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  1. this is very interesting, thank you both. I guess I am happy, she can go on having corn, as her results shown no reaction to corn... ? In another hand, it shows high for gluten/gliadin, so it is just a step closer towards coeliac. Although I understand that the only way to know if she is coeliac is a biopsy to check the state of the villi, and right now I didn't want to take her down that road (I wasn't suspecting/thinking of coeliac then), because I wanted to try the gluten-free diet and when I saw the results (magical) after 4 1/2 of struggling for an answer to all her ailments... And it seems -anyway- that either allergies to gluten or coeliac the symptoms are the same... So much to learn and understand!
  2. yes happened to us too... (and surely risks to happen again) Even though we are careful and constantly worrying :-( We been following diet free from last spring, since it has been really confusing because of knowing what to identify as containing gluten, and also because of doing blood test we had to re-include gluten products in,so at the end she didn't know if it was ok or not, when and what. she is 5 1/2 and turns out that she also reacts strongly to soya - lecithin of soya almost in every candies too, and chocolate too... Friends, maybe do not understand and try to tempt her, sometimes she tells me they force candies in her mouth as a game when she refuses. She usually get upset stomach and diarrhoea, and eczema looking like burns on the inside of arms, behind legs (used to be so bad and painful, all around her face, bleeding behind ears... etc) We do not know for sure she has coeliac, we did IGG tests and it came back same results as coeliac with other stuff like soya, garlic, eggs whites and yeast as big offenders. It makes it awkward to say the least to avoid everything and try to live and eat normally LOL, but we are coping :-) Doing mistakes, trying again, learning all the time and spending 3x more time shopping as we read and double read all ingredients :-D out loud to her, to get her to understand what she can have and what she can't. We also follow the same diet as her, as support and respect. Her little sister is being tested for the same, and I won't be surprised the results will turn out to be similar, so good she is already going lots of stuff free.
  3. You really have my sympathy! I go through the same with my 5 years old daughter. I think the right answer is just a little will hurt a little more yes. Do you really want me/her to hurt? I find people unsitive personnally, so fair enough if they want to label us as "that much sensitive" ;-) The situation is not that funny though. I think it is important enough to find out that you got inflammation from having gluten in your diet and this should be taken seriously into account. I totally appreciate the personal need to really find out what it is, either sensitivity or celiac or intolerance because there might be other issues linked. In the immediate though, it is important to remind ourselves that it is not always easy to know for sure, that the symptoms and damages can be the same. Courage and perseverance.
  4. I was wondering what you thought of this, tests for my daughter came back positively high for reaction to wheat, gliadin, gluten (and a few other things). However for corn it shows that the reaction is low. I thought that corn contains gluten, therefore if she is reacting to gluten should it have shown high as well for corn? It is confusing me, and I am not sure if I should take corn and all the derivatives out of her diet.
  5. Hello Charliesmom, No she hasn't. In England the family doctors we had couldn't be concerned less (almost had me fully convinced that I was the problem and the one to be treated with prozac or else) :-( And since we arrived here we haven't found a family doctor yet, we went for a naturopath, but she works with limitations, and she also said that the only way to check for celiac was with the endoscopy procedure - which, because of our past experience with medical services we were terrorised of putting her through, but since reading a few positive stories here, I start to re-think. Aline
  6. Our 5 year old daughter showed results of IGG high to gluten, gliadin, wheat, spelt, yeast and moderate to egg whites, rye, soy bean and garlic. From your experience, is there any chances that it can improve (go away?) with time? She has been on gluten free diet for almost a year, with impressive changes/results. And on diet free from all the other foods she showed reaction to, for about 1 month and 1/2, we have been recommended to keep it up for 3 months, I might anyway keep it going longer. We opt for no other treatments so far, but might reconsider as she still presents some signs of not being fully recovered maybe (pale stools). The Doctor Naturopath we dealt with said that it is possible that the wheat/gliadin/gluten problems would be for life :-( I guess based on the symptoms + results? I worry a lot, and not knowing enough is the worse, I prefer to be "ready" for all kind of scenarios now, since this is quite recent to us - we've been struggling with "traditional" medecine "back home" in England as they kept saying she was healthy and nothing was wrong with her (always ill with tonsiltis and/or other infections, bloated tummy, eczema, complaining of tummy ache, head ache, nausea, diarhoea)because she was happy and -looking- healthy.
