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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello Dee Have you ever thought of having your thyroid checked out. Over and above gluten that could cause white spots on the brain that contributes to neurological disorders, low levels of cortisol due to adrenal issues could lead to loss of muscle tone and to the spasms. That is part of what I have learnt the last few weeks. There is a great book to read called "Why Isn't My Brain Working" by Dr. Datis Kharrazian. I find that using a magnesium causes a drop in my already low levels of cortisol and makes me feel very tired. I take my thyroid medication at bed time but for now am taking my magnesium on alternate days to see if I can cope with it after a meal. I take just enough magnesium as per bowel intolerance. I started with 4 capsules. Had stomach runs then went down to three at a time and find that to be ok. So that is the dose I take from time to time. I also often have an Epsom Salt bath. I just switched to a gluten free thyroid medication a month ago so will see if that changes anything in future for me. Best wishes and thanks for sharing. Liya
  2. Greetings I live my life with Celiac disease and Hashimoto thyroiditis. I used to be in Synthroid as well as Cytomel for my thyroid condition but started developing muscle spasms in my right arm that at times have a jerking type of tremor or involuntary movement. An MRI has ruled out Parkinsons and other conditions. Could the gluten in the Synthroid have contributed to this. A month ago I started out on a compounded T4 and T3. I do take magnesium dose up to bowel tolerance, Selenium, Vit D3, K2, B12 methalated form with folate not folic acid. Take Zinc and Potassium as well. Eat Gluten, dairy, legume and mainly grain free bar for Basmati rice and from time to time I will have butter beans. I have sweet potatoes and vegetables, protein in the form of fish, beef and chicken no pork, only have a portion the size of the palm of my hand. I have started with qigong tapping first thing in the morning and each time a spasm starts to develop. This seems to help in some way. I would love to know if anyone else experiences the jerk like spasms or tremor. Best wishes and thanks for any feedback
  3. Thanks soooooo much for your response. Liya
  4. Greetings to all. I seem to react to Synthroid and did not realize that it contains Gluten. On Synthroid I am very constipated and have a lot of pressure behind my eyes due to fluid retention. Are there any Gluten Free T4 medications that I can use instead of Synthroid. Armour Thyroid also did not work for me. Thanks and best wishes to all
  5. I am a newbie all the way from Hong Kong my adoptive home - relocated from South Africa. Am gluten free but also live my life with Hashimoto thyroiditis. I introduced coconut oil into my diet about 3 months ago - started with one tablespoon of oil per day and worked my way up to 6 per day. It has made a huge difference to me and also rub coconut oil onto my skin. I have also eliminated all raw foods, no soy, fungi and sugar. Fruit- mainly have berries that has been frozen for 14 days or longer - this enables any parasites or worms not always visible to the eye not impact on the gut. I make my own Kefir and start my day with a Kefir smoothie. Found my symptoms to be far less since I follow a healthy gut regime. The Hexemer or die off effect was quite bad the first few days but today feel much better and in the process lost a lot of weight not what I really wanted but now can slowly work my back to gaining weight again. Smoothie conists of half a cup of fresh Kefir, handfull of berries, 1 spoon of Colon cleanse, 1 ground tablespoon of Chia seeds, 2 tabelspoons of extra vergin Coconut oil, the yolk of 2 raw eggs - ensure to drain the egg yolk out of the little white bag and do not use the stringy little bag. This smoothie is high in Vitamin K1 and K2, works as an anti inflammatory, kills worms and parasites and supports healthy elimination. Looking forward to learn more and share personal experiences