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  1. Arrgh, I am frustrated!!! Today I was running back-to-school errands with the kids, and though we don't often do fast food we swung by McDonald's for some lunch. I asked them about gluten-free info, and the girl had no idea what I was talking about so she got the manager. He just showed me a "nutrition information" list which had only fat and calorie info, etc. I told him this has nothing to do with gluten free info - it's a wheat allergy and I need to know what contains it what doesn't. The manager informed me they are not allowed to disclose allergen information "in case you're allergic to something else in the product." So, they won't tell me what has no gluten because I might be allergic to casein and not know it? This makes NO sense! I kidn of interpreted it as "we don't want to get sued," but really, this is just ridiculous. I know the food there is not healthy, as one friend pointed out, but it's the principle of the thing. Even if they had no gluten free food that would be one thing, but to not be able to even tell me? I would assume others with Celiac must have encountered this, right?
  2. I'm pretty new at this myself being only about 5 weeks gluten free, but I can tell you that First, your symptoms sound a lot like mine (Fibromyaglia diagnosis in my case, high bp, etc.) Second, my doctor acknowledged that blood tests can be misleading and based on a number of other factors, he diagnosed me with "probably Celiac but certainly gluten intolerance." In other words, I can't eat gluten either way. However many of my FM symptoms and a few blood test results that WERE "abnormal" makes him feel that Celiac is more likely. I know it helps to have a diagnosis, but at least your doctor is pointing you in the right direciton, no? Good luck!
  3. Hey, does anyone know if Curly's Baby Back Ribs are okay? I ate some tonight thinking they were (DH is usually really really careful about label reading) but now have terrible heartburn, aching, exhuastion. Now it could be a coincidence, and I am only about one month gluten free so it's still up and down anyway (plus I've just recently gone dairy free as well). But I checked and it seems Curly's has "modified food starch" (which I would not have taken a chance with if I'd seen that, obviously). Anyone have any experience with this product? If I did accidentally get "glutened," might I feel better say, tomorrow? Or does it always kinda' last a long time? Thanks!
  4. My blood tests were suppoedly negative as well (I haven't seen the actual results nor do I know the specific tests they did) BUT my doctor diagnosed me as "probably Celiac - certainly gluten inolerant" based on a number of other factors. I feel like his dx is plenty good enough - I am responding to gluten free diet and now learning I have to go dairy free (which is said might happen so I knew, but was in a bit of denial about that one I guess!). I will not have the biopsy because there is no way I will go back to eating gluten. So, sometimes the tests are negative but as my doctors says, that can happen and be misleading. I agree to let other factors speak louder.
  5. Okay, so I know many of us with the eventual Celiac diagnosis have previousy been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I got a diagnosis of FM in 2003 - and had it confirmed by several doctors (I think I was in a bit of denial as I didn't really believe it the first few times I heard it). My symptoms did improve over time but only after years of serious exhaustion, muscle weakness, pain, and the whole nine yards. Lyrica is the only medication that really has seemed to help, but my symptoms have still been bad enough that I couldn't work (I could not predict how I would feel on any given day, on bad days I literally could do nothing but lay down, and if I "overdid" it - like having a few active days in a row - it could take me a whole week to recover). SO...a few weeks ago my doctor diagnosed "probable" Celiac and I went gluten free. I am seeing some pretty significant changes and although it's been up and down, I am really hopeful that I may eventually feel way better than I have in years. My question is, could the Fibromyalgia diagnosis have been wrong (or incomplete) in the first place, and the symptoms I had were really caused by Celiac? Obviously if that were true that would be great because it would mean that going gluten free would make it all go away... Has anyone else experienced FM getting better after going gluten free?
  6. I got bad headaches too, for a few days during the first week of gluten free life! I had other weird symptoms too, it has been up and down. Today is an "up" day (it's week three now) and I hope there are more of these ahead. But I know I am a believer in gluten withdrawal now! Also I have had a few major intestinal attacks, not sure that is withdrawal per se but maybe just things trying to heal and get back to a "normal" that hasn't actually been there in years...? Good luck...at least you are on your way!
  7. Am I Over-Reacting To This?

