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  1. I get mine at whole foods market..i know whole foods is everywhere but not sure if its where you r moving..
  2. try namaste brand baking goods they are awesome.. as well as udi's breads if you can find it.. if you have a wholefoods near you they have these things.. annnnd wholefoods also has amazing frozen cup cakes when you are in a pinch too tinkyada is a great pasta and i have gotten "toll house" quality cookies with almond flour and tapioca starch ..trial and error.. "Greens" beers are really good but pricey..Glutino pretzels and other treats by that brand are really good too.. i work in the natural food world so if you need help feel free to shout out!
  3. try redbridge which is your typical cheap beer. or "greens" which is actually decent they have a few different stlyes amber, triple pale ale, and one thats a bit darker..they are made with sorghom hops and yeast, no gluten products at all )