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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'd look into fructose malabsorption or SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.) A hallmark seems to be low iron and high b12, and the bloating and fatigue fit with the typical symptoms.
  2. Lets Talk Coffee!

    I drink too much coffee. :/ There's a school of thought that says too much caffeine puts stress on adrenals, which may already be weakened by an autoimmune disease such as Celiac. This can cause a whole host of issues. If you do drink decaf, there are certain brands that are non-chemically decaffeinated, but I can't think of which ones right now. I prefer caffeinated but I learned quickly to stay away from flavored coffees. Starbucks flavored something or other glutened me badly. I usually stick to whatever plain ol' French/bold/breakfast roast is on sale. Current favorite is Maxwell House French Roast. I also like HEB's store brand.
  3. Can This Food Be Saved?

    Reading labels is something I usually do religiously, but this was probably something I bought while attempting to shop with the kids on a Saturday afternoon. Either that or I was in a gluten fog from passing the bakery too slowly. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  4. Can This Food Be Saved?

    Stinks too b/c I re-contaminated my wok and one of my wooden spoons.
  5. Can This Food Be Saved?

    I'll give it away. I'll be seeing most of my family this weekend. Surely someone will want a delicious stir-fry! The kids and I wound up eating beans and rice, which was delicious. I cooked another chicken breast for lunch tomorrow and hubby ate it while I was putting the kids to bed. grr.
  6. I just cooked stir fry with fresh chicken and one of those frozen stir-fry mixes. As I was serving it, I found what looked like pasta. WTF? Sure enough, I looked more closely at the bag and yep, freaking pasta in the stir fry! Who wants pasta in their stir fry??? Can it be saved? We all react to CC. Can I wash the other veggies and chicken off? Or should I just give it away?
  7. I made a quick run to the grocery store and picked up some frozen gluten-free pizza crusts (Conte's pasta co?), pepperoni and cheese. We already had pasta sauce at home, so prep was easy. First pizza I've had in months and it was quite good. DS is quite bloated now though - the pizza was the only suspect thing he's eaten. He's also sensitive to tomatoes though and we were so excited to eat pizza I didn't even think to make him some without sauce. I hope it's the tomatoes and not the crust because I can't handle a glutening. Eek! The party went much longer than planned and we actually left before cake was served so the kids didn't really miss anything. But I had yummy pumpkin muffins ready for them to eat instead of cake. My 3yo is silly... at one point he had a minor meltdown because he wanted cake, not a muffin. He was very upset when I told him the cake had wheat in it and he insisted "my cousins CAN'T have wheat!!" I finally got him calmed down and he was fine after that. Poor kid knows he can't have wheat, but is still learning that others can.
  8. No place close enough to buy a ready-made pizza. We can get crusts but I'll have to run to the store. Probably right, it is best if they have something similar to eat.
  9. We're going to my niece's birthday party today. I just talked to my sis and she's getting Cici's pizza for the party. I miss pizza. My kids know they can't eat it and they'll be fine. My sis is great - she offered to bring something we can eat, but she has to feed almost 30 people so I told her not to worry. I was already planning to bring gluten-free muffins for my kids to eat instead of the cake. Now I need to bring something for the kids to eat when everyone is having their pizza, too. /sigh
  10. I read in another thread that someone made gluten-free cornbread and then cut into bite-sized cubes and baked, then made traditional cornbread stuffing. I think you could also use a packaged gluten-free bread and make your own breadcrumbs/cubes. Check locally, too. There's a gluten-free bakery near me that is offering gluten-free breadcrumbs for sale during the holidays.
  11. So glad to be reading this thread! Thanksgiving and Christmas have been in the forefront of my mind lately since they're already drama-filled. Our new gluten-free adventures will just add excitement to the festivities! I have seriously considered just bowing out of our families' celebrations for Thanksgiving this year. I've been craving a nice quiet holiday for years and I always cave and spend the weekend in a flurry of activity, which translates into messed up routines and crazy behavior for the kids. Throw in CC and I don't even want to imagine it. Everyone we celebrate the holidays with lives within 15 minutes of us, and we see them regularly so it's not like we're missing the once-a-year visit from Great Aunt Hilda who travels 15,000 miles to see her one-and-only nephew at great personal expense and threat to life and limb. lol Does anyone know if there is a Gluten-free option for ordering a Thanksgiving dinner (like from Whole Foods or the like?) Christmas will be a bit more complicated, as there's the whole "holiday spirit" thing going on. What really scares me is that besides my own two monkeys, there are 15 children ages 1-12 in attendance at every family occasion, none of whom have ever heard the word gluten. Can you say cross-contamination, kids? I knew you could! What I did at the one family gathering I attended (and didn't host) since we went gluten-free, was to bring all of our food in a cooler, and I got it out and served it right at dinner time along with everyone else. I tried to bring foods similar to what was already being served, but I still got a chorus of "why don't WE get THAT??" from some of the cousins when they saw my kids' plates.
  12. Hubby's parents are going to visit family in Holland next week. We have a deep love for that quintessential Dutch treat - stroopwafels. If you know what they are, you probably know how delicious they taste! Whenever someone we know goes to Holland, they always bring back a ton of goodies, but the stroopwaffels are what we look forward to the most. Is there a gluten-free brand of these sinful treats that can be purchased in Holland? Please tell me there is!
  13. My 2nd son had horrible reflux and was breastfed as well. I eliminated dairy, eggs and oranges from my diet when he was around 5 months old and his reflux miraculously disappeared (like overnight - it was the oranges more than anything else.) Don't jump to celiac at his age, but definitely look into food intolerances. The most common for breastfed babies seem to be dairy, eggs, caffeine, nightshades. I actually have never met anyone with a wheat allergic infant, despite knowing several allergic babies.
  14. Corn Tortillas?

    If you heat up the tortillas to make the wraps in the morning they should stay somewhat pliable by lunchtime. My kids have come back for leftovers a couple hours after lunch and tortilla wraps are usually still edible and easy to handle. Oh and a favorite around here that might work for you is "quesadilla roll-ups" - I spread a little oil on a baking sheet and cover it with tortillas, then spread shredded cheese and any fillings on top of each tortilla. Put them under the broiler for just a couple of minutes until the cheese melts, then take them out and roll them up (I use a couple of forks - they're way too hot to handle with my fingers.)
  15. I don't know if it's common, but I used to be like that. I remember complaining that I felt like I was 100 years old. I think I was about 28 at the time. I always attributed it to being overweight, and then to the arthritic joint pain I started experiencing. It had gotten to the point that I was taking ibuprofen every day just to get moving. After eliminating gluten, I mostly stopped hurting. I ate wheat a few days ago, and I feel awful today. Right now my whole body hurts, from my head to my toes and everywhere in between. Is it possible your daughter has accidentally eaten some gluten? Or could she be developing a sensitivity to another food in her diet? Did she eat anything new in the past week or so?