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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Kind Of Worried About My Son

    Oops...I posted twice....so I erased this one.
  2. Kind Of Worried About My Son

    I am very new to all of this so I won't give advice. However...my little guy has so many allergies that I am limited as to what to give him...especially for breakfast. Have you tried the Chex Cinnamon? Mine loves it and so do I. I use the vanilla rice milk for the cereal also...which makes it really yummy. Good Luck!
  3. Puffy Face?

    Ummmmmm okay Wheatfreedude...can I get abs like that if I go gluten free?????
  4. Rant.

    I would suggest this page to your parents also. They may not be open to it...but perhaps your mom would get online and talk to some of the folks on here...she would see just how serious this is....and maybe get some tips to help you out.
  5. Rant.

    My heart breaks for you. It really does...you are so young to have to endure this kind of pain. What is frustrating...is that the expense of these foods SHOULD not cost so much more. Just because you have Celiac or an intolerance or allergies...does not mean you are rich and I am appauled that these items are so expensive. Have you thought about some cooking classes or just getting some recipes and perfecting them to your taste? Cooking can really be a lot of fun and could benefit you a lot. I am so glad you came here to vent. I am new to this board so I am just learning....therefore...I don't have a lot of advise just yet. I know these folks here can be really helpful to you. Hang in there sweetie!
  6. I Just Snapped!

    I have raised three kids and am currently raising my 3 y/o grandson. I think she is testing limits. Dad is not around...she is probably angry about the allergies and that dad is gone. HOWEVER... I think you did great. I think kids WANT and need discipline. Call her bluff every single time. She will outgrow this. The Love and Logic books are so helpful. I still pull mine out to refresh!
  7. I had one more thought. What is it with people? Do they seriously think that Celiac is a disease you WANT to have? It would be easier if they had a pill you could take to counteract the gluten...it's much harder to go gluten-free. And I can't think of anyone that WANTS to have this diagnosis. But...it is what it is....if you get sick eating the stuff...you have to stop.
  8. Does Every Crumb Matter?

    Do you think the kids would notice if you put them on the gluten free stuff too? I would think it would be easier and probably healthier.
  9. The fact is......you feel better when you don't eat these things. That is all that should manner. You don't/should not have to prove your diagnosis! My husband is a bit the same....I have psoriatic arthritis and take injections twice a week....he seems to think that good old exercise and a few of his twigs and berry pills will fix it. What I keep telling him...is that the medication STOPS the progression of the disease. He has finally shut up about it. I've got news for him...I am waiting for my biopsy results from my endoscopy I had on Friday. If it shows Celiac...he will be gluten free also. I never have to worry about him poisening me because he NEVER cooks. Luckily he understands food issues...as our child is allergic to soy, wheat, oats, corn, dairy, eggs and peanuts. It can be very severe and cause death. Now I know that allergies and Celiac are different...but regardless...it still makes you sick. Ask him/her....wouldn't you rather have me feeling good and being happy? Who does the grocery shopping? In our house it's me...and I do all the cooking too. Definately cook your own food and consider getting rid of all products that contain gluten.
  10. Hey Yall!

    Ouch.....I hate having dental work. Hope you feel better soon.
  11. I have a box in my pantry. I have not tried it yet..I bought Lemon icing....just was in the mood for it. I think I might add a little lemon peel grated in the cup cakes too. I actually prefer the cup cakes...that way you can freeze them easier.
  12. Tasty gluten-free Snack Foods

    Chex has a new (I think it's new)rice chex with cinnamon...it is delish.
  13. Anyone Reacting To Coke?

    I also like Hansens...Also...Coke from glass is typically made with cane sugar. Coke in bottles/cans is made with high-fructose corn syrup. Check it out...I think this might be true on other sodas also.
  14. Want To Cry-So Frustrated!

    Another thing to consider...I personally don't want all these ailments and diagnosis put in my medical records. It effects your ability to get life insurance and might effect your health insurance down the road. So having a gluten intolerance might be better from that stand point.
  15. Want To Cry-So Frustrated!

    I am curious too. I am intolerant to a lot of foods....but it's not called anything...I am just intolerant. Any what is the point in having an endoscopy if you have been off glutens for a while. Of course it's not going to show up?? Why do they do that?