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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Stress Causing Symptoms?

    i'm very aware of how powerful stress can be, i just have never had it cause celiac symptoms. I have been getting all of my normal symptoms, just more extreme. For me most of my symptoms are mental, such as paranoia, anxiety, irritability, and lots of crying. I know that sounds like it could be just plain stress related, but its got a different feel to it. Its for sure Celiac related. I don't know if anything i am writing is even making any sense right now. My head it too foggy.
  2. I was wondering if it was possible that stress would cause celiac symptoms in the absence of actual gluten?? I have been searching high and low to figure out what has been glutening me these past few weeks, and I can't figure it out for the life of me! the only thing I can think of is I have been working 70 hour weeks, and could the stress of that be triggering the celiac even if there hasn't been any gluten around me?? I know stress can magnify symptoms, but I have never heard of it causing them. I really need to figure this out! because it is making me so sick! i haven't been this sick since I started the gluten free diet.
  3. Emotional Symptoms

    Of my goodness its so good to hear that I am not alone! i was seriously starting to worry. your stories sound so much like my own! I am a long distance relationship, so the freak outs really have been making my relationship rocky at times. Thank god I have an amazing boyfriend who understands and has dealt well with it so far. It usually all together the symptoms last about a week for me, but the really bad parts, like wanting to just die, usually pass within a few hours. I had to call into work sick today because i literally couldn't stop crying. For the life of me I couldn't stop. Somehow I didn't think the restaurant would want a hostess crying as she holds the door open for people. anyways, thanks so much you guys. Its those little reassurance that keep us all going and keeps us strong. have either of you found anything that helps?? or is all you can do is wait them out?? I kind feel like caffeine might help, but I think that i just think it helps because i want to believe that something does help.
  4. does anyone know if Clean and Clear products are gluten free?? I have been having a terrible time trying to figure out what has been contaminating me. Also if anyone has any advice on an easy to find, reasonably priced gluten free company for face wash that would be amazing!!
  5. Crying Spells

    hey. I have been gluten free for a year now. I go through those spells when I cry. For no reason at all. If i have been contaminated sometimes i just feel really overwhelmed by nothing at all and just start crying for no good reason. Sometimes it seems like my brain will make up an excuse about what I am crying about, just to have a reason, but in reality, its usually not something that would make me cry. I don't know if thats the same thing you are talking about that, but if it is, then yes it happens to me too. I find that I have a lot of emotional symptoms when I eat something with gluten in it. Hope that helps!!
  6. Emotional Symptoms

    Does anyone else find that they have more mental/emotional/behavioral symptoms than physical ones when they get into gluten?? I have been diagnosed and following the diet for a year now and am still learning the effects it has one me. I find that when I get contaminated by gluten most of my symptoms are not physical pain. I get really emotional, sort of bipolar with my emotions. Sometimes I just feel so crappy that I want to die. I don't actually want to do anything to hurt myself, but I just feel so goddamned awful that I just want to die! the only thing that gets me through it is that i know I will feel better in an hour or two and I just need to distract myself. I also find that I get paranoid, anxious and bothered by things that don't usually bother me. Is any of this at all possibly normal, or have i just become insane?? please... someone telling me that this is in fact related to celiac and not some other additional problem i have on top of it would be WONDERFUL!! I don't know if I can handle more health issues...