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  1. thank you all for your help and advice.... Question - does anyone have any advice or details on gluten free toiletries soaps, shampoo,s, toothpastes etc etc.. Kind regards Faery Light
  2. Ravenwoodglass - Thank You for the link. I cannot even register with the UK Coeliac society because we are not medically diagnosed (unless we want to pay approx $60.00) how sad eh...
  3. I am so pleased to have found your site... In brief - My 6yr old daughter has had tummy aches, diarrahoea, sickness for what seems like forever. Later she had also had constant other problems with mouth ulcers, poor hair growth, joint pains.....I finally went to see my herbalist, he was wonderful and suggested gluten was most likely the problem. The results have been amazing, No tummy aches, no sickness and finally normal poo! yipee. My problem now is that (we live in the UK) because i do not want her to have to go through the discomfort of a biopsy and then on top of that have to eat gluten again and to make her ill again we are unable to get any help or advice regarding diet and food lists... Has anyone else not had a biopsy and then cut out gluten to be better? and does anyone know of how to get hold of a list/handbook of safe foods. My daughter is so much happier, because its been a rough journey for her and she is so happy not to be suffering anymore. It does make me cross that the medical profession will not help unless we have the biopsy, for me and her the results speak for themselves. Thanks