    This is certainly strange! I can't imagine anyone thinking Celiac was contagious...? BUT just to put a different light on it here are two other possibilities: First, you metioned having had several miscarriages and obviously you want children very much! Do you think it's possible that she (misguidedly) thinks it would be emotionally hard for you to hold the baby or play with the older one? Maybe she thinks she is helping by not "imposing" her llttle ones on you, even though that obviousy isn't what would be happening. Just a thought. Second, maybe she is dealing with some sort of post-partum depression since the second baby, and it is coming out in her being afraid to let others hold the baby or worrying even more than before about germs and such? It's really too bad this happened! I hope you can sort out what is going on with them.
  8. Hi guys - I too have been facing the fact that I have to part with most of my beloved lipsticks...so I've been doing a lot searching for information about gluten free makeup. Here is what I have seen so far: MAC has a lot of gluten free options. AND the great part is if you bring in six old containers of their makeup, you get a new lipstick for free. I did that just today and chose a new lipstick from their frost line which is supposed to be gluten free. Bare Escentuals (sp?) also has lots of gluten free stuff. Maybelline says their moisture extreme lipstick is gluten-free so I bought one of those when I didn't know what else I could wear any more! I am currently trying to decide if I need to get gluten free mascara. Anybody know about those? Any drugstore brands I can buy? Good luck with finding out about your usual cosmetics, I am surprised how difficult it can be to find concete answers about this sometimes....
  9. Doc Says...

    Well, I have had symptoms for years apparently, that were diagnosed as IBS and Fibromyalgia, as well as a host of other things like asthma, sleep problems, and others that have gone on for a good part of my life! I had no idea they could be something like Celiac, and certainly not that it was possible all these varying symptoms could be part of the same problem. I have only been gluten free for two weeks now so I don't know, when all is said and done, what symptoms may remain. But I noticed a difference in sleep, a big difference, within the first week. My asthma is better. I have less overall pain. And I have lost weight (I had significant weight gain starting in my late 20's). Sometimes I feel like I'm on a downswing (needed more sleep a few days earlier this week, just like before going gluten free) and have had some really bad days tummy-wise. But overall the changes are positive. Also I should note I do not feel deprived or unhappy - I feel so glad we may be on to the answer here. It helps that my DH, the family chef, has been great and made lots of yummy gluten free meals.
  10. Sorry for your experience - most folks in health care professions are wonderful, but sometimes you encounter one who makes you wonder why on earth they went into a people-helping profession! I just wanted to share that I too tested "negative" (not technically in the positive range) BUT my GP still feels there is strong enough evidence of Celiac based on my history (Fibromyalgia, IBS, etc.) and my response to gluten, and the response to going gluten-free. I think if I did not have a doctor that was so "on the ball" about it (I just casually mentioned to him that I felt worse when I ate bread and he took that seriously - I thought it was just a quirk of mine and certainly never thought it was something like Celiac!), I might still be undiagnosed. I also believe that it helps that he knows my whole history...that is part of the puzzle for sure. Anyway he said blood tests can only tell you so much, and there are other criteria for diagnosing Celiac or a gluten intolerance. I hope you are able to find a doctor who really listens but in the mean time, maybe you are already on the right track? Good luck!
  11. Well I just wanted to say thanks for all the good advice here, and I spoke to my doctor today. Althought the antibody test was negative, he feels that based on symptoms and response to diet, he feels it is "probably Sprue or at the very least gluten intolerance." So...I feel kind of good that he agrees we are on the right track here. Very encouraged to see some positive changes and I'm looking forward to maybe feeling a good deal better as time goes on!
  12. Okay maybe this has nothing to do with gluten issues - but since going gluten free I have had strange cravings, especially for mustard! Is that weird, or what? It could be a coincidence but I was just curious if anyone else experienced anything like this...?
  13. Did anyone else get "flrae ups" (episodes of bad stomach pain, diarrhea, etc.) after they've been doing better off gluten, and can't pinpoint the source? I have had this twice since going gluten free last week - otherwise I feel better. But in both cases I do not know what caused it! Once was pretty much right after lunch, what I thought was a gluten-free lunch. The second was earlier today and I had only eaten a banana so far (but maybe it was something from last night?). The only common thing I have had in both cases (last night and that one lunch) was mustard and mayo...both supposedly gluten free. Could these be the problems? Or maybe it was accidental contamination?
  14. Thank you for the responses! I feel so frustrated right now with testing negative and yet responding so much to the diet change. I know people say just do the diet anyway and I certainly will, but for dealing with friends, family and even my other doctors I just would really like to have an actual diagnosis. Even if it's just gluten sensitivity or something.... Sorry to complain I really am happy about finding a possible answer to so many of the health issues I've had!
  15. Dunkin' Donuts Coffee...

    Thanks guys! I had a small (black) coffee from DD today and it seemed fine - phew! I don't particularly like to drink it black but right now dairy doesn't agree with me Maybe I'll get used to carrying around a gluten free non dairy creamer