema can be a result of serious medical conditions, kidney/heart and given that you are a marathon runner, and you are really relying and utilizing your heart/kidneys more than the average person, you should be looked at medically.