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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I went for my endoscopy last week and requested no anaesthetic. They gave me a liquid to gargle, then sprayed a freezing solution in my throat to suppress the gag reflex. While it was completely unpleasant, it was manageable. Mind over matter largely. I was able to watch the procedure on the screen, and it was a weird sensation with the scope down in my belly...I thought I was a victim of the Alien. 15 minutes later, and three samples for biopsies (stomach, esophegeal and duodenal tissue), I got up and walked out of the room, got dressed and drove home. The only limitation was that I had to wait an hour before eating so the freezing was completely gone from my throat. One hour later I felt fine and no repercussions. For a Jimmy Buffett concert, I'd do it again. Good luck. BTW, the specialist called today and confirmed that my biopsy was positive for celiac disease. A blessing and a curse.
  2. I just had my endoscopy and biopsies taken this afternoon. My blood work was negative but I was also experiencing relief in symptoms when gluten-free. The doctor said she wasn't seeing the typical flattening of the villi, but that the biopsy was the only definitive way to determine whether I have celiac disease or not. Is it possible that the villi were able to regenerate between June and up to 2 weeks ago when I went back on gluten? The doctor said the biopsy would show either way, as I had not been gluten-free long enough for my system to recover. Crossing my fingers and glad to be going gluten-free again.
  3. Hi folks. I'm in Hamilton, Ontario. Thanks for being here.
  4. We have a Montfort chain here in Ontario, which I used to enjoy. Since discovering that gluten is a problem for me (in the process of being diagnosed with celiac disease - my sister had a scope and is a confirmed sufferer), I've been hit and miss with some foods, but am getting better at asking for the ingredients in restaurants. I missed the boat yesterday at Montfort, and took the waitstaff's assurances that the "only thing with gluten is the bread." I asked specifically about the falafel and the salad dressing. Seems she was wrong.