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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. gluten-free Cottage Cheese

    The only Cottage cheese's that are gluten free that I know of (that you can buy in a regular grocery store) are Friendship, and Daisy. (same with their sour cream). To answer the question about Cottage Cheese with added fruits, I too was concerned. I normally buy the Friendship Cottage Cheese for a certain recipe. However recently while shopping in a hurry, I accidentally grabbed the one with added pineapple. Reading the ingrediants, modified food starch is one of the ingredients, which is one of the questoinable ingredients that a Celiac should not eat unless the source can be confirmed. In this case, I called the company. My 20 month old daughter has celiacs (and was deathly ill until we found the diagnosis, a nobody else in the family has been diagnosed)and so I had to make sure it was ok. According to the company, ALL Friendship products are gluten free. In this case, the modified food starch is derived from corn. All of their products are also made in a gluten free facility. So this particular cottage cheese with fruit is ok. However MOST Cottage Cheese's are unsafe. These are the only 2 brands I stick with that aren't going to break my budget and I can find at Publix. You pick up a different brand like Breakstone's (the kind I used to get before the diagnosis) or even the Walmart brand like I think someone mentioned, and the ingredient list is 5 times as long. Also, the Walmart brand will even list wheat in the allergen section. Unfortunately not all manufacturers do this. They list questionable ingredients and won't label whether or not it is a gluten free product, making the consumer do the research as to where the ingredients were derived from. Anyway, hope this helps.