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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. You're right, not all Kroger stores have a gluten free section. Unfortunately, I live in one of the areas that does not. Once every other week I take a trip to a larger city that does and also visit a health food store there. It's a 1 1/2 hour trip, one way. But it is nice to know it's there. I usually just end up ordering my things online. The selection is much better and it is often hard to find enough time to make the trip. My kids are very involved in sports and church activities and that takes up most of our time. Online is just easier for me. I have found WalMart to be very unfriendly to the Celiac, and that's about all we have closeby other than Kroger.
  2. I was prescribed Lexapro back in September, before they actually figured out what was going on with my body. I was extremely anxious and had a lot of attention and concentration issues. It doesn't seem to make me sleepy and it did help with the other problems. Now that I have been gluten-free for 3 months I can tell a big difference in my anxiety level, attention span, and ability to concentrate. My doctor wants to keep me on 10mg per day for a couple more months and then back off and see what happens. She seems to think the celiac disease actually may have had more to do with my mental state than the stresses of life.
  3. Whole Foods Market does make some really delicious gluten-free baked goods. I got some biscuits at one in NJ last week. They were wonderful! As far as hamburger buns go, I haven't really had a lot of experience with those, I usually just wrap my burger in Romaine or Green leaf lettuce, which is actually a really good way to eat them. I did buy some carmalized onion rolls made by Gillian's Foods that are great heated up in the microwave for about 30 seconds. I used one today for a bun on a turkey sandwich. They are probably the perfect size for a hamburger bun.
  4. We really like the Envirokidz cereals too. Bob's Red Mill makes a very good hot cereal called "Mighty Tasty gluten-free Hot Cereal". I like it with a little unsweetened applesauce and molasses or honey added. There is another one that is pretty good called "Rice and Shine". I think it's from Arrowhead Mills.
  5. I found some really good onion rolls at the Whole Foods Market (can't remember the brand right off hand) that are perfect for a hamburger bun or sandwich, but they are much better if they are warmed a little bit first in the microwave. I usually just eat my hamburger as it comes (but without bun) and wrap it in lettuce leaves. It's actually really good. Burger King used to call these low carb burgers. Gluten free breads that I have tried all seem to need to be warmed or toasted before they are really good to use on a sandwich--that's often impossible when travelling. Something I'll have to get used to, I guess.
  6. Every Burger King I have been to does fry onion rings and french fries separately, but they all use the same scoop for both when they fill the bags. I questioned this and was told that they would use a separate scoop if I requested it. How much help is that! The contamination has already occured when they scooped previous fries. No brainer. I stopped at an Arby's in Pennsylvania. They did not have baked potatoes and everything is fried together, our server was extremely nice though. He apologized that he had nothing really to offer me and gave my husband and me free drinks. He also stated that he couldn't imagine not being able to eat anything with wheat.
  7. Chinese Resturants

    I have had a lot of success with our local Chinese places. Before going gluten free I almost always ate lo mein, but I have found that I can order chicken or shrimp fried rice without soy sauce or chow mei fun (rice noodles) (shrimp or chicken) without soy sauce and add wheat free tamiri to it after I get it and it is wonderful! Be warned, however, I tried this at a Chinese eatery this last weekend in South Orange, New Jersey and was not received well. The cook got really upset and told me he could not make either for me without sauce; it just couldn't be done. I cancelled my order and left. Thai Kitchen has flavored rice noodle packets (kind of like Ramen noodles-only gluten free) that are very good. I bought some at the Whole Food Market for $.69 per packet. They can also be order online.
  8. Gf In China (?)

    Sinophile, Hopefully I will be travelling to China within the next year, can you offer any suggestions for me as far as eating out gluten free?
  9. Traveling To China

    I will be going through the same situation sometime within the very near future. A friend of mine adopted a son from Russia last year. They had no trouble taking in boxes of sealed crackers, gum, and peanut butter. China may be different though. I am trying to get some information on the subject will post if I hear anything though. We also will be adopting a daughter. We are doing research and will begin the actual process in a few months, after we do some remodelling to our home.
  10. Traveling

    Does anyone have any advice for travelling in Asia, particularly China?
  11. Chinese Language Card

    Thank you, this information has been so helpful. My husband and I will be travelling to China sometime in the next year and a half to adopt and I have been very worried about spending 2 weeks there and staying well.
  12. East Orange, Nj-where To Eat?

    Thanks, Deb, got your message.
  13. Potassium is also a factor with Charlie Horses in muscles. When my husband was having them frequently his doctor told him to try eating a couple of bananas each day to help with them. It worked!
  14. East Orange, Nj-where To Eat?

    Thanks for the help guys. The idea of this trip makes me very nervous. It's my first trip since going gluten-free and I really don't want to end up sick if I can help it. Midge, did you post that message here or through email. It isn't appearing in my messages on this board. Thanks, Stephanie