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  1. We eat Mexican a lot because my daughter and I have GI and my son must have all natural ingredients. Casa Cabana makes most of their food with corn tortillas which is where we eat mexican fast food. We have carne asada tacos with rice and beans, shredded chicken tacos, tostadas, and taquitos at other restaurants. We have rarely had issues but you have to explain the intolerance to the waiters and ask that the grill area is wiped down. Good luck! P.S. Queso often has gluten in it!
  2. ]I just read the McDonalds french fry ingredients online and the site said that the fries have hydrolyzed wheat in the beef flavoring added to the fries. Does anyone one know if this is correct or where else to confirm this? I was under the impression that their fries were okay for GI individuals but have had some issues recently that caused me to look up the ingredients. Thanks
  3. After a few times eating Mcdonalds french fries I noticed some stomach issues and looked up the ingredients today. The page I looked at said that the beef flavoring said that the fries contain beef which is made with hydrolyzed wheat. Are you aware of any sites that are reliable to figure this mystery out?