  7. hello, I am new, I came a while ago, am a mum to a child who I was suspecting was having problem with gluten, and who has been tested since for allergies and the results came back with a high response to gluten amongst other things (it was the level of IGG -?- that was measured). Our doctor recommended trying glutamine and some probiotics. I wanted to know if some of you have been treated with that, what you thought, how you felt... I have read (wikipedia) that glutamine, although used in treating some cancer patient, can also feed some cancerous cells - dilemna! And on the probiotics (wiki again) that it can cause problems with some patients suffering from pancreatic problems... (we have an history of pancreatic cancer in my family) - dilemna again. Since I read a lot more and learnt more, but there seems to be so much about, it is like it is never ending, so much still needs to be researched. It is also for us, relatively recent discovery this last year and 1/2, before I/we was/were almost totally ignorant to the difficulties encountered by celiac sufferers. - ignorance is bliss! ...but can lead to serious damage :-( Aline
  8. Great news! Anyone tried this yet then? As soon as I can I am going to find out where is our nearest and check it out, so I can come back and let you know :-)
  9. Our daughter just turned 5, since she was 18 months she has been suffering from "eczema" - diagnosed as atopic, it just got worse and worse, finally since we moved from UK to Canada last winter it got unmanageable - just at this time our diet contained a lot more gluten foods (from burgers, to subs, to pastas, doughnuts, biscuits, etc...)because of our momentarily changed way of life. I had been trying dairy free diet, but it didn't work so well... It's after reading in a book about autism that gluten could be the cause of eczema, that I decided to try... And it has been initially an almost miracle, because after months of totally burnt like skin on her arms, neck and red, flaky, highly stingy skin on her face it all went away/disappeared. I was really happy, although it is quite "hard" to come to realisation that our so well nurtured baby might have something like Celiac disease. I have breastfed for as long as possible, was "very careful" during my pregnancy (but little did I know about gluten allergies/sensitivity and thought myself and my family far from celiac disease at the time), we have always been using SLS and paraben free product, and not much of it... When eczema came along it was a shock! we creamed it 3 times a day (draining!!! She always cried so much it hurted her) support about it was bad, inexistant or totally denying the problem. And also in the house, natural products only (lemon juice and vinegar) It took a few more weeks before some other problems also improved considerably (she always had lots of wind, complained often of tummy aches and nausea, always very runny number 2s, and her tummy looked big for her size). These were never discussed properly with our family doctor/health team, mainly because we were always stalling on other aspects of her health that were also recurring and worrying at the time - skins infections like impetigo, tonsilits (almost permanent) and for the tummy aches, it was "normal for children that age, it is only a virus, it will go, it can last from 5 to 14 days" when you go back after 14 days: "absolutely normal - it can last up to 21 days..." :-( and then if you return: "well it is probably another virus" - crazy! (the worst in all of that is I definetely they looked on the case like I was a depressive mum and obviously was imagining it all) Combined with that, that our child is an active, healthy looking otherwise, bright and confident girl... there obviously was nothing "wrong" with her, nothing "wrong" with the way she was looked after :-( But in retrospective, I remember at 9 months she was trying a small piece of a light pastry and she vomited it!!! Something that at the time made me think that it had poisoned her... (strange way maybe that goes to show that as a mum you know best). As of more recently, we had found that also her behaviour at time was difficult, we were thinking maybe something like an allergy to some food colorant, sugar (although I struggled with that one, unless it would be like a diabetes kind of thing - but it never really seemed that way as no other symptoms). So after much improvement from just a few weeks to about 1 month 1/2 on a gluten-free diet, I have reintroduced gluten... and to start with rashes reappeared after just a maximum of 2 days... after the 3rd day it was exactly like before, excruciating for us to see her like that (red imflamed skin all over her arms, and face) ("big protuding tummy")("messy number 2s"). We didn't keep it for long and went back gluten free. Now and then, like the other night at a BBQ she has a gluten containing bun and the same evening the rash is there, as well now as all over her tummy - BUT, it is not like on the picture you find of Dermatitis Hyperformis, it is not as dark at all, on her arms it is red, inflamed, very tiny little bubbles maybe, under the skin, on her abdomen it is like really in the skin, not so red. Overall I am so glad that she got better, but it is very difficult to make a home diagnosis, first a part of myself is fighting it, it is too hard to accept, I am trying to convince myself that it might just be "sensitivity", she might grow out of it (I have been told that so much, that I wish I could believe it). I know that from her dad she has some North European genes, I wonder if from my side there have also been some problems I remember my gran dying of a generalized cancer aged 59 ( I was only a child and there's no one to ask for details at the moment), her gran (from husband) has/had chrone disease (which, learning about celiac disease makes me wonder if she actually might be suffering from a gluten related problem too). I appologise for this is a bit long, and I also thought that as much details might be helpful to understand.
