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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was diagnosed with Celiacs disease 2 years ago and have that completely under control. I even had an upper endoscopy done this summer and the docs said it looks great. In August I found out I was intolerant to fructose and have done a pretty good job at getting a handle on that as well. I did a lactose test and hydrogen breath test and those both came back negative. However, eating still sucks. I still get indigestion after eat, I get migraines, bloating often, and just recently I went a whole week where I threw up after everytime I ate. I went three days on aliquid diet and was able to eat food again but still had constant stomach pain. I am only 22 and no doctors seems to be able to tell me what is wrong! HELP!!!!!!!
  2. I Need Help!

    I dont know if this is related but the last two months I Have developed an eye twitch and it seems to get even worse everytime I think I have been glutened. Any one else had problems with their eyes?
  3. I Need Help!

    Thanks guys I have an appt with my doctor next week he wants to do another upper endoscopy and biopsy of my stomach. Its hard because I have good weeks/ months and horrible weeks/ months! I just want to be better and enjoy food with out being sick.
  4. I Need Help!

    I do not eat oats! My mom is a personal trainer and everything we eat is from whole foods uness i bought it and it always says gluten free on it! And yes i have been diagnosed with celiacs.
  5. hey guys! I have been gluten free for almost over a year now and I am still getting super sick. I have cut out all gluten and am pretty strict about cross contamination. However, i feel like no matter what i eat I am still bloated, still constipated, and still throw up. Just this past wee I have thrown up three times. Also, in November I was throwing maybe once a week. I feel like nothing helps and I am stuck on this trap. People keep saying I just keep cross contaminated myself but I honestly dont believe i can be doing that often when i am trying to be as careful as I can. Has anyone else has problems with this and what do i do to help myself!