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  1. I have gluten jealous/envy days every so often. I have been gluten-free for two and a half years and every so often (not as often as when I first came off it, but often enough) I just break down! I want to eat good glutenous food darnit. lol. Keep your chin up! It gets better! Thank goodness for forums like this to make me feel less crazy in this glutenous world.
  2. My iron is always too low even though I really think I have it under control.
  3. I take Mid-Nite which is a melatonin med that's gluten-free. I love it because it will put me to sleep, but I hate that I never actually stay asleep for more than two hours at a time. I am the worst sleeper! Always have been and I just want to be one of those people who can sleep the day away. lol
  4. Greens is quite enjoyable! I am not a fan of Redbridge or Bards, but I will drink them if I must. lol. I love Magner's cider!