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  1. Probiotics Without Fos

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that taking a probiotic along with your treatment MAY make your stools look bloody black. Now we have only used flagyl to kill bacteria, and your treatment is for a different bug, but I just didn't want you to have the same scare if it should happen. I'm not sure what type of probiotic bacteria you are looking for, but Culturelle has one that is free of dairy, artificial dyes, colors, preservatives, flavors, yeast, wheat, gluten, lactose and corn. It's lactobacilus GG It's a children's formula. Meaning smaller packets, but the adult form isn't completely allergen free for some reason. I always continue to give probiotics while treating my son. It may be futile, but it's not going to do harm.
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I'm pretty sure a gluten free diet is in our near future whether IBD or celiac, but not until I'm SURE I'm not going to mess up a celiac diagnoses. If that makes any sense at all LOL The diagnoses is very important to me. I want Eric to take the diet seriously, I need all his care givers to take it seriously as well, and without that diagnoses, I may not even take it as seriously and as strictly as needed. I do know that gluten free can help with IBD, especially while flared up, but... I know that if my child gets on a eating strike because he's not well, and wants his frosted shredded wheat, or whole wheat pancakes, or his favorite crackers/cookies ect I will give it to him without that diagnoses. His old GI biopsied because he was positive he was celiac after meeting him, so much so that even before testing him he gave us celiac information to take home and put in a referral to a nutritionalist. He specialized in celiac. It was his thing, and I believe he was disappointed his tests all came back negative including his biopsies, because after that he lost interest in Eric, and started seeing us only once a year. His current GI told me she was positive he didn't have celiac with all the testing the first GI ordered. He was very very meticulous. He ordered everything and repeated everything. She only biopsied his small intestine because I told her to, and because of how visibly it looked in there. He's never had the genetic testing though... maybe I'll look into that, but I'm not impressed with entrolab. I personally think it's a crock. I hope in the future I am proved completely wrong though. How wonderful that would be for so many people, but until that day......
  3. My 5 year old son has had GI troubles since birth. Constipation, DGE, GERD, Colitis, and duodenitis. He also develops kidney stones, and has a lot of the other non GI symptoms of Celiac. Mouth sores, itchy skin, fatigue, and of course poor growth. He takes prilosec and pepcid for his GERD, pentasa for his inflamation, e-mycyn for his DGE, potassium citrate for his kidney stones, miralax and benefiber for his constipation, courses of flagyl for his bacterial over growth, probiotics, and fish oil. and all though all these medicines help him. I feel like we are just putting band aids on him and not really taking care of the problem. We have an appointment with his GI coming up soon, and I just want all my ducks in a row for it. I have never noticed any connection with foods and his symptoms other than high fat foods make him really ill, and he can't handle raw veggies, nuts or seeds of any kind. All his allergy testing comes back fine as well. He's been tested for celiac 4 times now, but each time his blood comes back negative. He has low IgA So I know this makes it more difficult. I have read some places impossible to diagnose by blood. Is this true? His last scopes showed flattened villi and visibly his duodenum looked like something out of a science fiction movie. and we tested for celiac yet again, but she didn't test his IgG Ttg, just the standard celiac screen, which I know won't give us an answer because his total IgA is low. How do you test someone who has low IgA? Can we go by biopsy alone? Is villi damage, villi damage? I mean is there something in the biopsy that says "this damage is for sure caused by celiac"? I have also read here that there are other causes for damaged villi other than celiac. and we have treated him several times for SIBO with amazing results since his last scope a year ago, and this COULD be the cause for his damaged villi, right? He has a 20 year old cousin with crohns/colitis her biopsies and blood came back clearly negative for celiac and I know that this is more the direction the GI is leaning, but IF by chance it really is celiac how wonderful to be able to make him well by diet alone. Yes, a difficult diet indeed, but the way his life is going now a difficult diet would be a piece of cake (no pun intended)