  10. Thank you buffettbride, I have just read a bit about endoscopy... So children are "put to sleep" for this, is it usually done by an oral medication? or injected? Also, the "blood panel"... how is this test performed? (I think my little girl would have difficulties with "facing" needles...) If the tests are indecisive in children, from what age do they seem to appear reliable? To be honest I do not feel near taking her through all of this anytime soon, but definitely if in the next 2 - 3 weeks of trial going gluten free, if I see that eczema and tummy problems have gone, I will have to see a doctor to see what they advise/think of it. I also was thinking at the end of the trial going gluten free, to add a "testing" period by re-introducing gluten at a "normal" rate. A question that is maybe a bit more under the heading of this part of the forum: Do naturopath deal with this problem? (We had many issues with traditional medecine now - although I keep a geat respect I think a different approach might be more suited to my family).
  11. We recently moved over (to Canada) from UK, we are currently without a family doctor, and for what is from UK, well... Here is the situation: my daughter is now 5 year old, she has been diagnosed with having eczema since she was 18 months, but was born with very dry skin, a beautiful big baby, healthy that no one worried about. at 9 months I introduced her to a piece of croissant and she vomited it (I was really concerned, "lol" but our doctor really took me for a neurotic mum!). She never really took on eating foods that were "starchy" like pasta or bread, and I had to really encourage her (force her - because she kept waking me up so much at night for milk, and I wanted her to eat more food that would sustain her growth) and then, looking back that is when it all started, but I couldn't realize it at the time. She has been complaining from tummy aches often, nausea, often displaying tonsillitis symptoms (which our doctors were not interested in), her stools have been often very runny and quite pale(this was difficult for me to realize it was maybe abnormal because I have breastfed her and health visitors told me it was normal, and I felt bad worrying about it) but hadn't had a chance to discuss it with any of our family doctors. Her eczema has been on and off, coming worst at times, (initially I thought in April, but it became more year round), and since last November (since we moved) it is really bad, non stop all inside her arms, and in her neck... All her face (around her eyes, behind her ears) is displaying dry skin, and she had bad eczema around her mouth. Her attitude has become again more difficult, she can sometimes be very active and sometimes very opposite with lots of complaining, very clingy again (but again I thought we moved from far, and she is growing up etc...) I think since we moved we have been eating and maybe her especially more gluten containing food (biscuits, sandwiches, pastas...) However, for the last 3 days I have stopped giving her foods containing flour, as it is also easier with summer: eating more fruits etc... and also tried a few gluten free substitutes, and I (am almost scared to admit it) have noticed a GREAT IMPROVEMENT IN HER ECZEMA, it is not red anymore! the skin is still very dry but it seems HEALING... I am quite worried about the process of having it diagnosed - what does it involve? I am worried about her, if it is celiac disease, and what she must have been suffering inside, how damaged she could be, she is bright, and happy lively little girl, it is a pity to see her suffering from eczema (I forgot to mention we have been using "eczema friendly" products since its apparition). Also her grand-mother has crohn's disease... could it be as a result of celiac disease? Are there some risks to start a gluten free diet? Can celiac disease become suddenly lethal? (like in creating anaphalytic shock?) Anything else I should consider?