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  1. Help!:(

    Hi ya'll, I just completed my first week gluten free, I did really good, did not slip up once ( suprised to me:)) however, this morning hubby and I went for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, I had scrambled eggs and bacon, they gave me toast but I gave it to hubby. About and hour and a half later I had severe abodminal pain and diarrhea Is this what happens when you eat gluten? I do not have celiac and did not think,even with an occasional cross contamination or slip up would bother me. Was I wrong? This way of eating is totally new to me. Thanks in advance debi
  2. Mmmmm Goood

    Day #6 gluten-free, not sure if I am feeling better or it is all in my mind , I did some shopping today at bi-lo because somebody told me that a lot of gluten-free products, the one I was at had some, more than wal-mart but not as many as I thought. So I rode over to the fresh market and they had cereal, like rice krispies....come home added some almond milk...mmmmmmmm gooooood. Gave hubby a bite without telling him what it was.. he liked it to. This morning I made pancakes from Pamela's pancake mix... that was also good, expensive but good) debi
  3. About Me

    Hi Kip, My name is Debi(goldfinger) I have not been diagnosed with celiacs but I put myself on a gluten free diet last week becuase of feeling bad, obesity, joint pain depression, which all could be related to my hypothyroidism; however I decided to try this to see if I felt any better. Where in N.C r u? debi
  4. My hubby is from the south and loves his meat, potato and veggies. I found this in one of my cookbooks and it worked for gluten free too. Poor Man's Meal 2lbs hamburg* 6 lg potatos 1can carrots (drained) 1/2 cup Steak sauce 1 medium onion water to cover potatos Peel and thickly slice potatos, place in pot and boil until tender. Meanwhile fry hamburg* set aside. Peel and slice onion. When potatos are tender add drained carrots, onion and steak sauce. If needed add water to cover vegetables, add hamburg and simmer until onion is tender. * Recipe call to make hamburg into patties but I just fried and drained it... hubby liked it better this way. serves 4-6 Hope you enjoy
  5. New Here

    Hmmm never thought of it that way:) You know I have never in my 28 years have a pt with a celiac dx. However, I do have a friend who with it, she and I talk about finding specialty foods all the time. d
  6. I have a question for all of you who posted in this forum. Are any of you celiacs or did you do this on your own.. or was it suggested? I am not celiacs but looking for info for a friend who was trying this for her son. However, when I stumbled on this forum it made me sit up and take notice. I have been diagnosed with depression 9 years ago, taking celexa which helps but I also have hypothyroid issues... I was a year old when the diagnosed me and now am 47. I have noticed recently I am more mooody and have brief mild episodes of anxiety, which I have not told anybody about and have been able to hide. I am thinking I am having menapausal issues but I REFUSE to take HRT. After reading this forum and other info I decided I would try gluten-free and see if this changes anything... this is day #2
  7. Panera Bread Company

    Thanks for the info. I am so new with this gluten free way, just started yesterday by my own choice. I think I will stop at Panera and get the bbq chix salad for work tomarrow.
  8. New Here

    Thank you
  9. New Here

    Hello. I am new here. I do not have celiacs but I was looking around for information on gluten free foods and this site popped up. Let me tell you a little about myself: I am a 47 year old female, happily (re) married for the past eight years. Together my hubby and I have two sons, both in their 20's and out of the house. I am originally from PA and now live in south carolina. I have been a nurse for the past 28 years; starting out as an LPN, getting an associate degree in nursing and three years ago a Bachelors degree. I have worked in various settings, medsurg, telemetry, emergency room, nursing home, private duty and currently in Hospice. When I am not working hubby and I enjoy traveling, I enjoy crafts,spending time with friends, computer, needlework, camping (which I don't do to much of anymore) This summer and the past 4 I have spent a week being the camp nurse for 80+ girls and leaders. I love all animals, tho I am partial to cats. My present cat, I have had several in the past, is a 18 month old male tabby. His name is Nephi, we obtained him from the animal shelter, when we were looking he jumped up on his box and did this thing with his paws.... like come here. we were hooked. The reason I am here is because the more I read about gluten free diet the more I am intrigued at it's benefits. So although I have not been diagnosed with any celiac tendencies; I feel after reading many of the post I may have a problem with gluten. I was diagnosed with severe hypothyrodism when I was a year old and have many of the maladies assoc with it... depression, obesity, thick dry skin, thinning hair. I and hubby also feel I may be menopausal... I refuse to take HRT. Lately I am very moody, tearful, cranky and more flakey than usual. well that is me in a nut shell.
  10. Hello all, I am new here. I have not been diagnosed with celiacs, but I have been suffering with mild depression, severe obesity and hypothyroidism and now at 47 I am pretty sure (according to hubby) I am menopausal. I have heard for many years about wheat allergys and gluten free diets. However, recently I have a friend who put her two year old on modified/free gluten diet. He has also been recently diagenosed with mild Autism. Since this I have been investigating a gluten free diet I came upon this site via searches and felt this would be a great support system. Some of the other symptoms is fatigue, severe moodiness, increased depression, foggy mind, more flighty than usual. Does anyone think a gluten free way of life may help me? Thanks