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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The Latest Hot Diet Trend

    This "fad" diet craze is driving me nuts! I think I will explode if I hear one more person say something like oh!! I have heard of that! That is the new way to lose weight right? How much have you lost? ARGGGHH!! Well, let's see between the malabsorption (sp??) issues teamed up with the vomiting, and lovely D problems let's see I have lost about 24 pounds in less than 4 months! Problem is that it wasn't FAT I lost! It was muscle mass! Let's see what this new "fad" diet can do to the restaurant waiter/waitress. Real scenario here: I am at P.F. Chang's and am thrilled to see a gluten free menu and have already read up on how much they are priding themselves in training on gluten-free. Well, I begin my I need gluten free soy sauce to the waiter and he smiles proudly and claims he "gets" it because his dad has the same diet. Really? I exclaimed. (At this point I am all bubbly inside thinking I got a waiter that will really understand me.) THEN he says oh the great thing is that he did the diet for a while and now he is healed. HEALED??? I asked him slowly do you mean that he now can eat gluten???????????? He nodded his head proudly and my heart sunk! WTH????????? Why oh why do some think that they are "healed" after a period of time on a gluten free diet????
  2. Overwhelmed

    I so feel for you and relate to everything you have posted. You have received a great deal of great info from the posts before me. I just want to add that I myself was so overwhelmed in the beginning and I think that in itself was even a bigger weight on my already depressed state. About 3 weeks ago I gave up and just went to chicken and rice. I can't tell you how very much that helped! Plain, simple and easy. It gave my intestines time to heal. I gradually introduced a bit more here and there and am feeling so much better. Hang in there! You are NOT alone! We are here and don't let unknowing, uneducated people drag you down! It does get better!
  3. Anyone On Cymbalta?

    I am on cymbalta 60 mg 1 time per day. I started on 30mg and have even gone to 90mg but it seems 60mg is the right amount for me. I went into the Dr. begging for something. I have been on ADs off and on for years. I have been on paxil, zoloft, welbutrin and more. Cymbalta is my magic! I love it! BUT I will say that it does have HORRIBLE withdrawal effects. I ran out of some once and boy the vertigo, upset stomach, aches and sadness were horrible. Recently I was in the hospital and even though I told them I needed it they would not let me take mine from home and it took them 2 days and an emotional breakdown from me to get it. The nurse found me in my bed rocking and bawling like a lost child. It took her about 2 mins flat to get the med from the pharmacy and give it to me. I suppose my mood scared her. My thoughts are if it works then great but if you have to go off of it be prepared. I have been on it for over a year now.
  4. I too am happy that ordeal is over! Now, to deal with my nutrition problems and the diverticulitus. That in itself may require another surgery UGH! But, at least I am feeling a bit more hope now. It was here on the boards that someone convinced me to move forward with the OB surgery! I am soo very glad that I had that support! Thank you all!
  5. You are all so sweet! The pain is gone. Actually GONE! And I don't mean the pain from surgery and the hospital stay but I mean the pain that has been in my left side stabbing me every single day for a year now. I did notice that the day after surgery before I got drug to hell by the diverticulitus demons but I did not get to enjoy it long at all. Today for the first day in a SOLID year I have NO NO NO PAIN! I mean I am very exhausted, can't hardly move my body at all but OMG the pain is gone! I have hope. FINALLY. I truly was about to throw in the towel and was wishing a quick death in my bed Saturday night. Quite a pity party I was having, sad to say. But you guys are so very supportive here. My BFF is so very sweet to me as is my husband but they don't "get" it. I know I can always come here for help and encouragement!
  6. Hello all! I am resurfacing again after being missing for about 2 weeks. Last I was on the boards I was signing off for a day surgery with my OBGYN to check for endometriosis. (sp) That surgery was August 3rd and here it is the 17th. Exactly two weeks later. I am convinced that I was in HELL! During my laproscopy the OB found that my left ovary and fallopian tube was completely grown attached to my intestines. Therefore, she stopped her procedure and called in a general surgeon to separate. Then the hysteroscopy which was supposed to be relatively pain free afterward showed that the inside of my uterus was horrible! The OB had to do what she described as an extensive D and C. Well, all was going fine and well (of course pain meds etc.) and then POW the evil forces of hell came and drug me into a gut wrenching, floor crawling, screaming pain in my gut Friday night (3 days later). I was rushed to the ER and immediately admitted with what they thought was a perforated bowel. Later found out that it was an extreme case of diverticulitus. (3rd bought in less than 2 years!) They think that the manipulation of my intestine when being separated from the ovary and tube flared up some polyps that were in there already. I have NEVER been in so much pain! I was begging to give birth (natural at that!) to a child in stead. And I know how hard that is because I have 4 kids (1 was completely natural!) Anyways, I was in the hospital for 5 days which was another torture device from hell I say. My veins were collapsing and both arms are completely bruised from elbow to wrist top and bottom! They finally had to bring down someone from cardio to get a new IV in after I had blown so many out. OH by the way the hysteroscopy was horrible as well. My uterus felt as if someone was using it to perform acrobatics inside me. It was 100 times worse than any after birth pains I have ever felt! Now, on top of this of course my husband was an emotional wreck! When the OB had come out to update him after the original surgeries she said, "well everything went according to procedure but......" Well you can guess that his thoughts stopped there and his heart fell to the floor! She finally got him to realize I was actually alive and oh BTW you can see her in about an hour which turned out to be almost 2 hours later because of the amount of pain meds that they had to give me. Also, when he finally did get to see me I was so looped out of everything and puking into a basin. Mind you I do NOT puke in front of anyone and he knows how particular I am about that! So, he knew it was bad. Then 3 days later while he is at work out of town he finds out that I was rushed to the ER. The poor man was an emotional wreck! Anyways, I am finally feeling a bit better and I these events did confirm that when mama is so sick she is out of commission the house, kids and hubby actually do kinda break down! The sad thing is that now I am only part way through my journey. I have to go back to the GI and explain everything to him and let him check off OB visit/endo check off his list. UGHHHHHHH.............. Where will I get the energy??? I just want to lay in bed and cry! Which I did this past weekend.
  7. Feeling Like Crud

