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  1. I ate a snack sized Reese's McFlurry from McDonald's last night and within 20 minutes or less, I was in pain.....I'm still feeling the residual effects of it. The ice cream wasn't the culprit and neither was anything I ate yesterday, I'm extremely diligent about the gluten issue as I have only been gluten-free for a month. It had to be the Reese's, but I have seen several posts stating they are okay. HELP?
  2. I got a Reese's McFlurry last night and withing 20 minutes of eating it, I was in extreme pain....I know it wasn't the ice cream or anything else I had eaten, so it had to be the candy....yet, I've seen over and over that it is supposed to be gluten-free. Can anyone get a definitive answer? I sure can't.