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  1. Once, after I had been gluten free for about a year (I think), my family was eating pizza and I decided, "what could one tiny slice hurt?" So I ate a few bites of one slice. I felt fine after; however, a few hours later, I threw up 3 or 4 times. And that was my only reaction. My reactions don't seem as bad as other peoples; so I'm just curious if anyone else is like this. I haven't eaten gluten on purpose since then, so I don't know if my reactions have changed or not.
  2. I'd feel safe eating it. So, for those who also would like gluten free pizza at Pizza Hut, what suggestions/comments do you have?
  3. Hey, I am going to start a petition to try and get Pizza Hut to begin serving gluten free pizzas. I know it probably won't make a difference, but it's worth a try. I'm composing what the petition will say right now. I would appreciate input on what to add and take out. Thanks So far I have this: We, the undersigned, would like Pizza Hut provide gluten free pizza for the people who are unable to eat gluten, due to Celiac Disease or other causes. Pizza Hut would bring in more business if they did begin providing gluten free pizza, because it would draw people with allergies to gluten since not alot of pizza places provide gluten free pizza.
  4. Does anyone know if Outback Steakhouse has any gluten free pasta dishes?