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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. thanks folks. well, at least it's only an isolated high aga-igg. as far as i'm told, several biopsies were taken, and the small bowel looked "fantastic." so is it fairly common then to only have high igg anti-gliadin antibodies, and normal everything else? it may be possible then that none of my symptoms are caused by gluten. :[ i didn't follow a gluten-free diet prior to the testing; actually, i was eating more gluten than normal at the time. more and more over the past few years, i tend to crave glutenous foods. i will have to do a gluten-free trial and see what happens. a while back, before gluten was ever suspect, i tried a dairy-free diet, to no avail. hopefully this will have a better outcome than that one did. :] toodles
  2. hello friends; good day to you all. i'm new around here, and needing some help figuring out these lab results. doc says i'm okay, but i'm really wanting some additional opinions. i will try to make this brief. age: 20 sex: male height/weight: 6'0"/130 lbs. symptoms (may or may not all be related to gluten intolerance): constipation, severe depression, anxiety, low androgens, questionable thyroid function, scoliosis, back pain, rosacea, face FULL of acne. these symptoms popped up at different times over the past few years, and now, cumulatively, they have become way too much to handle. help please! the results: anti-gliadin antibody (iga) 14 U/mL (11-17 equivocal, >17 positive) anti-gliadin antibody (igg) 72 U/mL (>17 positive) ttg antibody (iga) <3 U/mL (<5 negative) iga, serum 180 mg/dL (81-463 normal) i also had a small bowel endoscopy and biopsies were sampled. results were negative. thanks much for your help.