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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Perfume

    I can't find one either. I tried doing a web search and also checked the websites for all of the stories that carry it. The bottle I have doesn't list any ingredients.
  2. I e-mailed Lush about their products, and I received a reply in 30 minutes. The reply is below, in case its useful to anyone else ...
  3. I read somewhere that there are some perfumes that are not gluten-free, but I can't seem to find them. Does anyone have any insight? I'm in the process of emailing the companies of the ones that I use, but so far, no luck. The main perfume I use is Juicy Couture, and I did e-mail them. They responded saying that they don't have that information available.
  4. I don't have any actual mixes, just bags of the different flours. I'm sure I could probably find a recipe for a mix though.
  5. I'm running low on stuff to eat breakfast, and as its finals week, I thought it would be a good idea to make a batch of muffins or some sort of breakfast bread. Does anyone have recipes to share? I have most of the common gluten-free flours and such, so having to go out and buy a bunch of ingredients shouldn't be an issue.
  6. I woke up this morning with the beginnings of a cold (figures the week of finals, eh?) and I'm wondering what cold medicines are gluten-free. I'm hoping I can take something liquid (Theraflu or dayquil) since my throat is feeling kind of closed up.
  7. About the age of 20, I started having a lot of stomach issues. They did all these tests on me, and couldn't find anything, and I ended up being diagnosed with a bunch of different disorders based on symptoms alone (IBS, GERD, gastritis, etc). Of course, the treatments for those things didn't really help. It wasn't long after that when I started having problems with what my doctor referred to as "unknown food sensitivities". I would get pretty sick, and also break out in hives, on and off over several years. They did allergy testing, but never found anything. At the age of 25, I got mono which also caused an enlarged liver and anemia (which didn't go away until I went gluten-free) and things started to go downhill from there. The stomach problems started getting a lot worse, after that. I continued to have problems with the anemia, and I reached the point where I couldn't get out of bed barely. At age 27 (just a couple months), I had a DH outbreak, and was diagnosed that way.
  8. Ok thanks. It has been midly upsetting my stomach lately also. I'll just switch to something on the safe list then.
  9. That's great to hear! I haven't been eating pasta much because it's so pricey, and this is definitely more friendly on my budget.
  10. Has anyone run into issues dating? I really hate it because guys will ask me out to dinner, and usually they have a certain place in mind. And then I have to be like, I'll have to research it or call and see, or I can go to Place A, B or C. Sometimes, I feel like I'm annoying to the person I'm with when I have to ask what's in everything, or ask that my food is made seperately or what not. Has anyone run into this? And if I'm going on a date with someone, when should I do tell them?
  11. Has anyone tried this? My roommate picked up a package for me. She was grocery shopping and came across it, noticed that it's much cheaper than the stuff I normally buy. It was only $1.99, compared to the almost $4 I normally pay at Whole Foods for pasta.
  12. Is This Normal?

    Oh yeah, I've actually had fun trying to discover all the possible substitutes. I do buy some of the alternative products, and I've done a lot of experimenting with baking. Actually, I think it was the baking that kept me sane in the beginning.
  13. Corn Tortillas?

    I love, tortillas, too! I get the Enjoy Life Brown Rice Tortillas. They aren't made out of corn, but rather, brown rice but they're yummy and I've never had a problem with them - and I'm very sensitive to CC.
  14. I have a long history of depression, but I've been able to manage it the last couple of years. I still struggle from small bouts of it, and also low self-esteem. After going gluten-free, my friends have actually made comments about how my mood and general outlook has improved. In fact, that's usually the first way to tell that I've been glutened - my mood changes dramatically.
  15. I was only diagnosed a couple months ago, and in the beginning, I found myself kind of depressed about being on the gluten-free diet. I missed being able to eat whatever I wanted, and it was even worse when I saw my friends and family eat things I couldn't have, in front of me. But now, I feel like I don't even miss it. I was the grocery store with my roommate a few days ago, and the guy in line in front of us was buying two loaves of wheat bread. My roommate said, "Does that bother you?". My response was, Not only does it not bother me, but I no longer have a desire for it. I've found that the cravings are no longer there, especially since I've become so much more healthier since being gluten-free. I had so many different health issues before. I felt like my life was a constant doctor appointment, and I always being tested for things, and never really finding out the cause. I had pretty bad anemia, and it got to the point where some days I couldn't even get out of bed. I wasn't able to work or go to school due to it. Now that I'm healthier, I was able to go back to college and do all of the things I wasn't able to before.