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  1. I also was wondering if anyone is from the north east if/where they sell new grist around here i tried the locator on the website but i was unavailable. I hear thats more like a lite beer?
  2. Thank you!! Didnt want to spend the extra money if it wasnt something worth trying! And they sell it at all the Tops' around here!! Guess i know what ill be doing after work!
  3. I am curious about this beer and if its even something i would like. I was (in my former life)an avid beer drinker. But i drank bud light or blue light- Does anyone on here know what this tastes close to? I would appreciate it- Not that i have even seen it in my area but im really good at hunting gluten free stuff down lol.
  4. Comepletely understand!! I am at work right now and am staring down at a huge delicious looking pizza from my favorite place with all of my favorite toppings and honestly considered just taking a bite. I have only been doing this a month this time and this past weekend i have tried to convice myself i would be ok with just a bite, but luckily have had the willpower to talk myself out of it. I miss easy food too!!
  5. I am attending a wedding tonight and of course didnt even think about the food- just ordered the prime rib and said eh- i guess ill eat before- luckily at the bridal shower we got on the subject (of course since they had gourmet mini pizza things and all sorts of gluten filled desserts everyone assumed since i wasnt eating it i was either anorexic or celiac lol!!) Anywho- the bride said she would call and add on a gluten free plate bc she has a couple cousins who have to be on the diet! Sooo more to the point- you never know who already asked and it for it and its probably not as big of a deal as you think! Like the previous person said- the bride wants a perfect day and if she sees you sitting with a full plate (or no plate for that matter) she will probably be more concerned with that than if you asked in the first place!! Have fun! I know I will tonight
  6. The kind i had was similiar but i think it was a different hold- not sure which one but def said hydrolyzed wheat- i threw it out so i cant check but ill double check at the store next time im there.
  7. Thanks! Glad to know I'm not crazy- Although with all the side effects of this "intolerence/disease" nothing really surprises me- maybe that also is why i sneeze like 8-10 times in a row too! My roommate was cutting up some bread and about 10 minutes later i went into a sneezing fit- Hm never know anymore!Finally my forehead is clearing up! And I am now using a hairspray with no wheat!! Hopefully this will all clear up soon!!
  8. Well, long story short I went through some family issues and somehow got back onto drinking beer- and it just kind of spiraled out of control after that- I am so mad that I did- Guess it will help knowing that I made it worse- lol- wont go back to gluten again for sure!!!
  9. Quick question I know people say gluten cant be absorbed through the skin bc its too large- is it possible though that my hairspray (tresemme) that had hydrolyzed wheat in it(unbeknownst to me)can cause me to get a rash on my forehead and an itchy scalp? Its not a visible rash but its very itchy and I can feel it- also i have had scabs on my scalp before too- anyone else deal with this? I have obviously stopped using it and checked all of my other hair products- yet the rash still lingers
  10. So about three weeks ago i went back on the Gluten-Free diet. I know it has only been a very short time- but the last time i did i almost instantly felt better. Within a week i was waking up refreshed- D went away in days!! This time- i dont have the d's as often, but definitely worse than last time- my face did clear up which gets really bad with gluten im constantly exhausted and cannot wake up in the morning to save my life- (I am aware of the withdrawal issues, and its possible but at least last time b4 the withdrawal i felt AWESOME!!) I am very careful to avoid cross contamination and know what i can and cannot eat so i dont think im getting glutened- Not to mention for some reason- I will be starving one minute, and by the time i make something to eat and take a bite im not hungry anymore- So im not really eating much anyway! Which i guess could be a reason for being so tired- Anyone else have a reaction to the diet like this on their 2nd go around.. or 1st for that matter- its hard to stick to something when you dont really see results- especially if they once produced life changing ones!!
  11. So Friday I went into wegmans and figured since the person on the phone was less than helpful I would look myself- There it was- Yay!! Havent made anything yet but I cant wait!!!
  12. No problem!! Hope you find some good stuff to bring home and dont have a super long wait on the bridge!!
  13. Hey Mommyto3! Dont apologize!! Wegmans is the place to be for gluten-free. If you buy their brand name they will put Gluten free on the front. And they have a section with all sorts of stuff. Havent found any UDI's around but there is a health food store on Maple Rd. in Amherst called Feel-Rite Fresh Market & Natural Food www.feel-rite.com 3912 Maple Road, Amherst - (716) 834-3385. They dont have UDI's they are getting it in a few weeks but i called the guys there and he said they have a few kinds from local bakeries around here that are pretty good- I might go get some after work and ill let ya know tomorrow what i think!! But they seem to have a good selection by what he said on the phone.
  14. Wegmans usually is super helpful usually- Not this time! I called two different locations and they didnt even know what i was talking about. When i called a few months ago about the Betty Crocker cake and brownie mixes- completely differnt situation. But I guess they just arent carrying them yet=- Guess I'll have to request it to be stocked- I hate being that girl!! lol
  15. So I am so excited for the gluten-free Bisquick but cannot find it anywhere I live in Buffalo NY and even Wegmans doesnt have it. Anybody here find it around you? And if so where are you from- I would definitely road trip for this!!