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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Sugar Intolerance?

    I also like green ends on my bananas..seeme like the sugar in the riper ones turns to acid for me. My Dr. had me try (no fructose diet) not seemed to be my problem. Hope you find a longer list of food you can eat soon.
  2. I too was constipated most of my life until I developed wheat and other allergies, now I alternate between 'C' and 'D'. no one mentioned exercise, if it is too hot or rainy I pay for my lack of it. Hope this helps.
  3. Ok Now Im Freaking Out

    Jason, it is time to be honest with this lady!!! If she likes you well enough to be on 6 dates she will be understanding about your need to be gluten free. Probably she will be glad you told her of your problem and will want to help you all she can. If not it is time to KNOW so you can find an understanding person!!
  4. Glutened Or Allergies?

    Glutened or allergies? It is quite common to have more food problems to crop up after we go gluten free or maybe was not aware of them earlier. Wish you well in your search for better health, you are in the right place for answers.
  5. Cysts Went Away!

    I had not realised their was a connection, not having cysts for a few years since free of gluten after having needle biopsies. Woopee
  6. THX for all of you for answering me. I did have to go off lactose earlier..for 1& 1/2 year but may have had too much stress or overdid the ice cream or?? So back to no dairy, will hope to get where I can use it again. I use the almond and rice milks and our DD found oat milk recently, that is very good. Also my new GI has me watching fructose in foods now but do not think that is my problem. Probably gastritis causing the belly aches since do not have them much from "D". I sure have learned a lot from this forum over the years, was away for over a year due to computer complications but I could still hover and read..learn. Good wishes for all the allergy people or whatever. EvieLS (formerly) evie
  7. For 5 years I was told I was gluten intolerant, recently had a few food allergy tests and was found to have a wheat allergy instead. does anyone know if this is handled same as gluten intolernce, and how do you handle lactose intolerance? Have not been tested for milk yet. If I stay away fro m all lactose I have less 'D'. Appreciate any help. EvieLS
  8. Digestive Enzymes

    I had several Hida scans that showed no problems but a year ago no one told me not to eat and during Hida no digestive action was shown so it came out. felt better fo 3/4 of year. Now am doing 2 weeks dairy free and much less 'D', so may have gotten back dairy problem. Had been off for over a year and then back on so now to have e problem again is a bummer! Next trial will be fructose but can't find if beet and cane sugar are included with fruit sugar..anyone have the answer??
  9. Skylark do you know if beet and cane sugar are included in no fructose diet? I am to start that soon? THX EvieLS
  10. Purple, the answer is yes you can use your pressure canner for steaming fruits and tomatoes!! Add water to 3 inch level around qt jars in canner, put on lid but leave petcock open. Allow strong steam to come from petcock for 20 minutes, do not let it come full steam or juice will be pulled out of jars. Everything has such agood shape when finished. I have used this method in my basement canning kitchen for many years. Works best with tomatoes, peaches and pears, have done some pickles and jellies too. Is neccesary to pressure veggies and meats. A question...how does wheat allergy comapare to being Celiac or gluten intolerant?? Did not know where to put this question. Good luck with your canning. EvieLS (formerly evie)
  11. Falling off the 'wagon ' happens to all of us but the results of staying away from gluten are the proof it helps. Want you to know that improvement in most cases does not happen overnight..there is a healing process that takes some time, may depend on how long we have been having problems/ gluten. Wish you lots of luck and hope you have better days ahead. a gluten free friend, EvieLS
  12. Hi Evie! I remember you. :-) Welcome back. Hop you are doing well!

  13. Hello...I am back..evie formerly. many changes (good ones) here. Hope to learn my way around again.

  14. Judy..I presume you have moved to Temecula, Ca. I got back on after long absence..am now EvieLS. Hope you are doing well.