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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Unless the test came back positive I would be inclined to question a negative test. I can't say that eating gluten on the weekends would be enough or not enough. Maybe you should look into genetic testing first? At least you would see if the gene is there. From the reactions you have described, I wouldn't even bother getting tested unless you need to have the medical diagnosis for something.
  2. The only fast food we do is In & Out. We don't have a Chik-a Filet (sp?) here and most of the other places around here either don't have dedicated fryers or nothing my toddler will eat is gluten-free. But we are lucky enough that our mall has a PF Chang's (with an awesome gluten-free menu and service) and BJ's which offers gluten-free pizza. Usually when we go to the mall I either bring food or we go to PF's. We haven't been to BJ's yet, but they just started offering gluten-free and we haven't had the opportunity to check it out.
  3. Also check personal care items like lotions, shampoos, even your makeup.
  4. I try to buy milk, eggs, cheese, bacon, corn tortillas, and meat in bulk at Coscto. One of my family's favorite meals is a simple egg scramble with bacon, cheese, and potatoes. We do mexican a lot too: ground beef or chicken tacos with rice and beans. Amazon. com is not always cheaper shop local to compare whether or not they have a good deal. I do buy Chebe mix from Amazon though. It is $18.XX for 8 packages and comes in handy for making pizza (1 bag will get me 2 8"-10" pizzas).I have been able to find Tinkyada pasta for $3.39 a bag at Target and Whole Foods. Chex cereal I bulk up when it goes on sale (like right now it is $1.99 a box). Obviously cutting bread and specialty products will reduce your costs, but I have found that sometimes it is worth it to buy a loaf of bread or a bag of pasta for certain meals. The trick is to buy in bulk. Most stores will give you a discount if you buy in bulk too. I know that at Whole Foods you can get up to 10% off for buying a whole box of Udi's instead of just a couple of loaves. I can't stand canned veggies, but we do buy canned fruit. Veggies I opt for frozen or fresh and try to plan meals around what is on sale.
  5. How Much Do You Spend On Groceries?

    I'd say it is somewhere around $600-$700 a month for 5 of us. The gluten-free replacement do hurt a bit. Plus the fact that we go through 2 gallons of milk a week don't help either. We use a lot of eggs and bacon too. We hardly ever eat out and I pack my lunches for work.
  6. Try Rudi's or Udi's. Even a little gluten will cause damage. You may not have a big reaction now, but it may cause issues later on. I'm not going to lie and say that gluten free is easy, but IMHO it is necessary.
  7. Withdraw

    Look at wine shops or places where good cheeses are sold and talk to someone knowledgeable. They may be able to help you find a cheese that you can eat. And Raven is right. I admire your devotion to your wife and the fact that you would suffer for her, but you may ultimately be doing her an injustice by not being so strict. Try going to the manager or ask to speak directly with the chef instead of the waiter/waitress. You may have better luck there than only speaking with your server. Don't only go to the manager to compliment, talk to them before hand. Another idea is to call ahead and speak with the manager and/or chef.
  8. Withdraw

    You mentioned that you did okay on goat's milk...have you ever tried cheese made from goat's milk? It is quite good. Also, Betty Crocker cake mix is dairy free from what I can tell. See if you can find some Chebe mix (USE THE ALL PURPOSE NOT THE ORIGINAL). Use the Chebe mix with your "milk" replacement and omit the cheese (which is optional anyway). You can use it to make breadsticks, rolls, pizza, wraps, flat bread, hot dog/burger buns, empanadas/hot pockets, and I've read but haven't tried that you can use it to make perogies. As the other poster said, they key is to have things on hand that are gluten free versions of what you crave. I agree with the restaurant thing too...you really do need to talk to the cook and see what your options are. Have them cook your food in a foil packet if necessary.
  9. There was a thread about the concern over the safety of M&M's and possible CC issues a couple of months ago because of the introduction of pretzel M&M's. I can't remember where is was exactly, but I think it was over in the ingredients forum. Some one called and checked and said that the pretzel M&M's were made on overflow lines and that special holiday editions were also possibly made on overflow lines at times. I know that with every item formula's change so they do need to be checked often and any list need to be updated. I think that is a clear enough answer that the majority is on dedicated lines but occasionally some may be routed to overflow lines. For me personally, I prefer to only provide products NOT made on the same lines. So I will give DS regular M&M's, but I will probably not let him have any of the special seasonal colors.
  10. Well both kids saw the GI on Friday. She says that Ryan's height is fine, but his weight is a little low (still on the charts though). We are going to check his thyroid and iron, but she doesn't think that anything is wrong with either of these. She wants us to work with a dietician and it sounds like she want me to put him on gluten eventually and test him for Celiac (our household is 100% gluten-free). I think the reason his weight is low has more to do with his low food intake. He still breastfeeds and it is his comfort thing. He has huge separation anxiety so I think he makes up his time by trying to breastfeed as often as he can while I'm home (I work full time). I'm not sure the dietician is really going to tell me something I don't know. Not to mention it is another $30 or so dollars to go. I'm debating canceling the appointment. James' weight was ok, but his height was not. He hasn't grown in height in almost a year. She told us that his levels back in May were still high. We have to take him in to get his levels checked again so I am hoping that this time they will be down. She wants to do another endoscopy to check healing/damage. She also wants us to go back to the endocrinologist because of the height issue. She thinks that they need to see him again and possible talk about growth hormone therapy. The last time we went to the endocrinologist all he did was say that he trusts our GI to monitor his thyroid levels and that we don't need to come back. Grrr. I don't want to put him through another endoscopy. I don't understand why I would need to do that. I mean if his test comes back with his antibody levels down then that obviously means the immunoresponse isn't going on. If the levels are still high, then I guess I need to re-think and triple check everything and see where I might be going wrong. I have mixed feelings about growth hormone as well. Anyone know anything about it? I'm still upset. I totally cried when we left.
  11. Modified Food Starch - Avoid?

    It SHOULD be corn based if it is in the US, however, to be 100% sure you should always check with the manufacturer. Personally, if it is a main stream widely known US brand I tend to trust it. If it is some unknown small or local brand then I will call and check.
  12. I use Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soothers and Aquaphor. I don't know exactly what to look for as far as soy goes, but I know they are both gluten free. I don't see any soy listed, so you may want to check it out.
  13. I am going to assume you mean "Bay Area" in California. Although not sure which part you may be in. I'm in San Jose area. My son is the only one so far who is confirmed Celiac (so far) and he was diagnosed by a Pediatric GI. That doesn't really help you, I know, but do you have a regular doctor you could get a referral from? I'm actually taking both my boys to see her again on Friday, I could ask her if she knows any good GI's for adults.
  14. I'm not sure that the genetic test will give you definitive answers, but it doesn't hurt to do it. If you want more concrete diagnosis, the most accurate testing is done while on gluten. It is up to you whether or not you want to try a gluten challenge to go down that road. Follow your mommy instinct. My oldest son was the same age when he was FTT and we were referred to a GI specialist for testing. I had never hear of Celiac Disease before that so he went through all the testing including the endoscopy to get his official diagnosis. I was advised to not take him off gluten until after the testing was done. Now my youngest son is sliding down the charts in growth (though not nearly as much as his brother had). We have an appointment with our GI for him on Friday. We are already gluten free so I'm thinking that maybe he also has hypothyroid like his brother and need meds for it. I really don't want to do a gluten challenge just to test him. We'll see what the GI says on Friday.