    Hang in there! As the previous posters said it is a personal journey. I had withdrawal symptoms for almost 3 solid weeks and then a bit more after that. Hang in there and DO NOT GIVE UP! I am almost 4 months gluten free now and am still working on it. (((((((((hugs)))))))))
  8. I Need Some Help With This One Y'all

    I don't have an explanation for you but I can say that I totally GET what you are saying happened. This has happened to me a bit as well. It's like the world is spinning, the heater is turned on full blast and someone is pouring the sweat all over me b/c I have never sweated like that b4 in my life! I can't breathe, my head pounds, my ears feel like they are going to explode off my head and then things really go black and narrow. I too have to either get right in front of the A/C in my car or one day I just stripped off my shorts and literally fell in the pool b/c that was where I was standing. Thank goodness we have a privacy fence. I know what you are feeling. I have been taking things really, really a lot slower. My body has been so sick for so long it's like I just can't do it. I keep being told I need to give it time. I just want you to know you aren't alone. I hope someone has some suggestions for us. ((((hugs))) for you!
  9. Brain Fog And Light Sensitivity.

    Honestly, I take mine in the morning and then again about 2pm or so to give me just a little more edge to get through the last of the day with the kids. Since it's sub lingual dissolving under my tongue I don't have to take it with food. Hope that helps!
  10. I am glad it all turned out the way it needed to! Get your cyst taken care of and keep on the road to getting healthier!
  11. Feeling Sick After Eating Anything.

    Thank you so much for suggesting this site. I have been looking for something like this online to track my food diary!
  12. Gall Bladder Issues?

    Sorry for the graphic descriptions! I need some help! I don't know what is going on and need help on what to say to dr. Just to recap really quick: went to ER Nov 08 and hospitalized for diverticulitis Jan thru March 2010 Had every type of CT scan that could be done Hidas all of it. All normal. Had horrible pain in left side start up again Aug 09 was told it was diverticulitis again put on antibiotics Continued pain and went downhill fast, lost weight, bad DH, vomiting, brain fog, migraines etc was finally sent to 1st GI dr. did a colonoscopy March 2010 one week later was getting endoscopy b/c I pushed for celiac testing results came back abnormal cells was told by the assistant dr: hey if diet works for you then sure try it, in the meantime go see this surgeon, I pushed the issue more and was told that I have acid reflux and the beginning of ulcers, I was also told I had internal hemorrhoids and not to be alarmed if I pooed blood WHAT??? then I basically was left to cry FIRED this GI Went gluten free April 2010 Hired 2nd GI April 2010 did a bunch of bloodwork and sent me to OBGYN to rule out endometreosis I have now have laproscopy scheduled for Aug 3 as well as a new procedure called Novasure Here is my problem for 2 days now. I am back to pooing black and I mean BLACK sometimes sludge like, sometimes really sandy, gritty poo with LOTS of mucus. I have spasms under my right rib cage where I think??? the gall bladder is located. Tonight not only was there black poo but now there is red blood in it. (Maybe that is from my external hemorrhoids? The amount of poo is a LOT too! I know I am not eating that much! In fact I have lost more weight. My abdomen feels VERY empty now too. It had been really swollen and hard with trapped gas EVERY day but not so much gas anymore. In fact I have been quite relieved with the elimination of the horrible gas and pain it caused. My diet is very simple as I am eliminating. No gluten, dairy, milk, or soy. Basic veggies (fresh) and simple prepared meat like thin, beef but mostly just chicken prepared with only a little salt/pepper and olive oil. Sometimes a little brown rice or mashed potatoes. Very bland and boring diet. Isn't black poo a sign of internal bleeding? Am I panicing now? Do I need to call the dr and if so which one? OB, family, or GI? Thank you all for your help!
  13. Gluten Free Jerky

    Please let us know if the company contacts you back and let us know what they say. This is just maddening! I had issues yesterday and took pepto on the advice of someone here and it made me feel so much better! I mean I was still ick but at least I could take my daughter to her dr. appt that had been scheduled for a month. Hope you feel better quick!
  14. Brain Fog And Light Sensitivity.

    I 2nd the B12 and iron levels. I have had severe brain fog and lethargy for so long that I sank into deep depression. My iron has been low all my life to the point that I could never donate blood. My B12 was also always low even with taking pills. I finally found a dr. that started me on B12 shots. I thought the world was a new place! The energy I had! I now take sub lingual B12 under my tongue. I can definitely tell the difference after about 5 mins. As for the lethargy mine is still lingering around at times but I am finding as my diet is improving (gluten free/dairy free) I am gaining a bit more energy. Brain fog has also lifted. I find it returns if I accidentally gluten. I think it took me about 2 weeks to start feeling it lift after going gluten free and then it took another week or so to really accept the NEW feeling of being fogless. Remember it took a long time for your body to get sick and it could take a while to heal as well.
  15. Making Progress

    Can you explain this a bit further for me? HFCS has properties of gluten? I am still working on getting my diet correct and eliminating all pain/symptoms etc. Everything I have read lead me to believe it was gluten free. Good for you! It really sounds like you have done a lot of work on your new way of life. I have been gluten-free since April of this year with many ups and downs but overall I can see a GREAT improvement. I too find travel to be the worst for me at this point. I am so new into this that I don't have much feedback to give but I can give you support and some encouragement. You are your best advocate!