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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Milk Of Magnesia

    The brand Phillips is to the best of my knowledge.
  2. Hi, I buy wieners by Grimm's Fine Foods. The label says "European Wieners" Labeled gluten free I think I got them at the Co-op.
  3. I found corn tortillas in our local Co-op food store, but they tasted horrible and fell apart. Now I make my own and they taste good. I can wrap them but mostly I just fold them in half with filling inside.
  4. Crumb Topping

    I find rice flour too grainy also. I use a lot of buckwheat flour in my baking mix and have better success with that.
  5. Milk Of Magnesia

    Hi I use Milk of Magnesium quite often with no problems or cramps, but I don't take too much at once. A tablespoon at bedtime followed by a glass of water works well. My sister (also celiac) uses it and is fine with it, except the first time she used it she took way too much and ended up spending much of the next day in the bathroom I have tried taking plain magnesium tablets and they did cause some cramping. I find prune juice just horrible - lots of disgusting gas and pain. Hope this helps.
  6. That sounds like giardia ( beaver fever) to me, which a person gets from drinking impure water. I had those same symtoms for years long before my celiac disease showed up. After switching to distilled water - we used to drink unpurified pond water- I've never had it since. even if I get some gluten now.
  7. Anyone Cheat?

    It's bad enough getting gluten accidently so, no, I don't cheat, but I do like to sniff hubby's bread once in a while and it smells soo good!
  8. Thanks for the suggestions folks; I will have to do some searching, but for now I think I may have a lead. I've been eating corn chips - no gluten mentioned on the ingredients, but my sores started the about the same time I started eating those. We'll cut them out and see what happens.
  9. After I was on my gluten free diet for 10 months, I started getting ulcer like sores in my anal area. My doctor says it's from the celiac, and wondered it I was sticking to my diet. Well I am very faithful there, but I was still baking bread for the rest of the family, which I have since stopped. Still the sores heal and come back again about once every two weeks. Any ideas? Thanks, Mopsie
  10. Hi, I don't think a blender will make a fine enough flour, and it would be very tedious to get enough flour to do anything with. I bought a Whisper Mill about 10 months ago, and I think it may already have paid for itself. as I do a lot of baking and gluten free flours are VERY expensive in my neck of the woods. I also have a Magic Mill that is 22 years old but I still use it for wheat for the rest of the family.
  11. I mix buckwheat flour with brown rice flour. Buckwheat is not gritty; the reason I use it is because it is much more nutritrous than rice.
  12. Thanks for the helpful hints folks, I'll leave out the butter next time, that could well be the problem. Don't need that anyway!
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm learning to make tortillas and I find they taste bitter!! I wondered if it was the xanthum gum, but when I tasted that by itself it wasn't bitter; in fact, theres not much taste to it at all. Here's my recipe. 2 cups flour 1/4 cup butter 1 cup hot water 1/2 tsp. xanthum gum I mix and roll them out, then cook in cast iron pan. But there's always a bitter taste which is not so noticible when the tortilla is doctored up with good stuff, yet I wonder what is wrong. It doesn't make any difference if I use a mixture of gluten-free flours or just corn flour. Any ideas anyone? Thanks
  14. Ouch! Now What Do I Eat?

    I find bananas, apples, cooked carrots and cooked buckwheat soothing to an insulted bowel.
  15. All Rice Flour Mix

    I'm discouraged with plain rice bread too; the loaves are just too heavy, crummy and don't taste good. The last one I made went to the dog For loaves I get the best results if I make banana or carrot bread. For everyday bread I make my own waffles. I use them for sandwiches and that works well and don't fall apart.