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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. mmm, that sounds good (as does most of the stuff you all post here!). Would you mind sharing the recipe? This was in reply to the comment yesterday about cheeseburger chowder. I tried to quote that post, I don't know why it didn't show up that way)
  2. Well, The Food Court Is Torture....

    I've heard that at Arby's you can order the meat, without a bun. Supposedly they put it in a plastic container for you. But I don't know this for sure, as I haven't ordered anything from there for myself since before I went gluten free. A couple of items I don't have problems w/ at our mall's food court: (I am not very sensitive to cc) Drinks from Orange Juilous and A& W (as well as other drinks). French fries & fry sauce from the great steak and potato company (I asked the manager once about other items, he told me the other sides & salads also do not contain wheat/ gluten-- the only thing that does is their sandwhiches (obviously)- but the only item of theirs that I have tried so far is the fries and fry sauce). I never knew the target snack bar had things like that I could eat. I've enver eaten there, so had no idea what they have, other than ice cream cones & the oh so yummy smelling popcorn (which now I know I can eat! Thank you!) will have to give them a try sometime!
  3. 1. yes-- every spring since I was a teen, I would get a rash on my hands and arms... I've been gluten free for 2 years now, the only ime I've gotten that rash was the week of the 4th of July when I accidentally glutened myself. 2. no
  4. What's For Breakfast Today?

    tangelo, 1/2 banana, 'fried' egg w dash of Frank's Hot Sauce.
  5. What's For Breakfast Today?

    Agreed!!! all of the gluten-free Chex flavors-- especially the Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Honey Nut-- are all regulars at my house for breakfast, snack, or dessert (and yes, sometimes dinner, too!!) in fact, that's what I had for breakfast this morning... Honey Nut & Cinnamon Chex & 1/2 banana, w/ milk; and a yogurt.
  6. That is awesome that she is doing that--- and that you guys are encouraging her to do so!! I wish I had been more involved in cooking when I was a kid. Tonight I had- GlutenFreeda beef & potato burrito, w/ cheese on top, and dipped it all in catsup , and some brocooli & cualiflour, again with cheese
  7. for dinner tonight- 2 slices gluten-free sliced honey ham (can't remember what brand), cheese & fried egg on a toasted & buttered peice of Rudi's multigrain bread. you're welcome! your appetite sounds like mine.... some times I'm hungry, most of the time (at least lately) not so much. It's weird for me because I've always been a fairly big eater. So this is definately an adjustment. But at least it's keeping me from re-gaining too much weight!! Yeah, I'm hoping I have somewhat of an appetite on Thanksgiving/ Christmas/ New Year's, as I'm sure you do, too!I'd like to be able to fill my plate like I used to (which wasn't super- piled up, just full), and eat all of it, and then some pie later . kinda glad to know I'm not the only one...
  8. Update: First Gluten Free Shopping Trip

    I grew up in West Valley & still have family there, so am always interested in hearing about what gluten-free options are available there. Dinty Moore Beef Stew is labeled gluten-free. If I remember right, Lay's stax bbq chips are labeled gluten-free. (please correct me if I'm wrong.) Winger's should have a gluten-free menu-- ask for it when the server seats you.
  9. What's For Breakfast Today?

    two pouches of fruit snacks as I was running out the door. Then later a piece of gluten-free banana bread and a gluten-free pumpkin raisin muffin that I made yesterday.
  10. those 'pigs in a blanket' sound cool!!! fried egg w/ cheese; yogurt (Haven't had much of an appetite lately)
  11. Nestle Butterscotch chips are evil--- they contian 'barley protien'(Note to self, ALWAYS READ labels even if you're buying a different product made by the same company!!!! (ewww, gross!!) and their hot chocolate packets are made on shared lines. Guess I won't be buying much of their products!

  12. Fructose Malabsorption

    just saw this thread.... I, too, have FM issues. Yes, sometimes a FM reaction doesn't occur until the next day. That usually when it's the worst for me!! For me, gassy in the morning means I ate something the day before that gives me problems. reactions can occur within a few hours, or take as long as 3 days to occur. Larabars cause me problems, too-- but not bad enough that I won't eat them once in a great while! Hope that helps a little bit!
  13. Just about to go pop Amy's gluten-free cheese enchilada's in the microwave to eat for dinner tongiht...
  14. What's For Breakfast Today?

    yogurt, and piece of Rudi's cinnamon raisin bread, toasted, w/ margarine. That is a good idea--- I'll have to try it sometime (just plain ole milk gets boring after a while!) lol, that's cute!
  15. Wendy's Chili--- half of which I ate on the way home .... so when I got home, I added about 1/2 can of kidney beans to it (think I might try to do that more often, makes it less spciy/ oniony for me)... and also had a piece of Rudi's Multigrain bread , toasted, w/ butter--- just bought the bread for the 1st time today-- it actually smelled like bread when I opened the package!