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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I do think it's always smart to go with your gut, but to also listen to doctors. Can the doctor run some other blood tests? You mentioned C.F., they can run a blood test to see if she has any of the common mutations. (My youngest sister had C.F.) The symptoms in babies are very similar when you compare Celiac to C.F.
  2. If you are worried, could you just get vit d drops and a seperate iron supplement? That's what we do.
  3. My baby never liked them. LOL I've only seen the regular ones though.
  4. awwe, thank you so much. It went okay. He took between 6-8 biopsies. There was one area that looked bumpy, but he said that could be normal (like swollen lymph nodes). Matt also had some pretty thick stool (two different ones), which is very funny to me since he always has liquid poo. But the doc said that could be new moving around old. I don't think the stool in there is that old though and he pooped one of those chunks out yesterday. He also said (as well as everyone else there) that the results do take between 1 and 2 weeks. I'm going to be in agony for the next two weeks. Just rush it already. Matt did have a hard time waking up and they had to give him two doses of albuterol. He was also really mucousy after the procedure. He wouldn't eat for awhile either. He didn't really eat anything until last night, and his procedure was over by 9:40am. He slept on the way home, then took another long nap when we got home. I think he just had a hard time getting the anesthesia out of his system, but he was back to normal by the end of the night. So now, we wait. Bummer. Doc says we should be able to see food allergies or celiac through these biopsies. Does anyone know, can they tell specific food allergies through this type of procedure?
  5. I used to wear him ALL the time. I even made my own sling, which I LOVE. I haven't really thought about bringing it back out since he can't be in the cradle/tummy type hold in it anymore. Hmmm, I wonder if I can figure out how to hip hold him in it. Thanks for the idea!
  6. Huh, I've always wondered too. Matt pee's a TON. Again, I feel the need to make the disclaimer that we have not yet received a confirmed diagnosis. But this symptom is now added to the long list of other symptoms leaning towards that diagnosis.
  7. I love my child, I really do. I love all my kids. But my baby is the most clingy baby ever. I know it's because he doesn't feel good, so I always hold him. But man, sometimes I just want to crawl into a dark hole and stay there for an hour just so I can have someone not touch me for one hour! I'm also tired of being the only one who cleans up the vomit and diarrhea. Yesterday, Matt vomited all over me. The day before, all over the street (cul de sac) outside while we were playing. I'm the one who had to drag in the baby, clean him up and then deal with him clinging to me while I went outside and washed up the puke! All my husband did was get the hose for me. I know he probably is overwhelmed and doesn't know what to do. But I don't want to boss him around either. I just want him to take the initiative and get up and help! Take the baby, even if he is crying for me. I feel like I constantly walk around with a vacuum and a mop in each hand, to clean up after kids. Even when it's not the kids fault, because it never is their fault when they are sick. My house is a mess, I am tired and I have no help! I'm so tired. I'm way overwhelmed and my two older kids need to go back to school because their fighting is driving me nuts! lol
  8. An enlarged colon and severe constipation were the two major symptoms for my sister's daughter, who has a milk allergy. Her baby had severe constipation while being breastfed even. She would go 8 or 9 days w/o pooping. Have you tried putting a little teaspoon of corn syrup in her drink? That sometimes helped my sister's baby. But they have to give their daughter miralax as well. They had to do a lot of other things also. Hang in there mama! I hope the doctor figures it out soon. If you think it's celiac, as them to do the biopsy. We are having one on Monday.
  9. Thanks! I do keep wondering why it is going to take so long to hear the results. He (the doctor) did call me and when I asked he said it takes 7 days, but my post-op is scheduled for 10 days later. I keep hearing people mention that they heard right after the procedure or the next day. Oh man, that would be wonderful to know that quick! We are just a month away from his second birthday, so I am getting even more anxious in what the heck kinds of food I can prepare for him and what kind of cake can I make?! Just in case, does anyone have any gluten free birthday cake recipes?
  10. Thanks. I am a nervous wreck! And I've had these procedures done on myself, both of them! (For other issues.) That was a long time ago and I didn't have anxiety, but I sure do now! My baby is not even 2 yet, so I can't really talk to him about it, he won't really comprehend it. So we haven't said anything. I love the advice of waiting until he is asleep to leave his side, because he will scream otherwise. Thanks! I don't know if I'll be able to read. I'll take my homework and some knitting. Hopefully those two things will keep me occupied. eek!
  11. Matt has his endoscopy (with biopsy) and sigmoidoscopy on Aug 9 at 9am. How did you, as a parent, deal with any anxiety before, during, and after? We won't know anything until the 19th, which is when he has his follow-up appointment. Right now I'm full of anxiety; I'm nervous and scared. I know I'll likely not be able to sit still during his procedure. Did any of you get to go back during the procedure, or did you wait in a waiting room. I think this is where most of my anxiety is coming from: I don't know what to expect during the procedure. I don't know what (other than the medical part of the test) will happen. Any BTDT advice?
  12. Thanks! I will keep that brand in mind. We have a Whole Foods about 30 min away and lots of other good similar stores close by. We are not gluten free yet. We have an endoscopy scheduled on the 9th. We were doing dairy and soy free and giving him EleCare because the doctor asked us to, but 2 weeks with those restrictions did not make any change in his stool and his vomiting actually got worse. Oy vey. I just want to know what is wrong and I am being really impatient. It's hard when you have a sick, clingy baby.
  13. It's so hard not to compare, isn't it? We are outside ALL the time. My kids very rarely play video games (maybe one a month?), because they would rather be riding their bike or playing tag with their friends outside. When we are inside, they are usually fighting. HAHAHA!! So anyway, if he is outside playing like a normal kid plays - he is probably very naturally lean. My 5 year old is all long and there is not an ounce of fat on his body. I think your little guy is probably in the range of "normal" and I wouldn't worry too much. A little worry is good though - it shows you're a caring Mom.
  14. This my kid. He is 22 months old and still in size 12 month pants and shirts. Some 18 month stuff fits him slightly big, depending on the brand. But he is solidly still in 12 month size clothes and has been for 10 months now. We had a family picture taken in Oct and he is still wearing those clothes - and they still fit him correctly. I bought him some 24 month size clothes just for the hell-of-it and they are wayyyy too big. To the OP: I also have a 5 1/2 year old starting Kind in the fall. He is small waisted too. And really, I think that's normal for this age. Is your son outside and playing a lot? My guy wears size 6, but the waist has to always be cinched as tight as it can. He needs the length though. At 22 months though (my son's current age) he was in a 3T for most things. He was so hefty and chunky. He was HUGE. Not this little guy. But then again, this little guy hasn't gained any weight in awhile. I also have to add that we have not been diagnosed yet. We are in the diagnosing stage. We are waiting on the call back from the scheduler to schedule his endoscopy.
  15. Will skin contact with things containing gluten cause reactions? I'm curious, because Matt has been dairy/soy free for 10 days now but is not getting better. Yesterday, about 10 hours after his bath he had worse diarrhea and he vomited. But there was a lot of white raised bumps all over his back and chest where the shampoo was. We use Aveeno, so that got me wondering.