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  1. I think allowance is fine, but if you do it at non-predictable intervals vs constant rate, in the long run it is usually better for both the child and the parent.
  2. That's a good point there. It's also like a disease because it installs itself in such a gradual fasion that leaves you unassuming of it's presence until you just start to think... For me right now this is a light nightmare. Not the worst because I know it can get worse, so I try to keep a cool attitude about it. The bloat is what is killing me. I use the bathroom more when my colon detects all that gas build up, it probably assumes it is stool compacting on its sides, and thus provide me w/a urge. I know things that will NOT give me bloat (water, rice, solid meats), but I don't know all things that'll provide me w/ an extra generous amount of intestinal gas. *Looking for guidance*
  3. You have a great point there. Question, do you have gluten sensitivity? You seem well informed on the topic. Wondering because I