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  1. well thanks all of you for replying. Gave me some comfort. Yea I have noticed not just nuts but corn in my stool as well. The thing is, before I was diagnosed with Celiac, none of this was happening, all the weird BM stuff. Just seems strange to me, that all of a sudden I have this diagnoses and symptoms, fatty stools, food undigested in them, color changing drastically. I don't know, I worry wayyyyy too much! But I only heard that if you stools are the color of clay, that there oculd be a liver problem. When I was tested for Celiac in Oct. they also checked my liver, and she said the levels were normal. She thought I might have a gallbladder problem or somethin. But didn't. The whole fatty stools doesn't make sense, cuz my diet consists of meats veggies fruits and corn. Dairy as well, but I do use olive oil in everything. Maybe the olive oil is contributing. I never consumed as much olive oil before the diagnoses, not even close. But even if my body wasn't storing the fat like it should, it doesn't make sense, cuz I haven't lost a dramatic amount of weight....it was in Oct. when my weight tottally decreased. Now I'm pretty back to normal.? I am going to the doctor on Tues. I'm going to address all of this with her. She is the same one that diagnosed me. Did all of you have these weird symptoms all along, or like suddenly before the diagnoses. My symptoms were suddenly constant, right before the diagnoses, but it just boggles me cuz I started having lots of cramping, nausea, diarreaha, then got the diagnoses, still get those symptoms, though not as often (nausea is still aproblem more than it should be) but now I've got all these weird stool problems... just wondering what the onset of your symptoms were like. Well thank you all for responding though....it was very appreciated!
  2. So lately I've had strange BM symptoms. Before going gluten-free I had the usual diarreaha/constipation back and forth crap, but now after being gluten-free for about 5 months, I've noticed new things. Sometimes I'll go and have a solid BM, but then anywhere form like an hour to two hours later will ahve to go again and it will be loose. Also the color changes even when I haven't eaten anything different. I realize this is normal, but not in a one day period. Seriously, like yesterday my BM was light brown and today very dark. I still get diarreaha every once in awhile, but usually it is loose, sometimes gritty, where little parts of it seem to break off and float. Also when I eat nuts they are undigested, I can seems them broken up in my BM. Its like I can see undigested food...it just doesn't look right. My BM looks "holey" like there are tiny pockets in them... I never had BM's like this before going gluten-free, or if I did they were so infrequent that I never even noticed. Does anybody know what this could be...or get the same thing. I'm starting to worry that my whole digestive system is failing. Isn't this supposed to get better being gluten-free? Would it be possible that the gritty, floaty BMs are normal...I wouldn't know. one last thing, about a week ago, is when I ate some cashews with my salad at like 11pm and the next morning around 10 am, I went, and there were the hardly digested cashews...isn't it supposed to take 24 hours to digest food? God I'm worried. Please some input would be much apreciated. I'm sorry for being so descriptive. I don't like having to explain this, but need to I guess. I just feel comfortable enough on here to. thanks.
  3. So I was diagnosed with Celiac mid Oct. this past year. Been on the diet since. At the end of Nov. my period was a week late. After just recently breaking up with my boyfriend, worried myself sick that I was pregnant, eventhough the likelihood of that was low, we used a condom. I never kept the greatest track of my period before, but always had an idea of when it should come. I was so worried, I took two home preg. tests, both negative. Four days later, my period still had not showed. I went to my dr. where she gave me a blood preg. test. Negative. Two days later got my period. Ever since, my periods were on schedule again. But now, my last period was Jan. 28th!!! I'm well over a week past due, and worried now that something is goin on. This time, thank god, theres not even a second guess in my mind that I'm pregnant, no sexual activity since my break up. However this doesn't seem normal. Is it the diet? I got tested at the same time for Celiac for anemia, and my iron levels were normal. I tried finding posts on here in the archive that related. Unfortunately all I could find were posts talking about the girl's periods being irregular or absent before going gluten-free, not the other way around. So whats going on, now that I'm gluten-free and my periods are all screwy. Any advice, words of comfort, similar experiences would be much appreciated. thanks.
  4. Thanks for your feedback. I am actually from Chicago Illinois, in the States, and to tell you the truth I'm still doing my research, still trying to get used to all this. The reason I mentioned the chips was becuz I literally noticed, that since I was lstuffing my mouth! I could feel my tongue burning after a couple dozen, as if the salt or some indgredient was causing a reaction. Just as if you were slamming down a salad with lots of acidy dressing in it, ya know. I have read some posts on here that mentioned Lays are wheat free. It could be that I'm just more sensitive after being off gluten for awhile now. No more of those chips for me that's for sure. It's just really uncomfortable to have my tongue swell and be like this. Thank you so much for the response though, the support on this board is amazing.
  5. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in early Oct this year. Had the symptoms all my life. blah blah, I'm gonna leave out the details now, becuz I have a specific question I need some feedback on, and if I let myself ramble I will... so being gluten free for about 3 months now, except for the occasional slip up, I'm wondering what is going on with my mouth, or my tongue rather. I have always in the past sporadically encountered mouth sores, sensitive tongue, glositis (the temporary flattening of the tongue due to many things, acidity, spicy foods...etc.), however, about a week ago (I noticed after chowing down on frito baked lays) my tongue got the glositis, where it became sore and raw feeling. It went away for a few days, then just yesterday came back with a vengence. Not only my tongue, which feels swollen and sore, with what looks like an inflamed tastebud on it, but the insides of my mouth are a little torn up...(I've been chewing on candy though all day today and yesterday). I'm thinking that's the cause of the mouth soreness. The weird thing is is that I can't quite locate the specific spot of burning and soreness, its pretty general. I'm thinking it could be a combo of the lays and the fact that, even though knowing I would suffer in some way, on Tues. of this week I ate out, makng my own salad at this salad bar using the balsamic vinegerette that they had (to steer clear of any gluten) and then drank "Fizz" along with it, a natural fruit carbonated drink.) Would the acidity from all of that really cause me this much discomfort...this is really bad, I don't remember it acting up like this before...I did read that celiac can cause this though...what do you all think, I really would appreciate your feedback. Do any of you get this? Thank you.