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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. They gave me all the ingredients when I went there with my family. So Metrolux theaters are gluten free popcorn, popping oil (coconut & corn), and even the liquid butter type topping. ) No one could tell me it was gluten free, but with the list of ingredients and suppliers I was able to figure it out! Thanks all! And Eclipse was a great movie!
  2. I found an old thread from 2005 about this, but wonder what the info is now. Is movie theater popcorn gluten free? I called my local theater to ask and the very young man told me, "If it was gluten free, we would charge you more for it." I didn't laugh at him till I hung up the phone....seriously? Charge MORE?! I didn't get the feeling he really knew what he was talking about. Any help out there? Thanks!
  3. I'm newly diagnosed and still learning where the gluten is hiding. I thought I had saw that MSG doesn't have gluten. Are you avoiding it because it does have it, or because you react to it aside from the gluten issue? The list of things to avoid seems to grow and grow everyday. Thanks
  4. Wheatfreedude.... Here's what I can tell you for sure. I run/work out every morning first thing. I try to alternate between running and Insanity work outs. I run generally indoors in my basement which is typically pretty cool in temperature except in the winter when the heat is on. Assuming the heart rate monitor is accurate I run at around 166 bpm. My pace is around 6 to 6.5 mph as much more then that tends to aggravate my knee. (inflamed I band) Breakfast is a rotation of cream of rice, buckwheat cereal, or an egg, all of these with fresh fruit. I also drink a glass of chlorophyll immediately after every work out. As well as black cherry juice, and some times apple cider vinegar. Lunch is usually Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, (working on the veggies), sometimes black forest ham and cheddar cheese, something like that. I am not a big fan of lunch per say and prefer to have a bit of fruit when I get hungry. Dinner is the main variety. It is usually a starch, a fruit, a protein, and a veggie. I adore cooking and baking, so most things are from scratch. Rarely do we eat prepackaged foods. Eating out happens about 2 times per week. But less now that I am finding all eating out makes me sick. By eating out I don't mean fast food. That is a rarity....except pizza....and that stopped since the celiac diagnosis. Ice cream is my favorite indulgence. I would say on average I eat it 3 times a week. If I "over eat" anything it is dinner. I rarely drink soda or juice. I never drink alcohol or coffee. I stick with water. Is that helpful?!
  5. tictax I weigh my self a little obsessively I admit, especially since my weight has become out of my control. Every morning I weigh myself and every evening before bed. Yesterday for example I weighed in the morning and was 124.8 that night I went to bed weighing 130.6 and woke up at 126.0. So over the course of a day I gained a total of 1 lb new weight. The same as the day before. But I don't eat anywhere near enough to actually gain a pound a day. I don't (and haven't for a long time) like to take in calories from my drinks, so I stick with water all day, before, during, and after work outs. However, it never comes out again. I drink 100+ oz of water a day. I try to maintain my eating regardless of working out. I do find I get hungry more often following a more intense work out, but generally I am not hungry immediately after. I stick to the same few foods for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is where I mix things up. And I have to admit I am a lover of late night ice cream. It is my weakness. 2 years ago or so I started training for a marathon and after my first 2 half marathons I started having all these problems with my weight and a million other things. I had 3 surgeries last year, and no matter what I do I can't loose this weight. Even after "fasting" for 24 hours I can be up in weight. It is most frustrating. I will try the electrolytes. I had honestly never worried about the salts in my body. At this point I will try about anything to get rid of this chunk I have developed.
  6. How Tall Are You?

    4'11" I always thought it was cuz as a kid I had bad eating habits (I am 4-5 inches shorter than most of my family members) and when I was 16 my dr tested my growth hormone and told me I had ran out at age 12! Now I know it was cuz of my bad eating habits.....just not in the way I thought!
  7. I looked a bit and didn't see this same question. I apologize if it is out there already. I am newly diagnosed and still struggle to stay gluten free. I have always been a long distance runner but in the past few years I started gaining weight at an alarming rate (up to 4 or 5 lbs in a week). More running seems to make it worse not better. I always have a water bottle and don't drink anything but water. However, the days I run or do other cardio I can gain 5+ pounds over the course of that same day. Is this related to the celiac? Is there any advice any one can give me? Do I really have to stop running/working out until my gut is healed up?? Thanks in advance for the advice! (I also have Hashimoto's (auto-immune thyroid)and have been depleted of progesterone and estrogen even tho I am only 33 years old.)